Guest GM – The Jail Break

The Don Jail

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“To Escape or not to Die, that is the question”

Game Master: Andrew

Players Present:

  • Calvin
  • Sean

Late start, missing the normal GM. We threw together a game with whatever character between 1st and 4th level the players wanted. The Characters were from the same game – “THE DR. BLAKE” and “GUS”, from the Fairy Tales Gone Wrong Game.

Both characters were invited individually to a Club. Each character arrived – Dr. Blake was poisoned (Tranquilizer Dart and Crystal Sleep Powder); Gus was entrapped by a device that shocked him into unconsciousness.

They both awoke, only wearing underwear. They discovered themselves inside a Jail Cell. Jail Clothes on the bed, and a note:

Hope you like the accomodations, sorry about the invite. Please rescue my sister, prisoner #03-54-435235.

The Shadow

// First Recess – The Cell Door opens and they file out following the other prisoners out into the yard. Dr. Blake attempts to talk to a blue skinned four-armed humanoid being.

// Gather Information – During the yard Break they discover the typical ‘cliches’ in the yard. Including the fact it’s a co-ed jail. Females are just as mean looking in the yard. All the automated sentry guns sweep the yard, but are fixed in location. Gus gathers materials in the yard, while Dr. Blake mingles and socializes.  Gus is able to getenough materials to tap into the electronics, make contact with the Girl, and get a schedule. They also find some equipment hidden in their beds.

// Second Recess – They bump into the girl, who gives Gus a note to meet her in the Cafeteria. Dr Blake gets into a scuffle with the Loxo’s, the “Sisters” try to poison Dr. Blake. Due to the scuffle, all the prisoners are sent back to their cells.

// Jail Cell again – Plotting and planning, but mainly waiting till diner time.

// Cafeteria – They meet the girl, and Dr. Blake invites the Tall Blue-Skinned Man with Four-Arms. They discuss the escape plans, and decide to do it now.

// Basement – Thinking to grab their equipment, they encounter a maintenance person. They knock him out, collect their items, along with a few other intriguing items. Then they head up to the roof were the shuttle is expected to be.

// Roof – Checking out the roof, they see a few armed patrols, and a robot.

// Guard Changing Room – They get changed into guard uniforms, and figure out the wrist bands are identification.

// Escape by Shuttle – They get on board, and once free of the planet, knock out the pilot while the Blueman contacts a vessel to come and get them.

// Blueman is a Starship Captain, and grants the group a Size Class #3 vessel to take them home as repayment for helping him escape.

// Encounter a Space Dragon and make it home – End

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