Chosen Ones 2nd Generation – Session A03

Himura Kenshin

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Assassins? Where?!?!

Recap by Andrew. Food – Watermelon, Cookies and Bread.


  • Bekah
  • Mike
  • Calvin
  • Matt Y.
  • George
  • Absent – Conor
  • Adam

Mike’s Log Note:

Before arriving, mother takes about 40 orphans with her through the portal, but Sal and Cauldron stay behind. Kenshin finds three young ones capable of learning swordcraft. Kier dislikes orphans, apparently. We arrive in the room with 150 spellcasters and we didn’t lose our memories this time. We are debriefed by Andreas, and told we have a new addition to the group. A 3’3 inch gnome with purple hair and yellow eyes, who weilds a shortbow and dagger. Dressed in normal adventuring garb. A man with a plumed hat walks in. (Simon.) Geardrof asks about the hat. Mother tells him about a fund he wants to sponsor the children. Kenshin talks about one child he’d wish to teach. Hilsofar has a holding. The King instituted a festival for common folk and will be attending. There’s rumors of an assassin who has eyes for the King. We are to intersect that assassin without the King knowing. Mother asks for a copy of a list of all the organizations who might plausibly hire an assassin and their motivations. We are to go see Erik in the training room. The training room is a vast hall with mats, dummies, swordplay, axeplay, martial techniques. Erik greets us. He gives us packs with a dagger, clothes and boots, with a weapon. They look like standard issue white clothes to the nonmagical folk, but the magical folk can detect magic. Kier undresses and changes with Kenshin perplexed. His clothes morph into what he likes to wear, and Kenshin goes next putting it on. Mother goes into a changing room. Kenshin grabs the dagger and says “I need a longer sword than this” and it morphs into a Sakabatou. Kier’s morphs into a longsword. Hawkeye’s morphs into a quarterstaff. The robes give a +3 bonus to armor unless armor is already 3, in that case it gives +1 deflection. The sword is a magical +1. The footwear increases our dex based skills by 3 Kier tries the balance beams. Kenshin goes up on the balance beams after him. Hawkeye and Mother sit there. Erik tells Hawkeye to break the board. He blasts it but only dents it. And keeps trying. The board fights back, too. Erik then brings a gorgeous elf toward Mother, and has Mother defend herself against the Elf. Geardrof practices his bow. Ellisandra shows up and starts training. We go through the door that Simon tells us to after we train. We pop out of the door into an alleyway. In Hilsofar. We find an upperclass inn, with a room. The “Golden Goose” Mother gets information from the place and finds out where the king will be, but nobody was asking about it recently there. Geardrof goes to the seedier inn and gathers information while drinking beer. A snidely whiplash looking guy with the curl mustache relays that the shadowmasks have hired a young upstart trying to make a name by taking out royalty. He then warns Geardrof not to go looking unless he wants to join them. To join them he’d have to kill a high profile person. Geardrof tells the group this, and Hawkeye goes there now with him to try and get more information but the snidely whiplash character is gone. Kier looks for the sage of the city and comes up with the name Merrick. We find him in a hut on one side of the city. He’s smoking a pipe with bubbles coming out of it. Hawkeye goes to figure out about the shadowmasks. Merrick talks to Mother, and Mother explains about the festival and the assassination. Kier asks about the Shadowmasks. He says talk to Marylou at the Squawking Parrot, pay her 5 lbs and ask her to sing. Mother thinks he’s insane and gives him a gold. Kenshin still wants to take his advice. Merrick says there are two youngsters that go by the name of “Tri.” Tri-hard and Tri-not. Kenshin asks for assistance with thwarting the assassination. He mentions then the target is the princess and names her. Everybody wherever we are hears “Let’s meet back in the Tavern” in our heads. So, we do. We tell him that we heard him in our heads, and he thinks “You’re all fools” to the whole group. Mother slaps him. Mother suggests it’s the clothes. Hawkeye does detect psychic. Kier tries mentally conveying he wants a beer to the bartender, but it doesn’t work. Kenshin mental contacts Hawkeye and it works, then tries to psychic blast the lamp and it doesn’t work. Kenshin tries to contact the bartender but fails. He then pays for wine. Mother tries to mental contact Simon, nothing happens. We look for any way to get through the wall we came through. We all try to open it, Ella by touching, Kenshin by mental “open” command. a portal appears in the wall. We go through the portal. We’re back in the room. No Simon. We ask about Simon and they say he’s in Hilsofar, bar hopping. Geardrof writes a note for him. We go back to Hilsofar, and go to the Prancing Peacock. It’s very lively for 2pm, and we see Simon sitting on a balcony overlooking dancing ladies. We walk over to him but Geardrof gets a drink, then comments on Simon’s hat. LOVELY PLUMAGE! Simon scribbles some notes. Hawkeye mentions about the psychic powers and Simon explains the mark does that. We ask what else it does. It allows you to not die so easily. He mentions eventually we’ll be able to see in the dark. Geardrof wants a hat, and a nice looking one appears on his head. Poof. We are asked to spot the assassins and Mother talks about bait and switch because the princess is an innocent. Kier gets information on the Tri brothers and it’s exactly what we suspected. They’re tabarath guild. One brother is a shield, the other can kill you after examining you for a little bit. Ella convinces Mother she will not die if she is killed, so she should imitate the princess. Four cloaked people standing around a fire in an alley shift and one has a tabarath symbol, which Kier notices. His entire being screams that he’s already noticed and confronting them would be a bad idea. He goes around a corner, goes up a roof, and he doesn’t think he’s followed. He contacts the group to eavesdrop. Ella relays information that she hears in rat form to the group about the brothers and their rallying. Geardrof tries to detect poison but fails. Kier says to wait until we find their actual home. We do. The two brothers go through an opening which she didn’t even really know was there. The other two leave in different directions. Mother and Kenshin go around after one, Kier and Gear go directly after the other into a bar, Ella goes into the opening after the brothers. She mentally tries to send us pictures of the eight and succeeds. Ella follows the brothers to a group of eight total people but the other six do not look like they’re in the cult. Gear asks the bartender about the guy… Chuck who drives a wagon. *badumching* Gear goes in and gets a drink right next to the tabarath. Finds out the guy hauls stuff. “D’ya like my hat?” Kenshin and Mother’s quarry goes to a tavern kitchen and *gasp* he doesn’t wash his hands before he works. Mother gathers information about our quarry and his name is Rick, we find out he works here so we can come back. Kenshin, Mother, Gear, Kier all don’t find out much about their quarries. all 4 go to the inn. Ella comes out of the nearest grate, and it’s the grate near the candlestick maker. she goes to the inn too. And at the inn comes Hawkeye. The gnome drinks. Again. And passes out at the bar. Kier casts hold portal on the door of the men’s bedroom. We wake up and decide to have Kier back up the party while we go to our respective quarries. Nobody is where they should be. Rick works tomorrow before the festival. Ella goes to a little hut because simon says to. The old man is there. Mother goes and buys some medicine for dementia/senility. Kenshin goes to the festival grounds. At the hut a 16 year old in plate armor is there, and he is definitely polished. Mother asks Yon where his father is. Yon points Mother to Merrick. Hawkeye asks why he’s treating Merrick like an invalid. Ella intercedes too with a note. The note says for Ella to imitate the princess. Merrick calls Yon to escort her, and Mother wants to stay with the old man. Yon asks if he knows Ella, and she says no. “Must be my thoughts.” he says. Mother and Hawkeye mentally communicate and bicker in thoughts and Merrick says “Can you keep it down?!?” Mother inquires about Merrick’s teeth, which he says are all there. She gives him food, and he says “maybe the shark will like this.” “What?” mother asks perplexed. Thinking he’s hallucinating. Hawkeye asks about the shark, which Merrick mentions is in his house. Hawkeye wants to see it, but merrick says no because he’s not one of his children. And Hawkeye asks how many children Merrick has, merrick replies he lost count. Sir frodo is along Geardrof’s path as Geardrof looks for Chuck, and Frodo is on a quest to kill undead. A wolf pads up to Frodo, and Frodo gallops away on him. Geardrof swears to lay off the beer. Kenshin is checking out the lay of the festival grounds. Nothing out of the ordinary, even with Geardrof helping him later. Kenshin follows Geardrof to go shop. Geardrof looks for scrolls. Kenshin just looks. Hawkeye inspects the main stand while it’s being constructed. There are trees in the area. Closest building to the stand is about 20 feet away, the armory for the tournament. A guard is watching the armory. Kier relays what he sees to the group. We call it a night, rest and eat. We go to the festival, and inspect around. The manhole cover near it is gone, and a peasant woman comes up. Kier questions her and ends up disgusted with her leading the conversation. Gear flirtily looks at her. Mother finds the gnome flirting with the girl sitting up against the armory. The trumpeting fanfare sounds indicating that it’s noon and royalty would be approaching. People file in, but there’s a path laid out for the procession. Yon is nowhere to be seen. The King announces the festival has begun. We see the princess go down with an arrow sticking out of her heart. We see it came from the back of the chuck wagon. out of the wagon jumps a cloaked figure holding a bow and he moves 40 feet. Kenshin is on the opposite side of the area, and has to jump using acrobatics to try to make it (will take 5 rounds) Geardrof runs for the assassin. Another person gets out of the wagon with a greatsword. He also moves 40 feet from it. Mother does a hold person on the guy with the bow and the other criminal waves it off. Kier charges and doesn’t hit Kenshin keeps bounding. Geardrof shoots an arrow and misses Hawkeye blasts the held one. The greatsword bandit aims at kier and whiffs. Ella the now bunny rabbit morphs into a leopard. Mother tries to hold the other guy and fails this time. Kier attacks the swordwielder and whiffs. The bowman breaks free and drops the bow, pulling out a longsword. Kenshin reaches them. Geardrof casts scorching ray against the ex-bowman. Hawkeye blasts the greatswordsman and he deflects the blast. The greatsword bandit attacks Kier, hitting. Ella the leopard charges the greatsword shieldbearer. ClawClawBite. He is hurt Mother again tries to hold person and fails. Kier hits and knocks down the shieldbearer. Kenshin gets an attack of opportunity as the ex-bowman flees, but misses Kenshin then goes after him. Ella pounces him, Kier ties him up, and he is captured. We search them and find out they’re humanoid but not human Geardrof detects magic on a ring

Innocent or Guilty – Session 18

Elijah Wood as Frodo in Peter Jackson's live-a...

Somethings should never have to be seen!

Cthulhu-Bear Down, Undead Horrors left unchecked!


  • Bekah
  • Calvin
  • George
  • Dan
  • Absent – Robert
  • Absent – Matt K.

Recap by Andrew. Meal – Cure-All Chicken Soup, Bread & Butter, Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Beginning of the adventure – Gaby and Burgmor were brought into the mansion to meet the newer members to help in their Dream Kids – Hagar and Iruka. Having obtained three children of the five expected – Timothy, Lerona, and Volund. They were sent out to find Oridon and Antaeus. Before leaving, everyone seemed to challenge Hagar to a duel, except Gaby.

Hagar – Barbarian from the North, wields a Greataxe. Doesn’t bathe.

Iruka – Wizard Student, seems competent in his studies

Hagar beat Burgmor in a single round. Frodo and Hagar had a good pace, took about five rounds before Frodo went down. Hagar was impressed (He only had HP from his Rage Ability); Iruka defeated Hagar (More from luck than anything) with his Lightning Bolts.

After all the dueling, Burgmor was able to discover where Oridon was located. Gaby scouted the area and discovered the 10 year old and his gang of six other same age. She was a little shocked to see them acting as a dog pack, and their speed was uncanny. Being delicate, only Gaby and Burgmor went into the alley, being charming, Gaby was able to convince the your Alpha to assist them for money, food and safety for the “pack”. Back at the Manor, Iruka challenged Oridon, and was thoroughly beaten in a few rounds, his Lightning Bolt and Flaming Whips having very little effect on the boy.

Gaby and Burgmor again discovered Artaeus was at a monastery. It was Hagar who convinced the young man to join them with glory and fame.

They gathered the kids into the nearby forest where the powers of the Dream Entities became very apparent; the Cthulhu-Bear appeared and the kids went to work – Young Tim rode a Huge Centipede thing with Cat Legs and Cat Mouth which was breathing fire; Lerona and her Three-headed Pseudodragon Deity were calling Lightning down upon the beast; Oridon assisted his Large Wolf-headed Ape in confronting the beast head on; Artaeus flanked while a Swarm of Vampire Bat devoured the beast; Volund and his Raccoon also flanked the creature. Before the groups eyes the bats distracted the beast as pieces of its flesh disappeared.

After the battle, they head to the grotto to seal the portal that unleashed these Dream Entities. They meet an old trapper and his pet “moose” ‘Gertrude. Gaby is able to convince him and Gertrude to allow them in, and Iruka begins the ritual, Burgmor stops Iruka before he makes a critical mistake and takes over the ritual sealing the portal.

Back at the Mansion, Hagar and Gaby decided to play in the rabbit room – Hagar bribed Iruka 50 gp to leave them alone. The rabbit got the best of Hagar, but Gabby managed to catch it. Hagar ended up retelling how he came to be in the Mansion of Merrick.

Burgmor studies and tries to learn where his book has been taken. The others debate the oncoming Undead Armada and how they’ll deal with it, as the Cthulhu-Bear is now dealt with.