Guest Game – Call of Cthulhu

GM: Matt Y.


  • Andrew
  • Bekah
  • Sean L.*
  • Calvin
  • Matt K.
  • Adam*
  • Mike
  • George

SUMMARY: Our paranormal investigators are called to the University for various reason to investigate a Haunted House. Like any good investigation we follow various leads which fill in clues – a Cult Church is found to have been rundown, which was the owner of the house. We eventually investigate the house, where the paranormal happens – Blood Dripping from the roof, Bed launches a couple of us out a window, a Sacrificial Knife flies through the air attacking us. A boarded up section of the basement reveals an altar and wrapped body. It is a mummy and attacks us – several members go temporarily insane and one is killed by gun shot to the head. The mummy is defeated by the knife and a well placed shot to it’s head.