Guest Game – GM Mike [Harry Potter?] – Session 2

Pendragon Castle, Mallerstang, Cumbria. There ...

Do it yourself home repair.

“Harry Potter Dark Ages” or “Merlin, another variant?”


  • Andrew
  • Calvin
  • Rachael


The king calls forth to his champions, only Rao responds. Dismayed, a tourney is held to find more champions. Orion and Dee enter and win. The king then says they have these potions to teleport them to another realm where he wants them to see if any trade can be found. They agree, and leave.

Kingdom of Albion

The group meets Merlin cutting down trees, he directs them to the castle. At the castle they ask for an audience with the king, who is away and the castle is not giving any tours as there is a problem. We have dinner in the presence of the princess, she doesn’t allow us to converse with her, and the soldiers hold no interest. We find our room has another occupant – “Bart” – a Chinese Trader / Merchant. His conversation ability is found to be lacking, and his business sense even more dreadful. He denouces and praises magic in the same breath. Truly the gods frown upon us finding any reasonable trade partners here…

The next day, Orion discovers he’s been robbed of both Ring and Dagger (Ring of Protection +1 and the dagger was an heirloom). He sees a vision of a ruin, and thinks his gear has been taken there. The king still has not returned, and we tire of the stonewalling by the guards. We go upstairs and find a captive giant struggling against his captures on the floor in rope bindings. They claim they want to dissect him to learn all about him. Disgusted beyond measure, and noting the giant is not being hostile, just defending himself, Orion sends the poor sentient being home [He spoke with the giant mentally]. The guards and high magus accuse the group of treason. After exchanging a battle of words, Orion gives up on the barbaric evil society bent on jailing them and teleports the group back to Merlin. Merlin agrees to take us to Camelot and speak with Uther Pendragon. We leave with the group about to gain audience with the final king.

– End Summary

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