Chosen Ones – Session 38

“The Rescue of Caleb”

GM: Andrew M.


  • Rebekah playing Laelia
  • Adam playing Amaril ‘Pip’
  • Mike playing Malcolm
  • Matt Y. playing Andreas

GM Notes:

Group was Level 9 Power Level.

Summary: GM Recap overview to bring newcomer Adam up to speed, and then bring the rest of the players up to speed on their characters’ assignments. Malcolm and Laelia were both assigned to Toril. Malcolm was based in Phelan teaching at the Univeristy with the Sisters of Perpetual Enlightenment. He also learned of the war efforts by assisting Simon “Frendulus” Eagle Eyes. Laelia assisted but was focusing on raising her boy Khotalus.

Andreas was assigned to the Dragonlance world, assisting in war efforts there. He was working on joining the Knighthood of Solmania, but hadn’t had the time to take the quest to make it official.

Amaril had been working on a world that is in it’s dark ages.

All Characters were summoned to Simon to learn directly from the EAGLE, that they’d located Caleb’s prison, and that there was a small window of opportunity to rescue his Soul from his keeper – a creature aptly named a Soulkeeper.

The group left immediately, traversing the desolate wasteland of the Abyss, and finally coming to the portal to the prison dimension. They overcame the lone sentry and entered the dimension.

They found the Soulkeep wearing the Soul as a gem on a necklace. They managed to wrest the Gem away through great effort.

-Ended Game at 11pm


Malcolm is teaching on the planet he has established ties to – instructing youth in magic. He hears the bell toll invitation of another front in the war against the Tabarath. Andreas was fighting dragon-like heartless on a planet where he fits in nicely. Pip has been assigned to a planet where the civilization is more dark ages appropriate. Lelia was hanging around on Toril to raise her son. We all take a portal to where simon (friendulous) is. The eagle steps out… offers us jelly belly… He found the place where Caleb has been imprisoned. His soul is trapped in a gem guarded by a behemoth soulkeeper. We bring supplies, and then we have to go through a portal to a dimension with a gate to the hell dimension within *it.* We go forward, and while walking, find one blade of black grass out of a rocky surface. Pip scouts ahead, and there’s a ridge rising up… and when he goes over a mound to drop, there is a creature right there. Skeletal being with red glowing eyes and decrepit flesh over bone with talons. Staring right at Pip. it’s on all fours, with tattered bat like wings two horns, and obsidian beads floating for eyes. INITIATIVE! It fights pip for a bit (for example shooting fire out of it’s hands) Pip kills it as Andreas, Lelia, and Malcolm get to him. Apparently the creature was watching the gate. It was a skulldugger. It’s bound to a demon prince. The demon prince could have seen things through it’s eyes. We go through the gate. There’s not much of a difference, except the liquid red splatters like rubies. There are craters in the ground, a foot deep. Spaced, gouges in the earth… The portal is a barbed wire twisted edifice. One liquid red stuff on every barb around the portal. Pip figures that the entire plane is poison. The sky is mohagany red. We feel faint contact with Caleb’s soul. We head in that direction. We find some skullduggers flying around, some dretchs, and the soulkeeper… We run up to the soulkeeper and attack… pip tries climbing it, Lelia uses some terrain altering spells, and Malcolm makes Demitrius a flying creature, then while Demitrius is hacking the necklace Malcolm focuses a disintegrate strike, it hits and while pip and demetrius hack at the necklace, malcolm gives them true strike, Lelia turns the mud to rock, and the necklace is finally cut. Then the giant grabs the necklace. Pip shoots the giant’s hand with his bow, and then the giant drops it. Malcolm picks it up and creates a game of keep away, teleporting a lot, then eventually reaching the portal to go back through. We get the soul gem. :DWith Demetrius, the monster gets augmented plus effective master level/2 for str+con, duration boost is +effective master level in rounds +1d6 damage or +2 to hit for -5spell points.