Innocent or Guilty – Session 16b

Hour and a half filler game.

“Behold! The Fully Operational Power of this Dragon Ship!”


Players Present:

  • Trista
  • Bekah
  • Conor
  • Nick
  • Matt Keffer
  • *Robert Left*
  • *Kat Left*
  • Calvin

We picked up with the group side trekking to Phelan. They take a ship to the city, only to discover the city is besieged. The Twins try to contact the Ship. Felix is able to communicate with the ship, and the Twins teleport to the vessel, but leave the others behind. They restore the ships power, and in the span of 6 rounds, the ship has traveled the distance back to the party. Meanwhile, some in the party recognize Ro (Trista’s character) and try to talk to her. The entire group is teleported onto the Dragon Ship. Some interesting dialog happens, but the vessel engages in the battle assisting the other forces. Ro learns that the ship doesn’t like being poked. Felix has a custom station on the bridge and learns how to shoot at the ground forces. Harold confronts Ro and convinces her to stop hurting his parents. She joins the others and is a natural with the mounted turret controls. Burgmor spots an old enemy on the view screen and rushes down to confront him. He sends a lightning bolt at the man, only to have a volley of ten magic missiles strike him down. The ship notifies the party and they teleport him back and place him in the sick bay – with Yon and Saelion. Ro is finally convinced to assist as the magic missiles were laced with a poison. We ended with the ship diving under the water.

Ended at 9pm.

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