Chosen Ones 2nd Generation – Session A02

demon inside

Tattoos are all the rage.


  • Andrew (GM)
  • Bekah
  • Mike
  • Nick
  • Conor
  • Matt Y.
  • Calvin
  • Absent (George)

We picked up with the group returning to the inn. Hawk felt a strange sensation of disorientation, and confusion. He felt a draw from back where they had come from. Kier asked Hawk what was wrong, and then followed. Coming to a warehouse, Kier looked in and saw a boy 15 years old and a man 24 years old, both in loin clothes in a dimly lit room. Hawk opened the door just as the old man was bending over. Exclaiming he was sorry, Hawk slowly backed away. Kier went in and recognized the marks on their hand as matching theirs. The boy was scared, confused and was very vocal about not being touched. Getting dressed both were told what was going on, but were reluctant to trust the group. They all went back to the inn, and decided to take the to the temple for a proper healing in the morning.

At the temple, both Sal and Cauldron were cured, Sal being the 24 year old, and Cauldron being 15.  Kier returns to the Cult warehouse to gather information. He learns the cult members gather after 5pm nightly. Hawk returns to the Police HQ and learns that Mother is being held to verify missing children, and while there he over hears a patrol near the warehouse went missing. The others eventually meet up and they search the warehouse. They find a secret room under the “stage”. An altar with Sacrifices, the Mark of the Enemy in glowing lines on the floor. Finding nothing else worthwhile, they decide to wait in ambush. A couple of hours later, Sal feels tingles on his skin and sees a large man with scars on his face, and a small cloaked person, presuming it’s the young boy. They hear a voice outside the warehouse speaking in abyssal that they’ve been compromised. The group leaves the warehouse and finds sulfur tracks where they had been but didn’t know what had happened to them. They decide to wait for the cultists and trail a leader.

Cultists show up, recruit new members, induct some elite members, and then Kier overhears a conversation where they voice a concern that Doroon and Gordon weren’t present. As a group these six head to a local tavern with privacy booths, and do a ritual incantation and speak to their leader and where they’ll meet. Kier overhears all this and let’s the others know. They get to the rendezvous location, and learn they plan to return to the warehouse and set a trap for the “chosen ones”.

Kier and the others discover their route back and lay an ambush. It goes well, only Sal goes down during the conflict. They capture the boy and do the exorcism ritual. They then return to the original portal location and wait about a week before making it back home.

-End Game

Mike’s Detailed Recap:

We all get back to our inn.
As we get back Hawkeye senses disorientation and confusion coming from the direction of where we came.
He stops and tries to sense psychic things but fails.
Kenshin anut d Kier sense it too, after Hawkeye stops. Kenshin vows to lay off the sake.
Hawkeye walks back, Kenshin following and Kier in the back way behind.
Two newcomers find themselves in a room with light coming from outside the room. They have no memories either, and are in loincloths.
They talk to eachother trying to find out who they are.
Kier notices a window where these partially naked men are getting dressed. Neither one has the mark on the face, but we look for the tattoo on the hand. He grabs at one, and grabs the 15 year old who is shocked at the mark on his hand. The older of the two getting dressed checks his hand and finds a symbol too.
We actually remember these two from before we came to this plane.
Hawkeye touches the older of the two (Saltharion, 24)
The younger of the two (Cauldron, 15) has issues with Hawkeye touching him.
Kenshin tells the freaked out young man about the note in his pack. Cauldron reads it.
Neither of the two have weapons, but they do have packs.
We all travel to an Inn, Meet up with Ella, but Mother is gone.
Kenshin and Hawkeye practice their weapons. We sleep and wake.
Kier stakes out the warehouse and surrounding shops. After 5pm, he sees people heading in.
Kenshin, Hawkeye and Ella go to the temple district. We get their memories “healed.”
Cauldron donates 2g beforehand. He gets brainfreeze.
Kenshin tells him he should have donated more.
Sal donates 20g, and he still gets brainfreeze.
Kenshin then says it doesn’t work for everybody.
We go back to the magistrate and ask about the boy. “Mother” has been in the briefing room, going through the missing children.
The magistrate report that a patrol from around this area with a few men has been lost and hasn’t reported in.
Kier investigates the warehouse and when he comes out finds the rest of the group.
Kier goes inside, investigating crates, Kenshin looks around too. He notices a crate out of place. He pulls it out, and there is a tunnel going in. He looks down, and sees how far deep it goes. Kier goes inside and finds a trap door, then comes out, tells kenshin and finds the group. We go back in, and down, with Kier in the lead.

We find a room with beds, one sized for a child, with a footlocker, clothes, and an altar on the other side. The altar has a symbol like the forehead. Hawkeye sees a vision after touching the altar. There’s a ritual in the past with guards ripping out someone’s heart, and an 8 year old boy with the symbol floating in front, and a nasty looking guy with the symbol on both cheeks who has a serrated knife doing both rituals.
Hawkeye explains to kenshin about his mental power. Cauldron chastizes Hawkeye about not using science. Ella is staring at the symbol.
Hawkeye then touches the bed. He is very fatigued with a small amount of blood from his eye. Kenshin warns him not to use the ability too much. Cauldron takes chalk and make a circle with weird symbols and puts a crate over it.
We then go out to the alley and attempt to hide/ambush the people coming tonight.
Kier gets upset at Cauldron who won’t give ideas as to what we should do.
The group bickers for about an hour. 😛
Sal goes outside and sees a large man and a smaller person with a hooded cloak.
Everybody hides.
Everybody but Kenshin feels a nasty presence when the figures go inside.
Some of the group recognize the language as abyssal and they say “we’ve been compromised, we must leave.”
Emotions blast around, fear and a sense of urgency from some of the group to the others.
The two leave, and the rest of us get up and try to follow but do not succeed.
Outside, there are two footprints as if they were burned into the ground.
Cauldron collects the sulfur from the footprints.
We go back in and prepare for the meeting of the ones seeking power. We listen while hiding, and Hawkeye attended and asks questions before they stamp him with the tattoo. Three of the people wanting to join were the ones we beat up a few nights ago. A few afterwords step forward for a higher purpose, they are tattooed on the *other* cheek.
The hairs on our arms tingle when the second mark are affixed, and the mark on our hands tingle. (our means Kenshin an Kier.)
Kenshin and Kier leave, confer with the rest of the group, and Kier goes off separate from the rest of the group.
We go to the bar (the swan) because Kenshin told the group after Kier left the cult aspirants were going there.
The group of six shows up after Kier and goes to a private booth on the side, and the rest of the group show up after that.
Kier climbs into the rafters and listens. The six are talking about cthulu, and lovecraftian horrors. They speak of meeting at a street lane.
Kier promptly leaves.
Kenshin tries the local beer, and loves it.
The group want to leave (Ella grabs Kenshin’s attention) and she follows them with the group after they leave.
Kier’s voice appears in Sal’s head. “Man I want everybody here.” Kier sees the six show up near the place with fish. There is an old man and an old woman there about the same size as the hulking brute and the boy. Kier eavesdrops.
All eight head back towards the warehouse.
We all discuss setting a trap for them before they get to the warehouse. We want to ambush them. A smoke bomb is set up and we hide to flank all of the people who are going back to the warehouse. We attack them vigorously. After a few rounds, the enemy sets up their OWN cloud.
The enemies except for the boy are defeated, and the demon is exorcised from the boy. At the mention of demon, he passes out.
The boy is an orphan, and we find him a home (if Mother doesn’t want him.)
The portal opens up in a week’s time. (the team trains and gets to know eachother in the meantime.)

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