It’s All Greek To Me – Session 1

Poseidon, Greek god of water. The Roman water ...

Impressive I am!

GM – George


  • Andrew
  • Bekah
  • Sean
  • Conor
  • Nick
  • Trista
  • Calvin
  • Absent – Robert

Adventure Synopsis – The band of adventures meet on the island where the Spartans have a group of 50 soldiers that have taken over a village. The goal of the group is to rescue an Egyptian Noble Lady. In doing so they deal with the Spartan leader, assess the layout, and stage a rescue killing the four Spartan guards, defeating a nemesis “Egan” and rescuing both the Egyptian Princess and a Merchant ally of Kyros.

Detailed accounts by Andrew:

The group has been together for six months, Kyros is the captain of the ship. On-board as a Marine is “Alex Ava” a male archer; Filios is a male archer; Bion is a Spear fighter, he’s a Son of Poseidon; Cleatus is a sailor who is unaware he is also a Son of Poseidon; Dunixi is a male spear fighter, and the ship cabin boy and personal attendant to the captain. At the beginning of the game we met Danalaus, a man cursed to the form of a Minotaur who was shipwrecked with a rather incompetent sailor. Before we met Danalaus, he’d rescued a newborn male baby.

Kyros gets a message by falcon from Casandra requesting a rescue of a Egyptian Noble Woman held captive by Spartans. Dunixi gets a vision of the Egyptian (Casandra) writing the letter and a menacing figure over her forcing her to write the note. She also knows the lady must be rescued. She mentions the lady needs to be rescued but omits the menacing figure. In four days we make it to the island where the Spartans are based. Another Ship is docked on the beach near the town. The Greek Vessel is beached further up out of sight, and a rescue party is formed to infiltrate and get the Egyptian. While in the woods, the group discovers a Minotaur, after some dialog he’s welcomed to assist – he explained he was shipwrecked and had no love of the Spartans.

The group quickly learns who can be stealthy, and who lacks the proper quality. Kyros, Dunixi and Alex infiltrate the town. The Spartans have set up their HQ in a temple. Seeing no other choice, Kyros disguises himself as an Egyptian slave traders to gain audience with the Spartan commander. He deals business with the Spartan and is able to learn the Egyptian is nearby in the HQ. Making their way back to a local inn, plans are laid on how to get her. Kyros sees his hated rival Egan, a man with two blades. Meanwhile,  Dunixi learns that Alex is a female with a horrible past.

Kyros gathers the others outside and places the archers to cover the building, while he, Dunixi and Bion make their way to the temple. Acting as if discussing business they catch the two Spartan guards completely unaware. Dunixi makes his way inside now disguised as a Spartan and informs the others he thinks they’re under attack, those two go outside and are easily dispatched by the two waiting for them.

Searching the interior they discover a secret room underneath the altar where the Egyptian Noble is held, she introduces herself as the Queen of Egypt. Dunixi puts together that this is a rather elaborate trap for us and voices that concern as she mentally contacts Alex that we’re in danger. At that moment a contingent of 18 men led by Egan appear just as we’re escaping the building. Alex takes aim, mutters a prayer to Artemis, and deals a mighty blow of legend to Egan [43 points of damage] staggering the vile man. His troops gather around him with lightning reflexes and try to pull him back to the safety of the ship. Egan bellows out to Kyros how he has someone important and would return. Putting the clues together, Kyros realizes he must have Casandra captive as well, sending Dunixi to escort the Queen, he sets himself to face the oncoming enemy and give Dunixi and the Queen time to escape to safety. Bion pulls out his waterskin and blasts the troops with a watery explosion, easily felling 10 men. Kyros utters an Oath of Speed and rushes past the now fleeing men to get to the ship, when he notices a sack that could hold a woman close to Egan. Egan is dropped by Bion’s magic, the enemies surrender, and Kyros in a fit of anger chops off Egan’s head and frees Cansandra. They all meet back at the ship, and set sail to Egypt to drop off Casandra, and the queen. Learning that the Mother Oracle had set Egan to kidnap Casandra and is plotting more personal destruction does not sit well with Kyros. Dunixi however gets a very personal message from the Mother Oracle I will not stop until I get you back ~ knowing that returning would be a lifelong doom of slavery, Dunixi determines to stay the course. Danalaus, the minotaur, gets a message from a sailor while on leave at the Egyptian port city. After re-provisioning for a week, they return to Troy with their cargo and discover a battle between a Spartan and Trojan vessel. They help the Trojans defeat the Spartan vessel and Meet Paris, crown prince of Troy. They patch the Trojan vessel and are treated as royal guests in Troy.

We ended early around 12:30am.

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