Children’s Crusade – Session 8

Goblin held hostage

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“Nickolai’s Redemption” or “Old Men have Strange reQUESTs”

Players Present:

  • Zachery
  • Anthony
  • Spencer
  • Annie K.
  • Rachael

GM: Andrew

We had a late start – Updating Character sheets and changes in the characters themselves.

Annie K. traded in Georgina for Melinissa; Spencer traded in Horace for Tamlin.

We started with the group having finished delivering the Princess to her betrothed in Phelan. Horace, Talios and Georgina were assigned to stay behind with the Princess till suitable replacements could be found. Meanwhile Tamlin and Melinissa were finishing up their duties and were ready to return home to Hilsfar (They had been investigating and making sure the area was safe for the last two years).

Once the reuniting had finished, they set out on the rode, with Horses, Bear and Carriage. They encountered an elderly man in the road, who was quite a character. He introduced himself as “Greybeard” but bemoaned the fact his beard was brown, but his hair was grey. Then he asked if the group could relocated his errant belonging sack. He fell asleep and it must have grown feet and wandered away. The group agreed to locate the sack. They located the tracks (Racoon) and followed them to an odd tree formation. Multiple trees had grown into one large structure, and across an archway were these interlaced vines. Melinissa spoke with the spirits she saw there, and learned only one “marked” may entered. Verburger entered, not being warned that there would be trials and tests.

Verburger finds himself in a dark room. He makes a light using his flame Arrow. He discovers he’s trapped in a 10×10 room. No Doors, no windows. All uniform gray ‘stone’. He tries to move and finds he’s stuck in the middle no matter how much he tries to run, charge or jump. He discovers the stone isn’t natural, his arrows stick into the “stone Wall”, and that his rope isn’t real. He finally decides to meditate, and is bombarded with images – reverse views of being assaulted, and other perceived wrong doings, and then metaphors for being inside a box. Eventually he shows his remorse and awakes in a room with filtered light and a sack.

Verburger re-emerges from the archway a mere 30 seconds later carrying the old man’s sack. His hair is no longer pink, and he no longer has a Donkey Tail. They returned the sack to the old man, who rewarded them with a ruby each – Tamlin turned down the reward. They traveled the rest of the day uneventfully before setting up camp. On the last watch, the bear “Large Paw” and Huntley heard noises – alerting his friends, Huntley was surprised when Arrows came flying all around them. A goblin voice called for their surrender which Julie agreed too (Jar-jar Binks moment – complete with hands in the air). A battle ensued with the five goblins. Julie fired her trademark Lightning Bolts, Verburger his Flaming Arrows. Melinissa was distracting them with her conjured balls of fire. Three of the goblins were frightened by the ventriloquism spell Tamlin used and tried to run away, “Sting” the psuedodragon paralyzed the leader, and then he was taken down by the Bear. The rest were quickly defeated. Tamlin put up a Zone of Truth  to ascertain any information from the Goblin Leader. They promised the Leader 250gp and his freedom in exchange for information. He gladly gave up a secret hideout and numbers of army and plans of conquest. Only Huntley saw through the lies, but didn’t mention it till they’d already freed and paid the goblin.

We ended the game promptly at 6pm.

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  1. Well, the conjured balls of fire won’t be that impressive as far as damage goes, but the indefinite supply can certainly be intimidating and distracting.

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