Chosen Ones – Session 36

The Green Knight about to chop Sir Gawian's he...

How many times have I said to POLISH the brass! Now look at it, it's ALL green. Off with your Head!

Armies, Explosions and Candles?

Players Present:

  • George *Guest
  • Matt
  • Rebekah *for 20 minutes
  • Calvin
  • Mike
  • Nick
  • Conor

Recap by GM

Adventure Synopsis by GM: [This is a bit scattered as the game had multiple things going on at the same time.]

The Green Knight entered the town, immediately he knows that Malcolm is close to death and that Barrett is in the same peril. He rushes towards them. The rest of the party converges to the location. No sooner is the poison expelled from the two crippled characters then an alarm is heard.

///// Attack Candle Mage

Off in the distance, they see smoke and a flames. Rushing to the site they see it’s the Candle Maker Shop, and two adjacent building. Tod rushes in, protected by his Bubble. Andreas sees a Ooze cover the door and begins to hack it. Barrett pulls a KoolAid Man stunt and bursts through the Wall and feels a sudden urge to go “YEAH!”. Tod meanwhile has recovered the body of an “Old Woman” and made his way upstairs. Those outside see a figure dancing wildly on the roof of the Candle Maker Shop. Green Knight flies up to engage him. Battle Ensues with the Candle Mage and the Aku Demon.

The battle is over ina few rounds as the Candle Mage and Aku demon fade away.

/// Explosion East Wall

An explosion is heard, Barrett, the Green Knight and Andreas head towards the commotion. A breach in the wall. They leap over the initial fray and engage the army beyond the wall. Giving the defenders enough time to place walls of force over the breach and patch the damage. Barrett sends his Ferret to go destroy Catapults. Eight Catapults in all are destroyed.

// Collapse the Tunnel

Meanwhile, Tod and Vincent discovered a secret tunnel under the city, and endeavor to seal it off with Malcolm’s aid. They then deal with the sappers that were on their way to use the tunnel. Tod throws the keyblade for the first time and takes out two enemies. They then beat a hasty withdrawal to assist at the breached wall.

/ Crazy Assault on the Shadow Wolves!

They decide to scout out the enemy advancing upon them. They discover a huge distortion field over the center of the army. And whilst out there discover the army has Hearltess Shadow Wolves patrolling the area. They engage a group of 30 wolves and realize these wolves are not weak as first thought. When another 40 converge towards them they decide to retreat and regroup to the safety of the city.

Mike’s Recap:

Barrett and Malcolm were near dying (of poison) and on the floor.

Bercilak rushes toward the group after a hiatus.

Andreas arrives and neutrilizes poison in Malcolm.

Barrett is still dying, and we mentally summon Tod.

Andreas heals Malcolm… but feels like he’s hiding something, less pure.

Vincent shows up out of the shadows.

Andreas talks to Malcolm about his “off”ness.

Tod heals Barrett, and the GK shows up. Tod explains the current situation to the GK.

Barrett tells the group about the Sisters of Perpetual Enlightenment.

Todd heals everyone.

There’s a gong. There’s smoke from the shops that Tod was going to investigate.

Some of the soldiers are manning buckets and trying to put out the fire from the smoke.

The smoke is orange, by the way.

Tod bubble shields and goes into the burning shop. He sees a little old lady on the ground.

It looks like there was an explosion, and he goes up to the little old lady.

After the door shuts from Tod, slime covers the door… orangeish.

Tod detects she’s alive, and he puts her over his shoulder.

Andreas swipes at the slime with his sword, his sword cuts in and the slime reacts.

Andreas broadcasts that we have to get through it…

Kool-aid man (Barrett) punches the wall, it bursts in, and it’s an outline of a barrett.

Barrett tells Tod the flame isn’t hot.

Malcolm asks Demetrius what’s going on. The fire in the middle house is not real.

He summons two water elementals to the real fires to put them out.

There’s a man with tentacles on the roof where GK cast ice storm. GK makes his way up there.

The man seems to be focusing a chant below him in the house where Barrett and Tod are.

Debris comes down and both of them evade, but flaming goop sprays from some of it.

Tod finds the damage neglegible.

Barrett goes to the roof and finds Julius. Tod tries to kill him too.


“What are you doing here Julius?” – Todd.

“Tormenting!” – Julius.

We fight Julius. He’s a flamer.

The Aku demon comes out of Julius (interposed) at one point and throws Bercilak’s mount wolf.

Tod asks about the invasion, Julius is one of the invaders… as is Aku.

A wall goes up and encompasses the rooftop and house, exploding runes from the floor. OW.

Andreas is deaf and blind for a moment until his sword heals him.

Julius explodes when hit a few times, and a cloak is left behind. No sign of Julius or Aku.

Lelia cameos to heal us.

We go to see how the sisters of perpetual enlightenment’s preparation is going.

Barrett finds a trap door in the shop first.

The woman died. The wig fell off. She was a litte bit younger.

In the basement is a table with clay figures. There’s a chest, with string that has wax on it in 3 foot lengths.

There’s also a note. “If you aid us in our conquest, we will let you have access to our power source. The node is protected by the sisters of enlightenment.”

Malcolm takes the woman to a temple for a proper burial.

Vincent and Theo want to go study flesh golems (because Theo is kinda nuts right now)

The rest of the group goes to the entrance of the sisters’ castle.

GK scrys and sees five thousand footsoldiers in an army, camping.

Barrett was pounding on the wrong wall. We go inside, walking through the wall.

The city has a few hundred soldiers.

Someone tells us they’re all outside making preparations at the Mayor’s office.

We go there instead.

GK announces about 5000 formidible pikemen soldiers attacking. Odds are low.

Andreas goes to the tavern (the raging bull), hears things about weird planning. There’s a redheaded lady of the evening there.

He hears there are dragons being brought forth from Zentharim. And conspiracies about a secret government.

Harold researches the history of the town.

Mayor is not at his desk, the headmistress is. Brendig is in the room too.

Vincent can’t find the school of magic without assistance but tries anyway.

Barrett hands the headmistress the note and asks about the node.

He wants to ask the rogues about helping, but they will likely stay out of it.

Barrett finds the GK, and go tavern hopping, finding Andreas finishing up mead.

Andreus detects many evil people in the bar.

Barrett talks to the Redhead (who is in the thieves guild) and figures out they don’t want to be found.

Tod finds a well, and dives down it. “checkmate in one move!” Tod and Vincent argue a lot in the well.

Mel in the tavern won’t tell us where the assassin’s guild is… but we convince her.

Barrett goes there and the door is locked. He jimmies the lock. Completely different room.

Apparently, Vince and Tod find a secret door in the basement of Julius’ place. Nice long tunnel.

it goes down and levels out, angles up again, and they’re outside the city to the north. The sapping team were supposed to come this way.

All they need to do is collapse this entrance? There’s magic in the tunnel. It’s an anti-scrying in the tunnel.

An explosion happens. We all head to it. The opposite wall from where the army is coming from has been destroyed.

Malcolm teleports to the tunnel, and summons an earth elemental to collapse it.

Barrett books it to the collapsed wall, as does Andreas and GK.

Five creatures try to get into the tunnel after Vincent and Tod close it, the creatures are confused and speak goblinoid.

Vincent blasts them…         they roll out of the way, drawing weapons and looking at Vincent. Tod throws a keyblade, and two die, the other two are hit by shardstorm again and vortex of teeth kills them.

Malcolm collapses the tunnel via summon monster – earth elemental.

At the collapsed wall, catapults are flinging flaming boulders into the city.

Barrett acrobatically leaps and goes to the catapults in back of the invading army.

Andreas rides over the rubble into the fray, as does GK.

Barrett’s ferrett runs past to go attack.

The three kick butt, as the wall is rebuilt by mages with fortifications restricting access back in.

The GK is like Sauron over here… he swings and people go flying…

At the tunnel end, the specialists are thwarted by vincent and tod.

Malcolm goes to the headmistress for more command decisions.

Barrett, GK, and Andreas search for more knowledge about the enemy outside.

They find a huge distortion (predator style) that’s magic.

Thousands of troops are behind the distortion with 50 catapults.

The players debate for like, an hour, on tactics.

There are black shadowy blurs of likely heartless travelling quickly along the sides of the troops.

Malcolm casts fireball at a catapult, and not only is it dispelled, 7 packs of 10 wolves head toward us.

He then casts fireball to one pack. Scorched earth, but they keep going.

Tod injures some before they pop out of the ground.


We fight our guts out…

Some of them retreat and slither away.


In email, we regroup and teleport to the opposite side of the city.