It’s All Greek to Me – Session 3

“There is no Fury like an Over-God Scorned!” or “Justice has been served, now serving the Mother Oracle”

Players Present:

  • Andrew (as Kyros)
  • Bekah (as Filia)
  • Calvin (as Bion)
  • Sean (as Danalus)
  • Daniel (as Cleatus)

We began with a recap by Andrew (Reading the previous log). No meals as everyone had eaten earlier – though Halloween Candy did make an appearance.

The game began with the ship cresting waves at a breakneck pace. Aided by Bion, the ship achieved speeds of epic proportion. Filia went to consult with Artemis to plead the case of Kyros and his case, that things were going to break loose if they didn’t act soon. Filia was told that perhaps a deal could be made with Apolo himself – Dunixi losing her power. Filia returned with the initial negotiation, which Kyros contemplated, and then pointed out that would not bring justice to those murdered by the Mother Oracle, nor bring justice for Danalaus, nor would it be just if Uranus was indeed falsely imprisoned. Bion consulted with Posedion and was told freeing Uranus would be bad. Flashes of light were seen on the island, to get to the hidden cave Filia brought forth pegasus, and Kyros made them all light enough that Pegasus was able to fly them to the cave.

The Ghost of Sparta met them. He hailed Kyros and bid him and his allies leave the island for Ares, god of war, claimed the island. Kyros scoffed at him and told him he thinks not, and that the messenger would face defeat for the first time if he did not leave the Island claimed already by him on behalf of Athena. The Ghost approached which prompted Kyros to attack drawing first blood and shocked disbelief. He told Filia to go and parley with Uranus -for he knew the battle could be his last. The battle was fast, as the Ghost employed Chain Swords bound to his wrists. The first blow against Kyros was mighty (12 of 32), Kyros taunted the Ghost while missing by the barest of measure. Bion blasted through his magical protections and dealt hefty damage. The third round Kyros struck another mighty blow and successfully taunted him that the Ghost dropped his guard momentarily as rage creased his face, another massive blow staggered Kyros, Bion gave aid to Kyros as healing water struck him. On the final round, the Ghost was laid low by another powerful blast by Bion. Kyros bid spare the life of the soldier. Bion messaged Filia to return.

Tied up to a tree, they interrogated the prisoner, learned that Ares had dispatched him after Zeus had met with Ares. Kyros released the prisoner on the condition he not return as by right of conquest the island was now his. As a prize Bion was able to exact a favor in the future. Kyros then prayed feverently for guidance from Athena. She was able to manifest, he told her all he knew and wished to know if Uranus was unjustly imprisoned. She told the beginning tale and Kyros told of his planned negotiations for the release of the All Father. She blessed his plan and gave to him a Cloak that would prevent any mental manipulation from coming to pass.

Kyros left with purpose to negotiate with the mighty Uranus. The negotiations were intense as Kyros summed up the following requests:

  • Athena and Artemis would be spared and not lose power
  • He would aid Athena and Artemis
  • All curses brought about unjustly would be lifted
  • The gods themselves would be bound by tighter order and require their worshipers
    • Uranus agreed that a god would be unable to affect a worshiper of another god
    • The gods would gain power from their worshipers
  • That justice be dealt to the Mother Oracle for her crimes, and all who aided her – including Hades and Apollo
  • That the world be restored after the upcoming godswar so that the populations would thrive
  • Protections against retribution for the group
  • And a blessing for each in the group by Uranus

In return for all those demands, Uranus countered with a demand of his own – That he be allowed to restructure the Pantheon as he see fit. Re-assuring that Athena and Artemis would not lose their portfolio.

Kyros agreed to the terms and released the mighty dragon god Uranus.

The group was instantly teleported back to the ship, before the massive dragon turtles destroyed it, as Uranus plucked the ship from the water and made haste to Delphi. Uranus met in epic battle Apolo. While they fought the ship flew to the Temple of the Oracle, where Kyros and company made their way to the Mother Oracle. The guards delayed them for just a moment – “What business do have here?” “I’m expected by the Mother Oracle, tell her Kyros is here” “One moment sir.” Goblet shattering heard, guard returns pale and shaking saying weakly “She’s not here”, “Yes she is, stand aside”. Striding in, the Mother Oracle sits upon her throne visibly shaken “You can keep her!” “No, your doom is sealed!” Kyros and Bion slay her where she sits. “Justice has been served, let this be a lesson to use your powers for the good of mankind or share the same fate”. As Apollo is ripped in half and his heart devoured by the Dragon, Uranus.


  • The group leveled to 3rd level (26 CP)
  • Each character granted a +4 Divine Bonus to one Stat permanently
  • Dunixi’s oracle abilities lifted (Same as the rest of the oracles with Apollo’s demise)
  • Danalaus’s curse lifted and he returned to being a man
  • Uranus wages a battle against the gods – Zeus, Hades, Ares. Athena and Artemis are granted status in the new pantheon structure being 2nd tier under Uranus.

Danalaus, being freed of his curse, proclaims he must return home and reclaim his birthright. We agree to accompany him as a worthy friend and ally. Returning home, he claims rulership from the Lord Protector Axis, and learns that his father went mad the same time Danalaus had disappeared, and slew his wife, and then fled to the cursed dungeons. Danalaus held his coronation and then planned to save his lost father. Meanwhile the new Triad are promoted by a ship full of new converts.

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