Fairy Tales Gone Wrong – Session 4

Glass Slipper?


Players Present:

  • Andrew
  • Bekah
  • Calvin
  • Conor
  • Trista
  • Robert
  • Matt Keffer
  • Kat* Guest


We wake up in a Wagon. We meet Kali who is upset about a missing National Relic – The GLASS SLIPPER. She fears if the commons don’t find it, then the royals will begin searching.

A “MAN IN BLACK” begins killing commoners. We confront and seem to defeat the evil being. A note is discovered, much backstory is discovered… (Trista’s Character) joins up, but no one asks her name. We recover the Glass Slipper from the “Man in Black” and take it to the Prince. The prince is a bumbling buffoon. And erupted into song. We also discover that we seem trapped in a musical. The mere hint of a song and everyone nearby begins singing, lead characters sing counter parts. It’s very unnatural to the non-fairy tale folks in the party, while the fairy tale party members seem to think it’s normal. We manage to convince Prince buffoon to throw a ball to find his “true love”. Meanwhile we canvas the city, Prof. Stark has his familiar searching one half of the suspected area, while the group goes door to door. We find one person trapped here from our dimension and promise to take him back with us. We find two damsels who are perfect for the prince. One unfortunately has taken to the bottle (read: alcoholic), the other thinks herself unworthy. We end up fighting an evil step mother and her PET PANTHER. The true love runs off with the Prince’s older brother, and the unworthy hitches up with his Royal Buffoon. We make like a tree and leave having gathered the information to get home. We do Men In Black Toilet flushing to return to our home. Taking along Trista’s Character (Still no one has gathered her name) and the poor man trapped here.

Trista reaped a wealth of palace goods while the ball was taking place.


Game ended at 7:30pm – Andrew filled it with a Innocent or Guilty game.

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