Harry Potter D&D – Session 3

“Trade, Trade, our kingdom wishes to trade!”


  • Andrew playing Orion
  • Bekah playing ?
  • Matt Y. playing Bela?
  • Calvin playing Ro
  • George playing Talos
  • Rachael playing Dee

Meal – Bread & Butter; Chicken Breast with onions; Potatoes, Carrots and Asparagus.

Summary by Andrew:

We picked up with the group meeting with King Uther Pendragon. After discussing trade agreements, both parties signed an initial agreement for trade of mutual respect. The Minotaur almost messed up the trade talks spouting of magic and such, even after he knew it was taboo to speak or do magic in the kingdom (Intelligence of 10 or not, he wasn’t acting very smart). Orion also was able to get Gais (A wizard or practioners of mystic arts to sell some rare items, in exchange for items common on our world). We also met an old woman, Birdie Botts, who sold Jelly Bellies – magic beans with various tastes. Finishing up a successful trade negotiation the group headed to the Mountains to speak with the Giants. Along the wat was a forest where magic wood for creation of wands or staves would be had. The first night camping wasn’t an issue, small winged fey were noted but did not bother us. When our woodsy guy spoke of avoiding a location, the minotaur (Talos) started shouting out how the group was there to molest trees and other outrageous claims. The group en-masse felt that leaving (without the Minotaur) would be the better part of valor. Orion teleported the group away, leaving the foolish minotaur to fend for himself.

Mentally contacting the giant he had saved, Orion was able to teleport directly to the Tribal Camp and negotiated for Aurochs, Magic Wood and magic beasts. Finding the mission a success the entire group quaffed their potions and promptly returned home to the King – Cedric.

Orion informed the king of their missions overall success – Ro gave the Golden Feather Gift from King Uther to King Cedric. Orion showed the magical beast parts they had gained from Gais, and the Jelly Bellies from Birdie Botts.

Each player given up to 2,000 gp item from the treasury as a reward fromKing Cedric.

Some time later we learned of a Shadow Man around the farms. Some of the characters had a dejavu feeling. Another farm attacked, the occupant (A rich single farmer) dead, the contents of his stomach, and those of the livestock opened upon the ground. The deaths were recent, as in less than a day. Talos buried his kin (all the cows) and then began to cook the sheep. Orion used his psychometry powers to ascertain what happened and learned that a cloaked figure had been here and used a magic wand to open the old man. The druid woodsy type spoke with the cows and learned as much as he could from them “I pissed two spells on the cows to learn what happened!” We decided to head to a cave to see if the odd strangers had re-established a base there.

-Ended the Game.

Main Kingdom


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