Innocent or Guilty – Session 17

Wisdom from Afar –

Players Present:

  • Calvin
  • Ky  — Playing Yon
  • Robert
  • Trista
  • Nick
  • Bekah

Recap by Andrew. Meal – Pizza. We began with the party disembarking from the Dragonship. Harold and Gaby remained behind to meditate with their parents.

The group encountered a bald halfling on the path they were taking back to the town. Burgmor was irritated and didn’t feel like being sociable. The halfling introduced himself as Kim Tian Po. He said he was here from a “vision” and was going to lead them to a place to see a very important vision, he offered Oranges from his bag, a delightful treat, especially since they were fresh and warm as if freshly picked. Burgmor detected no Magic. A large debate on whether to follow or not ensued. Eventually they followed the Halfling, and his Burro named Sasha. It took a half day but eventually they got to a cave. The halfling dismounted, and gestured to the cave. Ro’ and Oliver entered, Burgmor instead insisted the halfling enter in front of him. The halfling shrugged, took off his war hammer placed it on the ground, and told Burgmor, “I follow where Hammer Go”. He watched as Burgmor struggled to lift, drag, mage hand and then finally gave up. Burgmor eventually entered catching up to the others.

Inside the cave, the party saw visions – Oliver’s past, along with everyone else, was displayed vividly. They also saw visions of the future, an apocalyptic vision. The vision went backwards and they saw these children inhabited by spirits from another dimension – symbiotic relationship, and that a terrible creature was going around killing the inhabited children. They’ve decided that the vision focal point was to gather these children inhabited with Spirits, as they seemed to be the ones able to fight the Cthulhu Creatures.

Ro went further into the cavern complex, collecting loose crystals, and a statue made of gold – it seems to be dedicated to a Wise Sage or Deity [+5 to Theology and Philosophy Checks]. Outside the cavern Burgmor confronts the halfling, and asks him to aid the quest. The halfling says he has other business to attend too. They set camp, during the third watch, Ro notices the Burro is following her as she makes her rounds, and then follows the burro to another camp. Ro asks if they’re friends, and the Burro seems to indicate they are. Sneaking up to the camp, she seems a small elf child doing fancy sword work katas, a sleeping drow elf, a horse and a strange hybrid creature – hind legs of a bunny, front legs of a wolf, the snout of a bear and long floppy bunny ears. She noted that both the “Woolibear” and the Elf Child stopped and were looking in her direction. She withdrew. trying to get back to her camp, but was confronted by the small elf child who insisted she was a pretty wood nymph but thought she was up too early. Just as annoying was when he told her she dropped her sword, and handed it back to her with true sincerity. He then rambled on about going on a very important quest and was looking for Liam and Harold. Ro realized the two were in a vision from the cave and led them both back to camp. The alarm spell woke everyone when Ro came back – When they confronted the little Elf child, he said he was with her *Pointed to Ro*, who then on the spot said “The burro says their friends”. Without any further thought, the dark elf divulges their quest is to find Harold and Liam as the ones that unleashed a great evil upon the land.

They head back to Hilsfar – Burgmor and Yon speak with Merrick in his Study regarding Oliver and Baligarde – He has Jeeves summon Brother Thadeus and Titus; Ro and Saelion entertain the Dark Elf and Elf Child

We ended the game with the party having found 3 children.


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