Innocent or Guilty – Session 19 [World of Darkness]

To fight the Armada of Undead… and wake up with the Dead?


  • Matt K.
  • Rebekah
  • Calvin
  • George
  • Dan

[Food – Pizza]

Recap by GM. Group was summoned by the Dragon Ship to handle the undead armada. Hagar got drunk in the ships’ bar. They took off into space, and everyone was summoned to the ‘bridge’ where each person contributed admirably to the success of the mission. However, after exploding the enemy flagship, the shockwave/emp blast knocked the ship offline and crash landed onto another planet. CUT SCENE to Two SUVs, cell phone rings “Tony here!”, “Tony, take your team to the coordinates you’ve been sent and do a recon, grab whatever you can and report back”. “Yes sir” – *click*. Our crack commando team consists of Team Leader and Sniper ‘Tony Dupre’ – Vampire; 2nd in command and espionage expert ‘Angelina Mariposa’ – Vampire; Heavy Fire power, Demolitions and mechanic “John Baxter’ – Werewolf; Magic and Occult support “Ciant”, Intelligence Officer “Awakened” – Human. They responded to the crash site of a space faring vessel, and pulled out the crew – a hairy smelly brute (Hagar), a dog (Felix), a female human (Gaby), a human wearing robes (Burgmor) and another human wearing outlandish garb (Iruka).

The game-play consisted of the World of Darkness group interrogating the Fantasy Group – they were hard to crack, and thus it took most of the game-play time. Eventually, the fantasy group was released to the Kercpa manning a Portal Tree, and they would have to arrange to get their derelict space craft back home.

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