Innocent or Guilty – Session 16

Eucleian Raven

Dramatic Poses I can Do!

Thus Spoke the Raven, Nevermore


  • Mike
  • Calvin
  • Robert
  • Matt
  • Nick
  • Bekah (Partial through the game)
  • Conor

Picked up with a Recap from the group.

Meal – Togo’s Sandwiches

Game Start:

** Felix has a new collar [Prevents possession by spirits – +5 Sacred Bonus against such attempts]

We pick up with Harold recalling the Raven he’d left in the crate, in the old hideout. He went to the hideout and found the raven looking rather bored at him. He took the bird (crate and all), to Merrick for a consult. Merrick was found in his “Aquarium Study – today krill and a Baleen Whale were ‘swimming’ and Harold felt the force of the fins pushing the ‘water’. Harold showed the bird to Merrick. Merrick remarked that he was surprised the boy had caught it, as he thinks it’s a Spirit Raven. In fact, he was surprised it was still in the crate. Merrick mentioned they are often summoned as spies, but don’t usually stick around afterward. Satisfied, Harold decided to trust the bird. At that moment, it lept through the crate as if it wasn’t there.

Harold found the others in the “Fox Hole Play Room” where Oliver, Felix and Gaby were playing an elaborate game of hide/seek and tag! Harold had flashes of Gaby being a Lizard, Oliver and Felix as Bunnies. Other odd visions intruded upon Harold. Eventually Harold wanted to hunt the bunny, and found himself transformed into a Timber Wolf, and Felix on top speaking to him in Lupine.  When he eventually transformed back into his human form, he was the cleanest he’d ever been [Exfoliation, clothes spotless, no oils in the hair]. This was really noticed by Gaby, who couldn’t be out clean by her brother, especially when Oliver announced he wanted them to all meet BALIGARDE, his mentor, and father figure. Yon wore his field armor, Oliver spent an hour grooming himself and finding just the right shiny pants. Burgmor deigned to show up, and Saelion wore his usual tribal skins. Felix consented to find a “cleaner” pair of clothes before resuming his lupine form.

While walking, Burgmor proceeded to question Harold, and then the Raven. He found it odd that the raven was sticking it’s beak through Harold’s head to watch him. Coming to the same conclusion a Merrick on the Bird, he decided to ignore it for the time being.

Baligarde was in the Town Plaza, outside a tavern with his own table and chair outside. Oliver could explain to his friends that Baligarde doesn’t like the mass scents of humans inside the tavern, but he chose not too. Baligarde had a flicker of momentary surprise and annoyance before assuming a very cordial and charming manner. His way of speaking set everyone, except Oliver and Yon, to wary. [Imagine Mr. Burns going Excellent, or the way he inflected his speech made people on edge]. Oliver and Yon agreed to Spar to see how far young Oliver’s training had progressed. Harold however excused himself as the Raven became extremely agitated and became wolf-like in sounds. Yon was beaten by Oliver. Oliver couldn’t stop beaming with pride in his well-deserved accomplishment and of course the compliment Baligarde lavished upon him.

Oliver returned to the mansion, and soaked in the healing mud baths; Burgmor consulted Merrick – this time the whale wasn’t there, instead a few octopi, sea horses, and some sea urchins.  Summary was the same as when Harold had asked Merrick after leaving during the sparring – Unless they had evidence of wrong doing, there wasn’t much they could do. See, Harold had entered the mansion earlier, and spoke to Merrick regarding Baligarde.

Saelion requests a wizard’s duel after being inspired by Oliver and Yon’s sparring. Burgmor completely trounces the young Saelion and then goes to see Merrick. Burgmor asked about the Wizard who stole his family spell book. Merrick gave him a sealed envelope, the seal is the spymaster of the city, inside Burgmor finds a named city “Phelan”, a name of a street and a name of a person.  Saelion went and beat his drums. Yon was finding excuses on why a small anthro-fox had beaten him in battle.

Harold, and everyone except Yon, went to the Dragonship outside of town. Oliver learned that Harold and Gaby were both dragons, but felt love from the ship. Each of the characters had a mental embrace by the ship. Harold learned that the Undead Fleet was on it’s way to the world. Harold resolved to complete the quest for the ship power source. [The Ship is two dragon souls merged into a ship, once the power source is given to them, then they’ll be complete and able to function fully.

Harold and company left for a lengthy journey to find the power source for his parents. They traveled three days by sea, and then another four days to the north, skirting Zhentil Keep. They get to the “Cave” and find a sizeable army of Orcs camped outside it. Deciding that taking on the orcs head on is a suicidal idea, they decide to search the area, and are rewarded with a secret entrance. They also discover the orcs plan to attack the kobolds by smoking them out. They manage to over come a lone kobold sentry and come upon a religious gathering. 30 gathered kobolds in a rite, sensing a frontal assault wouldn’t be smart, Harold and Oliver sneak around the religious gathering and find a passageway, at the end is a silhouette floating at the end of the hall inside a room. As they approach, they realize it’s a kobold floating, facing them with a staff across it’s crossed legs. It’s face is hidden in shadows and they cannot tell if it’s eyes are open. Crossing the threshold of the room, it’ florescent white glowing  eyes open, it’s staff begins to glow red, and it unfurls it’s wings.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party is keeping Yon back, and Gaby is convincing the impatient Burgmor that a fireball in the religious gathering is NOT a good idea.

The Winged Kobold addresses Harold and Oliver. Harold manages to convince it that he is the son of the Dragons. It scans the rest of the party and finds Burgmor’s intentions as hostile and knocks him out unconscious.  The entity allows Gaby and Harold to grab the power source, a large orb with two small stones orbiting. The Entity goes into the Orb. The group sneaks out and heads towards Phelan to get a ship home.

— End Game.

Mike’s Log:

Fast forward a few days from when Felix was exorcised.

Felix is now sporting a new collar.
In those days Yon is receiving reports a strange horrific monsterous creature in the nearby forest.
Harold goes to his hideout, finding a specific magical raven in a crate he caught earlier, and brings it back.
The library in Merrick’s study now has a baling whale in it for some reason. With krill.
Merrick has a good book in front of him.
Harold shows Merrick the bird, and Merrick is curious how he caught it.
He says it’s a spirit raven, and it could have escaped at any timeH. It likes Harold, and accompanies him.
It feels lighter than it did the first time he held it a while back.
Harold finds Gabby with a rabbit, and shows her his bird. She gives the rabbit to Oliver.
The bird likes her too.
She doesn’t think the bird’s feathers feel like feathers. They feel like fur.
Harold disbelieves. He tells her it’s a spirit raven.
The bunny tackles Oliver, looking directly at him.
Harold then gets it in his head that Gabby is a giant lizard. He sees trails around the room.
Felix goes up to Oliver.
Harold goes to the “dogpile” and the bird follows in his exact footsteps.
Harold then goes to tackle felix and the bird does a barrell roll.
Felix and Oliver notice that where harold was is now a black timber wolf.
Harold feels shorter… but otherwise doesn’t know why.
Felix grapples Harold-wolf. Harold-wolf goes through self discovery.
Gabby smacks Harold. “Why do you get to be a wolf?!?”
Harold zips off. Harold calls out to the bird “Make me normal again!”
(oh crap… normal for Harold is a dragon.)
Nothing happens.
Felix pounces Gabby, Harold goes to catch the bunny.
Felix turns into human, and says “Since when has harold been able to do that?”
Harold in wolf form gets the bunny in his mouth from a hole, and comes out saying it in lupine.
He turns into a human form, and the bunny scampers off.
Bergmore was in the library studying the history of the book stolen from him and the person who stole it’s information.
Yon converses with his sword trying to find out the best way to interact with it.
It perfers aiding in endeavors which help nature.
Oliver gets a note on a silver platter from the butler. It informs him Baligard wants to meet with him.
He gets all squealie fangirlish and messages us all mentally, then goes to the kitchen to write us all a note.
Felix graffiti’s it.
Oliver is wearing nicer pants than usual today.
some of the chosen wear nicer clothes, others (yon, Salion) wear their normal clothes.
Bergmore talks to Harold about his bird. He thinks it’s spying on us and wants to know who summoned it.
He then figures out there’s transmutation magic around Harold.
Bergmore detects magic on the bird, and the bird focuses on Bergmore, making Bergmore insubstantial…
Harold tells Bergmore to leave his bird alone.
We go to town plaza, and see Baligard outside of a plaza, with a chair and table outside. He’s drinking tea.
He gets up, smiles, and embraces Oliver in a hunch (he’s almost 2 feet taller)
Balegard gets kind of creepy to most people but not to Oliver. He introduces himself to the people he has not met, and reacquaints himself to Yon.
Harold’s bird begins to hiss. Harold excuses himself.
Balegard wants Oliver to spar with Yon.
Harold figures out that Balegard is a badguy from conversing with his bird.
Oliver tells Yon not to go easy on him. Yon replies “be careful what you wish for.”
Yon draws his sword and Oliver says “is that a joke?” knowing Yon doesn’t joke often.
The fight ensues and Oliver wins. Yon goes down.
Harold goes to find Merrick and finds him looking through some shelves. He tells Merrick about Balegard.
Merrick inspects the raven again, surprised he didn’t know before that the raven was not quite a spirit raven. It’s a rare powerful hybrid.
Harold insists on doing something about balegard, but Merrick wants to have more proof first.
Bergmore and Saelion wish to duel… and do so. They find a lavish ward room.
Bergmore hits Saelion with a fireball, Saelion’s magic wasn’t strong enough for Bergmore’s will. Bergmore hits Saelion again with Scorching ray.
Saelion wakes up and Bergmore is gone, and when he steps outside of the combat area, he is back to full health and magic.
Bergmore talks to Merrick, and Merrick notices how popular Merrick is lately. 😛
Merrick eases Bergmore’s tension slightly, but not fully.
Saelion buckles Bergmore’s knee and Bergmore asks if he wants to go again… Merrick tells him to have discipline.
Merrick gives a note to Bergmore. It tells him to go to Phalan.
Oliver dances with Gabby… Harold and Bergmore go and find them.
Bergmore asks about Balegard and going to Phalan to find the book related to his past.
Bergmore tells the rest of the party we should head to Phalan.
On their way out, Harold and Oliver bump into Bergmore and Felix. They explain they’re going to see Harold’s parents.
Bergmore has no idea what is in store but wishes to go anyway.
While drumming and smoking Peyote Bergmore has a vision of the foyer. He wishes to figure it out, so he goes and is invited as well.
They all (excluding Yon) walk out to a small hillock.
Harold pulls some branches, and an opening appears.
Bergmore detects magic. Everywhere. Lots of it. And is suspicious.
Oliver smells peculiarity, metal, flesh, reptile, and absence of normal natural smells of indoors.
Harold tells them to touch a jewel on the “bridge.” So does Bergmore.
An engulfing warm and peace overcomes them and it says “Welcome.”
he communicates “We are the ship.” “Ship? I thought we were in a house.” “We are the house.”
“I thought we were in the house to meet Harold’s parents.” “We are Harold’s parents.”
“Harold… and you’re a SHIP? You’re a SHIP? How can you be a ship?”
“Our souls reside in the vessel so that we may live on.”
“What happened to your bodies?” “We were murdered.” “How’d your souls get in the ship?”
“We prepared a ritual.” “Who murdered you?” “A foul monster which has hunted us for generations.”

Communicating with Harold, it tells him Legion (for lack of a better word) will come.
Felix even smells the book of the undead apocalypse. The ship wants the gem to complete the ritual to make them whole.
The ship says hi to felix, and says “aw, you’ve been violated.”
Saelion communicates saying he is a quiet deep person and he himself talks to his ancestor spirits. He understands.
Oliver has a hard time contemplating the meaning of two the ship tells him about, then discovers that Harold’s parents are dragons, and goes confused. Bergmore then figures it out too from Oliver’s behavior.

So the mission is to go get the Gem to stop the invasion of the Legion.

Yon is told about the mission.
The three days pass for the vessel of travel to a port in the north. It’s near Zentil keep.
We make it to a coast, we gather horses to ride.
Oliver finds flowers for Gabby.
We get to where we think we’re headed towards, with a range of hills.
We see the cave at a distance, then a rather rather large group outside the cave.
About 200 of them… or more.
Saelion wants to comprehend languages and sneak to hear what the Orcs are planning.
He does and figures out they’re planning on smoking the caves to get the kobolds out to get the treasure.
The sneaky ones of the group are going to sneak in before they smoke the kobolds
Gabby snaps a branch walking. She didn’t find the secret cave entrance, but the other two did.
They come back, tell us that, and our plan is to silence Yon, everybody but Harold stay in the radius, Harold stay ahead and listen/sneak, and get in there.
Bergmore casts light on a stone and gives it to Yon.
Saelion uses augury on the decision to assist the kobolds and gets “weal and woe” as a result.
The scouting party knocks out a Kobold sentry
Later, Yon and party discover it (it’s not evil.)
He gets a message from Felix telling him Oliver told Felix to go up ahead.
The scouting party finds a dais with kobolds dancing in ritual on a dais as if it’s a stage.
One Kobold in specific is more ornate than the others.
Harold wants to sneak behind the dais and have the others wait.
behind the passage is a yogi kobold sitting crosslegged but floating with a stick across his lap.
The room he is in is very dimly lit. There’s a candle behind the kobold but the room is so dimly lit that they can’t even tell if that Kobold’s eyes are open or not.
He calls out to Harold, asking him about his parents.
Harold explains, and the presence asks if they are going to harm the tribe.
The presence then mind probes the others, and Bergmore who has been wanting to cast fireball falls over.
The yogi winged one addresses the kobolds and they’re worshipping it as a god.
He told Gabby to take the crystal.
Yon tries to but doesn’t detect evil on him.
The yogi winged one goes into the gem.
Harold wraps it, and puts it in his pack.
Yon picks up Bergmore and hauls him over his shoulder until he wakes up.
The party is silenced by Saelion.
The two – Gabby and Harold – now remember being wyrmlings and being changed into humans by their characters.
We’re going to metagame that we make it back without mishap.


Chosen Ones – Session 35

“Malcolm”s Violation” or “Barrett Leads to Disaster”

Players Present:

  • Mike
  • Calvin

Stub Notes – Awaiting the log from our session logger.

// Recap by Mike

// Malcolm seeks the Sisters for Aid; Aid is given for a price.

// Barrett decides to follow up on some leads – Meets Mel the lady of the Evening.

// Malcolm is set up by Barrett for night with a Lady of the Evening.

// They Falsely Accuse a Soldier “Bart” of being a Spy

// Locate the Thieves’ Guild and obtain information on ‘Bart’.

// The Nearly Fatal Encounter with the ‘Real’ Bart.

// Hire Assassins to take out the Four Spies


Guest GM – The Jail Break

The Don Jail

Image via Wikipedia

“To Escape or not to Die, that is the question”

Game Master: Andrew

Players Present:

  • Calvin
  • Sean

Late start, missing the normal GM. We threw together a game with whatever character between 1st and 4th level the players wanted. The Characters were from the same game – “THE DR. BLAKE” and “GUS”, from the Fairy Tales Gone Wrong Game.

Both characters were invited individually to a Club. Each character arrived – Dr. Blake was poisoned (Tranquilizer Dart and Crystal Sleep Powder); Gus was entrapped by a device that shocked him into unconsciousness.

They both awoke, only wearing underwear. They discovered themselves inside a Jail Cell. Jail Clothes on the bed, and a note:

Hope you like the accomodations, sorry about the invite. Please rescue my sister, prisoner #03-54-435235.

The Shadow

// First Recess – The Cell Door opens and they file out following the other prisoners out into the yard. Dr. Blake attempts to talk to a blue skinned four-armed humanoid being.

// Gather Information – During the yard Break they discover the typical ‘cliches’ in the yard. Including the fact it’s a co-ed jail. Females are just as mean looking in the yard. All the automated sentry guns sweep the yard, but are fixed in location. Gus gathers materials in the yard, while Dr. Blake mingles and socializes.  Gus is able to getenough materials to tap into the electronics, make contact with the Girl, and get a schedule. They also find some equipment hidden in their beds.

// Second Recess – They bump into the girl, who gives Gus a note to meet her in the Cafeteria. Dr Blake gets into a scuffle with the Loxo’s, the “Sisters” try to poison Dr. Blake. Due to the scuffle, all the prisoners are sent back to their cells.

// Jail Cell again – Plotting and planning, but mainly waiting till diner time.

// Cafeteria – They meet the girl, and Dr. Blake invites the Tall Blue-Skinned Man with Four-Arms. They discuss the escape plans, and decide to do it now.

// Basement – Thinking to grab their equipment, they encounter a maintenance person. They knock him out, collect their items, along with a few other intriguing items. Then they head up to the roof were the shuttle is expected to be.

// Roof – Checking out the roof, they see a few armed patrols, and a robot.

// Guard Changing Room – They get changed into guard uniforms, and figure out the wrist bands are identification.

// Escape by Shuttle – They get on board, and once free of the planet, knock out the pilot while the Blueman contacts a vessel to come and get them.

// Blueman is a Starship Captain, and grants the group a Size Class #3 vessel to take them home as repayment for helping him escape.

// Encounter a Space Dragon and make it home – End

Children’s Crusade – Session 8

Goblin held hostage

Image via Wikipedia

“Nickolai’s Redemption” or “Old Men have Strange reQUESTs”

Players Present:

  • Zachery
  • Anthony
  • Spencer
  • Annie K.
  • Rachael

GM: Andrew

We had a late start – Updating Character sheets and changes in the characters themselves.

Annie K. traded in Georgina for Melinissa; Spencer traded in Horace for Tamlin.

We started with the group having finished delivering the Princess to her betrothed in Phelan. Horace, Talios and Georgina were assigned to stay behind with the Princess till suitable replacements could be found. Meanwhile Tamlin and Melinissa were finishing up their duties and were ready to return home to Hilsfar (They had been investigating and making sure the area was safe for the last two years).

Once the reuniting had finished, they set out on the rode, with Horses, Bear and Carriage. They encountered an elderly man in the road, who was quite a character. He introduced himself as “Greybeard” but bemoaned the fact his beard was brown, but his hair was grey. Then he asked if the group could relocated his errant belonging sack. He fell asleep and it must have grown feet and wandered away. The group agreed to locate the sack. They located the tracks (Racoon) and followed them to an odd tree formation. Multiple trees had grown into one large structure, and across an archway were these interlaced vines. Melinissa spoke with the spirits she saw there, and learned only one “marked” may entered. Verburger entered, not being warned that there would be trials and tests.

Verburger finds himself in a dark room. He makes a light using his flame Arrow. He discovers he’s trapped in a 10×10 room. No Doors, no windows. All uniform gray ‘stone’. He tries to move and finds he’s stuck in the middle no matter how much he tries to run, charge or jump. He discovers the stone isn’t natural, his arrows stick into the “stone Wall”, and that his rope isn’t real. He finally decides to meditate, and is bombarded with images – reverse views of being assaulted, and other perceived wrong doings, and then metaphors for being inside a box. Eventually he shows his remorse and awakes in a room with filtered light and a sack.

Verburger re-emerges from the archway a mere 30 seconds later carrying the old man’s sack. His hair is no longer pink, and he no longer has a Donkey Tail. They returned the sack to the old man, who rewarded them with a ruby each – Tamlin turned down the reward. They traveled the rest of the day uneventfully before setting up camp. On the last watch, the bear “Large Paw” and Huntley heard noises – alerting his friends, Huntley was surprised when Arrows came flying all around them. A goblin voice called for their surrender which Julie agreed too (Jar-jar Binks moment – complete with hands in the air). A battle ensued with the five goblins. Julie fired her trademark Lightning Bolts, Verburger his Flaming Arrows. Melinissa was distracting them with her conjured balls of fire. Three of the goblins were frightened by the ventriloquism spell Tamlin used and tried to run away, “Sting” the psuedodragon paralyzed the leader, and then he was taken down by the Bear. The rest were quickly defeated. Tamlin put up a Zone of Truth  to ascertain any information from the Goblin Leader. They promised the Leader 250gp and his freedom in exchange for information. He gladly gave up a secret hideout and numbers of army and plans of conquest. Only Huntley saw through the lies, but didn’t mention it till they’d already freed and paid the goblin.

We ended the game promptly at 6pm.