Chosen Ones 2nd Generation – Session A05

A05 – “The Riddles are tricky” or “Duplicates can make great decoys!”


  • Mike (As Kenshin)
  • Bekah (As Ellasandra)
  • Calvin (As Hawkeye)
  • George (As Mother)

Recap by GM. Meal – Drumsticks, bread, carrots & red velvet cake.

Brought the game to the start of the next day, characters felt the leads regarding the assassins had gone cold and sought Simon for something else.

Simon was found in the bar in typical fashion. When asked if they had anything they could handle, Simon pushed a parchment across the table.


Pink Flamingo

Drake & Burgundy

Scepter with Green Gem

Simon explained the name was the city, the second the location in the city, the third was the names of the contact and the fourth was the item being sought by Simon.

The journey would be three days by ship – Hawkeye set about hiring passage aboard a ship. Two hours later, they were aboard the ‘Fair Mermaid’. Besides themselves, they discovered three other curious travelers – a Knight, old age (50’s); a barbarian type woman who hung out in the rigging for the journey; a boy of 12 or 13 years of age dressed as a roman shaman hybrid.

Ellasandra conversed with the boy and was shocked to discover her great grandmother was one of the boy’s ancestor spirit guides. He was insightful and saw that Mother and Ella were more than meets the eye. His warning of a shadow alerted Mother who turned a shadow but not before it scared her with a message “We’ve found you.”. Another encounter with a shadow in a sailor turned out to be less bothersome.

Making it to the city unmolested the rest of the way, the group sought the Pink Flamingo. It was a lady’s establishment – tea/tavern room. The barkeep was a 6’8″ amazon woman. The place was decked out in pink, and smelled feminine. With lavishly appointed rooms to go along with the place. Hawkeye and Kenshin are accosted by a group of men, and Kenshin challenged to a duel. Kenshin loses graciously, and the man befriends him. [KENSHIN gains Contact Sebastian along with a Pocket Flask that quadruples the quantity of fluids placed in it


The next day the group meets ‘Drake’ and ‘Burgundy’ – Drake is an actual Drake and Burgundy a Haughty elf female. They negotiated for a trade – the group would recover a chalice in return for the scepter.

With the aid of a token, the group found the cave outside the city. They traversed the stairs with a pit, solved the riddles and puzzles therein. Refrained from taking excessive treasures, and eventually found the true chalice.

Hawkeye drank from the chalice and it removed his scars – and gave a +1 CONSTITUTION POINT. Mother sipped and began having a fit and she felt her soul be ripped from her body. She was able to resist. Mother Gained a GODFIRE POINT.

The group decided it was legit and returned to Phelan and the Pink Flamingo, traded it for the scepter and then teleported back to Simon in Hillsfar.

— Ended at 10:30pm

Dragon Riders Test Run

GM: Andrew M.


  • Mike M.
  • Calvin B.
  • Matt K. [Guest]
  • Bekah M.
  • Rachael M. [Guest]
  • George C.


  • Adam M.
  • Matt Y.
  • Dan C.

Synopsis: (This is being kept vague for GM re-playability reasons)

Group investigated a village. Discovered a problem. Investigated the problem. Returned to base to rest. Went back out to research more.

All had a good time and feedback was solicited.

Gamma World

GM: Matt K.


  • Andrew M.
  • Sean L.
  • Calvin B.
  • Rachael M.
  • George C.
  • Dan C.


Character Creation took about two hours. We had two Yetis, a Swarm of Kittens, a Doppelganger, an Android, and some sort of megamind.

Ran in a pregen game – adventure started with us guarding a city section. Discovering a robot coming every morning blowing up. It became a common occurence that you could set a clock to it. Our group decided to investigate. We killed the next robot – interupting the pattern.

We found a castle, with strange beings. We tried to talk to them and ended up in a battle. Killing them, we engaged even more enemies within. After a massive battle, we rested and leveled to 3rd level!



Board Game was then pulled out after 5 hours of RPG, and we played a fun game of Betrayal at House on the Hill.