It’s All Greek to Me – Session 2

The Black sea, Fiolent rocks formation near Se...

Lovely View

“Most Powerful Decisions to Make”


  • Andrew
  • Calvin
  • Dan
  • Sean
  • Bekah



We left Troy into the Black Sea – during the travel two crew were killed by shades, Kyros drove them away after he discovered they wanted Dunixi. Bion destroyed them – water implosion ball. Kyros warded the ship to prevent further encroachment by the shades.

They landed on a island – Bion wandered off, and got stuck in a cave. They retrieved him from the cave, but discovered an immensely powerful being resides in the cave claiming to be Uranus – the All Creator of everything. They debated whether freeing such a being would be a wise course of action. Eventually they left the island determining that unleashing something of that power should be a decision without coercion and thoughtful insight… Even though consulting with the gods didn’t accomplish anything. At Filios, Kyros and Filia went to console the families of the fallen sailors. They then reprovisioned and did brisk trade. Time in port was going to be three days. Back on the ship, a big burly guy wanted on the ship. Bion stopped him, and then discovered people jumping off the side of the boat with the cabin boy over their shoulder (GM Decided the Cabin Boy was tired and wanted to stay onboard the ship). Bion blasted the three bodies back onto the deck and had the Marines engage the kidnappers. Bion messaged Kyros that they were under attack. Kyros called upon great speed and took off in a burst to the ship. Danaluas fired at the kidnappers (secretly working with them). Kyros arrived to see both marines cut down. In heroic grandeur, he landed on the deck and quickly made short work of the assailants. He then discovered the ensorcelled water barrel that allowed the men to find his ship. He established a connection with the mother oracle and tried to negotiate in good faith on behalf of the runaway oracle, but the mother oracle wouldn’t negotiate – the conversation ended with Kyros promising the Mother Oracle would regret her decision as he promised to bring every resource at his disposable to her destruction. He then set course back to island where Uranaus was held captive.

-End Summary

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