Chosen Ones 2nd Generation – Session A01

New Memories, New Frontier…

Players Present:

  • Bekah
  • Calvin
  • Matt Y.
  • Mike
  • George

Meal – BBQ Chicken, Sauteed Greens and squash and hot dogs.

Session Recap by Mike.

Started with the characters being introduced, “Big D” giving them their first mission and then sealing them to the mission.


Session Log by Mike –

The generals brought their replacements to the meeting hall.

  • Kenshin, the oriental 5’2″ redhead with a cross shaped scar wearing a karate Gi.
  • Hawkeye, the silver haired 5’8″ man with a completely white left eye and a blue right eye. He wears a mesh shirt under an overcoat.
  • Ellasandra, the brown haired (red highlights) green eyed, Elven Looking, mocha skinned woman, 5’4″ Wearing nature colors around a dress.
  • Mother, (George’s character) is also there. She has an amulet with an aqua colored gem, a normal common dress. she’s 5’9″, Blonde, and blue eyed. Voluptuous.

We accept the charge to be faithful to the chosen ones and be loyal to each other.
We form a circle, join hands, benediction, we get an oren on our hand.

The first mission we get is one that’s very much suited for ones of our experience.
They noticed a pocket dimension has tabarath pocket influences… They determined the only way to send someone is if they’re inexperienced.
They’ll try and open up a portal back once every 28 days.
We make preparations, we get 100 days rations, torches, rope, that kind of thing in a dimensional extending bag.
The creatures apparently cannot manifest as normal, so we must exorcise the creature or kill the host. We know of one, but we should get rid of as many as possible.
There will be a mark on the forehead of those afflicted.
150 spellcasters will be sending us, ritually. And it takes forever… but we feel like we’re squeezed through a pinhole. It’s very uncomfortable.
We wake up in a forest. We don’t remember who we are or what we are doing here.
We check for damage, nobody was hit in the head. We
There’s a path but nothing going either direction.
Hawkeye blames Kenshin because Kenshin is foreign, then Kenshin points out Ella’s ears are pointed.
Kenshin grabs the katana/sakabatou because he can read the writing, but Hawkeye wanted it too.
The girls grab dresses… Kenshin grabs Kier’s clothes, Kier grabs Kenshin’s gi. Hawkeye finds his own clothes.
Kier finds a pack with rice patties, and notices Kenshin is swimming in the preppy clothes. they switch.
We look around. Then we walk. We come across a village.
The inhabitants (around 100) are darker skinned, tan.
Hawkeye asks where we are. Fulton?
The bretheren of the shrine can help us!!! (we gather this from the man we talk to since we’ve “Lost our way.”)
“Follow the teachings of Triegenes.” a simple robed man with a hood proclaims.
We ask where the larger city is, (alays primos) and it’s a few days north.
We go north.
Night one Kenshin hears wolves howling to either side of the camp. Nothing else of note happens.
Day two a traveller is coming the opposite direction.
We share food and drink with him. He explains of the worth of man and the divine spark within. He’s a follower of Trigenes too.
Trigenes was a mortal sailor who reached godhood through self sacrifice.
There are evil ones in the neighboring land of Denor. They are hooved, horned, and try to use machines to rid magic. They smell of brimstone.
Mother says these sound like tieflings.
Kier wants to know what kind of machines. So does Hawkeye.
Metal creatures that travel along lines and spew smoke into the air.
He also warns be careful of ber, dragons ruled the land. He can’t really place us. We don’t seem from the same place. We should go to Flint.
Kier finds parchment with the mission parameters on it.
We all look and find our parchment too.
Flint is 6 days away… we should be able to reach it after the capital.
The capital is walled. (think italy, with canals, like venice.)
We ask for the library, of which there are several… We ask for a sage which can help us find anyone with a symbol and go to him.
This guy seems rich, with fine wine, and quality furniture.
He comes out of the back after we ask about the symbol and he has a very old tome, and opens the foreign book gingerly.
he explains that 5000 years ago the cult caused a demon uprising where the chosen ones of the evils wore this mark and summoned creatures, but great heroes arose and banished these heroes sealing them from the world. The battle took place between risur and ber.
Hawkeye gives him a few gold to tell him about the symbol on their hands. The heroes who banished them wore that mark.
We pay him, Kenshin thanks him, and we leave to find an inn… our party is going to go to different buildings, one to the temple of trigenus and the other to the library of war history.
We remember our names! woohoo!

“mother” seems uneasy and doesn’t go with either of the two groups. She leaves town and goes out of it down the road.

Kier looks for more people with the symbol, and finds nobody. He approaches the clergy and is directed toward the priests. We ask the priest about enlightenment.
Kenshin and Kier show him the symbol, and they sit and get enlightened by the priest. He pulls out a necklace thing and holds his hand over the forehead, then mutters and says he needs someone stronger to help with the… ailment. He goes and whispers to someone and a minute later an older priest walks in. This new one invokes a benediction. Kier now remembers everything. Kenshin then volunteers. Kenshin donates 10gold, Kier donates 5gold. They then go to meet the others. Kenshin goes to find “mother” and tells her about the memory restoration at the temple, and they go to it to restore memories after the other two are finished.
Hawkeye and Ellasandra ask about the war history, but nothing is new about recent history, but 2000 years ago the mighty high elf empire was toppled by humans. 500 years ago the high elf goddess was killed and pretty much every elf woman died with her. There are some very rare trophies for human conquerers. Ella covers her ears with a headband or something. The cursed ones appeared (tieflings) when the high elf goddess died, and the magic didn’t come back to that location (Denor) either. There’s a dwarven prophecy of a doomsday, too.
The party all are at the temple afterwards and get “healed” to get their memories back. Mother screams in agony. “These are not my colors!” Ella offers to switch clothing. Mother is confused, frustrated and deeply afraid of being mortal. Ella says “At least you live.” and storms off.
Kenshin suggests to make the best with what she has.
Hawkeye keeps up the conversation that “Mother” is mortal just like we are. She walks off.
We all go to the inn. Hawkeye asks Ella if she’s ok. He asks what happened, she’s not ready to share.
We sleep, (Kier casts hold portal on the door)
We go to the city of Flint, and there are great huge metallic ships with smoke coming off of them in the capital. We find the dockmaster to book passengers. 5silver per person for passage. They depart Midday.
We arrive in flint on day 7. Steampunk type equipment… magic and technology coinciding.
A person, early 20s, he has a symbol on his cheek. We try to be stealthy, kenshin fails, Kier is stealthy, the others just walk toward.
Most of us lose him, but Kier sees him go into a building. He sees about ten people inside, all with the mark on their cheek. None on their forehead.
“mother” checks out the wares of the city.
Kier catches up, saying he knows where they are.
“mother” wants to talk to them. she knocks.
She asks about the symbol. He tells her the group is a gang about acquiring power. He tells her of a pub where he will be.
Hawkeye knows psychically that the man had an image of an 8 year old boy with the symbol in his head. He draws it.
Around the town, there are two types of guards. One in a fancier uniform which gets more distance from people than the other.
Kier notices the fancier guards have golden shackles with a wire that goes around them.
The power/glory mongers are watched by Kier, and have a rally while the others go to the magistrate.
We ask for the head magistrate, and “mother” acts as if it’s her child gone missing. Kenshin walks out.
She makes up a name, and tells them she’s seen him within a week’s time. Hawkeye plays the father.
“mother” signs the form no problem, but Hawkeye finds he can’t even make an X. He mentions he’s the stepfather, and mother “shoos” him.
They put a missing person’s alert out.
As “mother” walks outside, there is a missing person poster on the side of the building.
The man from the date does not show up at the inn.
Someone is watching “mother” though. She leans over, kisses Kier on the cheeck, and mentions it. They go to another bar.
She whispers “we’re being followed” to the rest of us on the way.
Kenshin and Hawkeye see at least one person on the roof.
Ellasandra turns into an owl in the shadows, and then sees the roofs. She sees three people who don’t belong on the roofs at this hour.
She comes back down and says there are three of them. Kenshin says we stop and fight. Hawkeye pops out (teleports) and goes behind one of the rooftop followers.
The teleporter blasts the sneak.
Kenshin jumps to the roof, and thwacks one in the back of the head (sakabatou – nonlethal). The sneak goes down.
Kier gets to a roof too and says “why are you following us.” and he hears “someone said we were set up.”
Hawkeye is attacked but he grapples the guy.
Kier shows the symbol to his sneak, but his sneak doesn’t know what it means.
Kenshin goes to Hawkeye’s guy and thwacks him too, and he falls. They tie the two others up.
Kier tries convincing his sneak that perhaps we’re trying to join them. He finds out they’re working for “Briggs.”
He says they’re getting together the best of the best, recruiting high officers of mercenaries for power/fame/fortune.
The next meeting is in two nights, at the warehouse. He tells the man he’ll see him at the next meeting, and if he follows us Kier will kill him.
We leave the two tied up men where the garbage is.

Innocent or Guilty – Session 17

Wisdom from Afar –

Players Present:

  • Calvin
  • Ky  — Playing Yon
  • Robert
  • Trista
  • Nick
  • Bekah

Recap by Andrew. Meal – Pizza. We began with the party disembarking from the Dragonship. Harold and Gaby remained behind to meditate with their parents.

The group encountered a bald halfling on the path they were taking back to the town. Burgmor was irritated and didn’t feel like being sociable. The halfling introduced himself as Kim Tian Po. He said he was here from a “vision” and was going to lead them to a place to see a very important vision, he offered Oranges from his bag, a delightful treat, especially since they were fresh and warm as if freshly picked. Burgmor detected no Magic. A large debate on whether to follow or not ensued. Eventually they followed the Halfling, and his Burro named Sasha. It took a half day but eventually they got to a cave. The halfling dismounted, and gestured to the cave. Ro’ and Oliver entered, Burgmor instead insisted the halfling enter in front of him. The halfling shrugged, took off his war hammer placed it on the ground, and told Burgmor, “I follow where Hammer Go”. He watched as Burgmor struggled to lift, drag, mage hand and then finally gave up. Burgmor eventually entered catching up to the others.

Inside the cave, the party saw visions – Oliver’s past, along with everyone else, was displayed vividly. They also saw visions of the future, an apocalyptic vision. The vision went backwards and they saw these children inhabited by spirits from another dimension – symbiotic relationship, and that a terrible creature was going around killing the inhabited children. They’ve decided that the vision focal point was to gather these children inhabited with Spirits, as they seemed to be the ones able to fight the Cthulhu Creatures.

Ro went further into the cavern complex, collecting loose crystals, and a statue made of gold – it seems to be dedicated to a Wise Sage or Deity [+5 to Theology and Philosophy Checks]. Outside the cavern Burgmor confronts the halfling, and asks him to aid the quest. The halfling says he has other business to attend too. They set camp, during the third watch, Ro notices the Burro is following her as she makes her rounds, and then follows the burro to another camp. Ro asks if they’re friends, and the Burro seems to indicate they are. Sneaking up to the camp, she seems a small elf child doing fancy sword work katas, a sleeping drow elf, a horse and a strange hybrid creature – hind legs of a bunny, front legs of a wolf, the snout of a bear and long floppy bunny ears. She noted that both the “Woolibear” and the Elf Child stopped and were looking in her direction. She withdrew. trying to get back to her camp, but was confronted by the small elf child who insisted she was a pretty wood nymph but thought she was up too early. Just as annoying was when he told her she dropped her sword, and handed it back to her with true sincerity. He then rambled on about going on a very important quest and was looking for Liam and Harold. Ro realized the two were in a vision from the cave and led them both back to camp. The alarm spell woke everyone when Ro came back – When they confronted the little Elf child, he said he was with her *Pointed to Ro*, who then on the spot said “The burro says their friends”. Without any further thought, the dark elf divulges their quest is to find Harold and Liam as the ones that unleashed a great evil upon the land.

They head back to Hilsfar – Burgmor and Yon speak with Merrick in his Study regarding Oliver and Baligarde – He has Jeeves summon Brother Thadeus and Titus; Ro and Saelion entertain the Dark Elf and Elf Child

We ended the game with the party having found 3 children.


Guest Game – GM Mike [Harry Potter?]

A 9 millimeter-long female jumping spider foun...

I'm a gentle soul, come join me.

The Wizarding World of the Unknown

Meal – BBQ Chicken and Summer Salad.

D&D 3.5 Rules

Players Present:

  • Andrew – Burk the Half-Orc Barbarian
  • Bekah – Sir Charles [Rogue]
  • Matt Y. [Dwarf Rogue/Fighter?]
  • Calvin [Female Psionist]
  • Nick [Sorcerer?]
  • Conor [Another Sorcerer?]
  • George [Minotaur Fighter]
  • Dan* Guest [Minotaur Fighter]
  • Tasha* Guest [Bellatrix from Harry Potter]

We begin with the King sending us to investigate cattle being slaughtered. At a farmstead we question an old woman, their is inter-party conflict where someone dies, but then they didn’t. We follow a hooded figure in black (2 feet tall) heading to the Spider Caves. We discover Kobolds in the cave. We take two prisoners and kill other kobolds and spiders. Kill loads of spiders. Kill More and more spiders. Interrogate Apprentice and then kill him. Return to castle, fight Executioner and Bellatrix.

Get Rewarded By the King!

GM Recap:

The game started with around 20 or so people in an audience before the king. His guards were at his side, and he explained that this audience is to collect volunteers for a mission to investigate disturbances in the countryside… farms are being razed. Goats, Peacocks, pigs, cows, are all being slaughtered and there are rumors in the farms that it is a black robed witch that is doing it. Any volunteers willing to investigate and stop the source of the killings will be rewarded.
Around half the group leaves, not wanting to bother with it, and the rest stay to receive instruction. Among them are three of the King’s all-male guard (Two Minotaurs and one Half-Orc Barbarian) and the rest are specialized in certain areas, a Half-Elf rogue man, A Dwarven axe-weilder, A human woman with psionic powers, and two sorcerer men (one who looks like he’s a little more foreboding, the other looks more flashy.)

So, the group leave, stock up in town (there was much quibbling over potions because there’s no divine healer), and invesigate the countryside. The livestock is indeed dead (killed within the last day or so), and it seems as if it’s for parts. The psionic woman suggests asking the farm house for more info, but everybody has a mild deja-vu (as if in some alternate reality the minotaur kills the psionic woman at the farm house) so instead they look for tracks and find them… leading south into the forest. It’s common knowledge that this forest is very mundane, and there’s no inhabitants but beyond the forest is a cave which is known to house monstrous spiders. Following those tracks the party notices there is a black robed figure running south in the far distance. The Half-Orc does his best to catch up, but the figure, noticeably shorter than human at 2 and a half feet, makes it into the caves.

In the caves, the Dwarf leads, and finds rubble in an arch pattern leading to a side corridor. The party investigates that it leads into a basement room of sorts, and in the center is a makeshift table, surrounded by shelves with “ingredients” and “components.” The infernal sorcerer notices these are not standard effects, that it’s powerful magic things for this area. The flashy sorcerer notices a furry book and goes to touch it, but it attacks him and bites him. He is injured, and reflexively pulls away then blasts it with magic missile. It poofs into confetti. The psion grabs a book, so does the Dwarf. They open it, but absolutely nobody can read it, or detect magic from it. They KNOW it’s magical because there are pictures of magical creatures (some unheard of but some heard of) and magical items like enchanted capes, wands, etc. The Dwarf, bored, leaves. Everybody follows.

Going further down the first corridor reveals the path gets wider and wider, until it’s a very wide room that seems to have stacked stone pillars inside. This handiwork is not human or dwarf… something… more crude. Investigating the “right” path, they find four kobolds trying to close up another archway crudely.

Deciding the center path might be more profitable, they notice webs, and remember the monstrous spiders, so it’s back to the kobolds.

The party first sends the flashy sorcerer to talk things over with the kobolds, but that doesn’t seem to work well, so the party quickly kills all four. Investigating what they were boarding up, they find a dead kobold, who was likely bitten by a spider and decide to throw the torch to burn the webs, but leave that corridor as they didn’t want to face the loads of spiders they hear.
Further down that corridor, they find boarded corridors, crudely made with quarters for sleeping. Most of them are empty save one with a dead kobold who looks to have died of poison. The last doorway at the end of the hall is not boarded, in fact there are two sleeping kobolds inside with their weapons/armors across the room from them. They must be heavy sleepers, because they did not wake up when their comrades died. The weaker but more stubborn minotaur wakes them up by kicking one of their beds, and they both scramble, to be grabbed and slammed into a wall. They are both concussed but able to be interrogated. They all ask questions until, lo and behold, the kobold who is talkative has no answers of value, so the minotaur eats the talkative one. The other one (younger brother) poops himself, but they don’t eat him, they make him their slave, forcing him to show them the corridor they haven’t been down.

He shows them, but they haven’t gotten very far, so there’s nothing but a hallway with a dead end. Back to the center path with spiders, because the party realizes the black hooded figure went in but it hasn’t come out. The slave kobold reveals the black hooded figure can go past the spiders because of his stick, so they go back for the slave’s stick plus his brothers, and confiscate them. The flashy sorcerer takes one, and so does the psion. The psion instructs the kobold to show them how to use it, and he does. There’s a specific word you use to make it work.
So, the group face off with spiders, using the minotaurs as a phalanx, and the dwarf tumbling and slicing. The psion keeps stunning the spiders but the flashy sorcerer can’t seem to get the hang of it. The infernal sorcerer misses with his orbs, too, but the rogue throws well with her royal dagger. The minotaur is bit and poisoned before the end.
After all the spiders are killed, the group go further down to see flashes of light along with hearing spider sounds. When they get closer, they see the hooded figure using the wand to create cuts on the spiders. Instantly, the psion is jealous cause her wand doesn’t flashy flashy. So, she listens trying to hear that command word while trying to use the other to paralyze spiders. She can paralyze but that other spell isn’t as easy. The group charges and the kobold is pinned. The spiders are killed, and the kobold is interrogated. He explains about his mistress, that he didn’t kill any livestock, and that their quarrel is not with him. The minotaur decides to kill him anyway. So, the party upon searching finds a bag with some animal parts inside, obviously potion ingredients, and no other exits.

Leaving the cave, they discover the footprints that led them into the forest leading from the cave to the farmstead too.

When they reach the farmstead again, they decide to knock on the door to the house. The old lady inside cracks the door saying “yes?”
Old lady! tracks leading back! She must be the witch! …or so that’s how the party thinks…
The psion shows three wands and says “we’d like to know how to use these”
The door is quickly shut and locked.
The minotaur bashes the door down and scares the bejeezus out of the old woman, and the party show her the dead kobold apprentice. The poor woman nearly has a heart attack and cowers in fear. The party decide that she’s not the witch after all. They go to see if they can commune with the dead kobold sorcerer in town but they are shocked to find the normal guards at the gates are missing. They rush in to the castle, because something must be up, but the doors to the castle are locked. The rogue knows another way in. The party exit through the king’s bedroom into the castle royal chamber, to find the last of the guards being downed and TWO blacked robed human sized figures advancing on the King. ACTION!

The flashy sorcerer tries to magically pimp slap the larger figure (McNair) who by the way has an executioner’s axe. The smaller of the two, the woman (Bellatrix), is very intent on the king, but can’t seem to use her powers extremely well here. McNair downs the stronger minotaur, but the psion downs him. The Half-Orc kills him. The Rogue is intent on throwing daggers at the witch, the king tries running away, and the whole party converge on the witch. McNair’s body and wand both fade into air. The king gets the door unlocked but before he can open it and flee the witch summons a fire wall, scorching the dwarf. The infernal sorcerer throws acid which accidentally hits the weaker but more assertive minotaur. The rogue ties up the witch, and the hurt minotaur chops off her wand hand. Unfortunately… this makes her lose control of her fire, and poof… the large area goes up in flames. The hurt minotaur dies, but the rogue forces a potion down the minotaur’s throat and he survives to be healed more. The dead body of Bellatrix fades into air.

The King thanks the party for a job well done… they all receive special quarters for the night, and attend a celebration in the morning. It’s discovered that the guards were not actually killed, just knocked out. The party is healed, rests, and receives items fit for their reward that they request during the ceremony.
The scholars of the land determine that the books they found in the cave are from another land, and they figure out how to make the potion to that land with the ingredients that are already there. The psion also figures out that the wand likes her, but not the other two. And then they also explain that if the two who were just killed dissappeared with their wands, then these three wands should also have disappeared if their wizards left or died…

—end narrative.

Everybody gained enough experience to move to 4th level, and people have the option to make new 4th level characters instead. If they keep the original characters, they get bonus items they asked for from the king, but either way, they get the standard gold a 4th level character should have (5,400g)
Backstories would be wonderful to have, as it can help to tie in character info to the plot.

Nothing to Fear – Session 7

Joshua as one of the Nine Worthies. Painted Li...

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Kidnapped! or Darn those Meddling Kids!

Players present:

  • Trista
  • Andrew
  • Nick
  • Sean
  • Calvin
  • *No Robert

Calamar’s Sister is kidnapped. The group is assembled and follow leads to neighboring town [Aquafor?] where new cult is popping up. Discover building and learn the cult is the Blades of Destruction.

Kain and Ashiera hook up in the the Cult’s mansion. While Calamar discovers that Joshua (Dragonwing guild higher up) and Silvera (Blades of Destruction) are discovered to be conversing. They plot to destroy the “Meddling Kids”. Using Talon, messages are relayed and Ordin is notified. Leads to Sister are she’s held in Hedon’s Mansion three days away. Instructed to stay in place and await further instructions.