Chosen Ones – Session 37

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Where'd he hide the Key?

The one with the Epic Engagements

Players Present:

  • Mike
  • Calvin
  • Matt
  • Nick
  • Conor
  • George * Guest

Mike’s Recap

We all teleport to the carnage site, and book it inside.

Green Knight goes to sleep.

Tod and Vince go eat on rooftops. Tod senses a heartless flying, so Vince casts fly on him, and he flies. He finds a medium sized reptilian heartless. He kills it.

Andreas looks to the parapet of the invaders.

He notices the bodies are slowly inching toward eachother and merging.

He tells the guards to burn the bodies with oil. The hearless extinguish the flame.

Malcolm and Barrett go to the headmistress, and Malcolm cannot tap the node for power, so he goes and rests too. Barrett goes to the west wall and rests, as does Andreas.

We wake up the next morning…

GK tells Malcolm to maneuver to their rear and interrupt their supply lines.

GK wants to scry and teleport to destroy supply carts…

The undead from the other side are forming large humanoid creatures.

We teleport out there in front of the wagons. GK halts them.

The driver says he’s from shadowdale (farmlands, beyond Zentil keep)

The driver seems to be honest and not an army supplier. They must be magically supplied.

We teleport to the next one, who recognizes Malcolm and is the halfling that Pip shot so long ago. Malcolm tosses him gold, and tells him to go to Shadowdale.

Back to Phelan, Andreas finds an individual in the midst of the blobular people. He’s walking through them. He points it out to Tod.

GK feels an iron claw clutch at his heart, and an raptor caw in his head.

He mentions the falcon is here. Malcolm teleports to Hilsofar to get simon.

From the Gazebo in town, the Eagle walks out… Malcolm hears this over brainmail, and teleports back.

The eagle wonders about Tod. “You died?” The eagle knows about the Falcon, and came to avert an apocalypse.

He mentions he sent reinforcements about a week ago.

We are in charge of battalions against the army marching toward us. Arky and GK get two battallions each since they’re experienced.

Other chosen ones appear, such as Arky, and (Elizabeth/Bryce’s characters) along with Pip revamped.

We all use our mind link, the sisters of light adapt a spell which mimics the mindspeech.

Vincent/Bryce/Elizabeth’s battalions go interrupt the main front lines.

Tod and Andreas goes against the heartless general. GK goes up against beholders.

Malcolm/Barrett’s groups go to flank around the beholders. Malcolm summons Demetrius as a Chaos Beast. Barrett goes in fighting, and gets hurt more than any of us. He falls back and gets healed.

The battle is pitched.

GK notices the Falcon petting a cat with pure green emerald eyes. GK says “Give me back my soul.” “I like your soul.”

GK’s mount smells a weird yet unidentifiable smell. There’s a crushing weight in Bercilak’s mind as he approaches the Falcon, but resists. Falcon tells GK together they can control the heartless. Falcon also says eventually the heartless win.

The rest of us notice the GK is conflicted and is in danger. Malcolm sends a message to the Eagle telling him the GK is in trouble. The GK offers the falcon a deal but breaks his concentration midway, and drops without broadcasting to the chosen ones. The falcon then walks away with the GK clutching his chest on the floor unable to follow.

The whoosh of the timelord chariot appears, and a person he doesn’t recognize appears. (Matt Smith)

GK asks for the Eagle, walks in the TARDIS and it’s totally different. MS hits some switches, explains there was a distress call. The MS says he hasn’t been called Eagle in a long time. Alarms and things are going off, it shakes, and he rushes out. GK sees Phelan outside, and he follows him. It’s nighttime now for him.

As for the rest of us we feel the GK disappears.

The Eagle tells Vincent to pull back.

Barrett/Malcom are told to double time it to the north side and make a defensive line because the beholders are dead.

Apparently the other friday group space farers join in the battle. Captain Kirkpicard is now here with troops.

The Eagle talks with the captain of the spacecraft asking them to help and giving them tactics.

The normal group hears a boom reverberating, and we see these things coming from the air from the south side of the city, there’s about 12, looks like a mother and babies. Black heartless dragons appear in the sky near the flying squadron.

The big one comes in for a landing while the smaller ones shoot fire from their wings.

A collossal dragon, red with black tinting appears and towers over the army.

The captain sees a gate. He focuses all fire on the dragon (which’s head is as big as the spacecraft) and it spits a fireball back. The shields go back to 50%.

The other reinforcements appear a bit later, along with the Green Knight.

Some Griffons come in. “Where were you?” (malcolm to GK)

“In the past.”

The Zhentarim are pulling in reinforcements through the portal, but not enough to turn the tide to their favor. They are losing the battle surely and slowly.

The non-heartless soldiers surrender, the heartless fight to the death.

The Zhentarim are defeated. The Eagle tells the Captain the assistance was appreciated.

Malcolm makes a note. He wants to be able to summon those metal flying golems later.

GK cannot sense the Falcon

We all rest and recoup… we know somehow that the falcon was thwarted…

A small 3 foot glowy white figure will appear in front of us with a humanoid face but furry ears when we’re waking up from our race. A messenger says the high council summons you. It holds out it’s hand, and we go.

There is a council of nine, and in the center chair rests the progenetor which gave blood and magic to us for our powers.

The red knight is off to the side also, and the Eagle is to another side looking bored.

The one in the middle says “You have done well children. Today’s blow has sorely hurt the Tabarath cult.”

There are other worlds which are threatened as we speak. The TC has roots in them and they cause chaos and mischief, weakening the bonds to their imprisoned god.

He asks us to be his agents to lead others in the cause to become a divine agent in the fight against the Cult.

We would be called together in times of great need…

Andreas accepts, as does Malcolm. Barrett accepts and wants to help.

The dragon looks to GK and says he cannot have an agent without a soul, and the Eagle opens a case and out pops the cat, running to the GK and it leaps into him like a breath of fresh air. The Eagle does seem injured though.

the Dragon also tells Ted that the contract was traded to the Dragon, and there’s now no conflict of interests because… *rip*. Theo agrees.

The Dragon explains the link will transcend the planes now.

The GK says he is not worthy of such a gift, but knows someone who is. He whispers in his ear. “Caleb.”

Someone other than the Dragon must free him. GK wishes to join if he can free Caleb, and he does, joining Lelia.


Human, free floating +2 to any attribute.

12 floating CP for human at first level.

Point buy, Extra feat at 1st level, and every even level.

3 Responses

  1. Rather awkward to read really; it’s not wrapping when I look at it. Oh well, there’s always block copy and paste.

    • And still a bit confusing. Oh well, episodes where everything comes together usually are for anyone who wasn’t there.

      • Fixed the block formatting, darn, means I’ll have to get the other one too.

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