Innocent or Guilty – Session 15

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Sherlock Holmes and the Cthulubear, or, Wolfish Pitfiends?

Players Present: Lloyd (Previously known as Nick), Mike, Calvin, Bekah, Robert, Matt

Summary notes for now:

We rejoin the group as they return to the mansion after the Large Skeletal object had been destroyed. Yon takes a bath, the others grab food, and the Evil Chalice is presented to Merrick who places it in safe keeping. The group meets Saelion, a shy indian youth. They play in the mansion, mess with a mystic bunny and then decide to retrieve a magic power source for the flying craft outside the city.

Once outside, the group is hit with a surge of un-natural magic, so powerful is this wave that entire segments of solid material warp and shift off. This largely is un-noticed by the non-magic and nature oriented types.

Party heads to the forest to investigate an unnatural occurrence.

Following the trail, Yon discovers evil and follows it (Not realizing the evil is Felix). They find triggered glyphs that had fire magic; Oliver glows, burns and otherwise seems Flamed by the glyphs. (No explanation is given).

They find a wagon that’s been destroyed (Details on the destruction and the glyphs can be read about in the Chosen Ones Session logs).

They discover a ritual sacrifice area, and powerful magic. Then they find a hidden groto behind a waterfall. Inside they find a mystic portal, a dead boy in front of the portal, and a freshly decapitated head (Chosen Ones – Belonged to Tod). Saelion investigates the portal without problems and confirms the boy is indeed dead. Oliver approaches and his head litterally splits in two. Felix sees insubstantial creatures attacking Oliver, while Saelion pulls Oliver away from the portal, at which point his head becomes normal.

Felix notices strange nightmarish creatures leaking from the portal and feels unsafe and uncomfortable. They leave and see an alien Bear creature with tentacles. Yon, foolishly assuming it’s evil, charges the creature. With a Mighty Blow (Critical Hit If I recall correctly), the sword harmlessly bounces off the creature. The Cthulu-bear ignores the foolish knight and heads directly for the group. Felix withdraws, and Oliver charges in, and likewise deals no damage. The Bear thing tries to crush Oliver, but in an explosive display of excrement and literally flaming gas from his rear end, is propelled away from the lethal blow [GM uses plot point, and backstory element] unfortunately, as awesome as the timely escape, Oliver is knocked unconscious on impact with a tree. Burgmor tries to blast the creature with a lightning bolt, and it harmlessly passes through it. Saelion calls upon his insight and learns the creature is weak against psionics. Felix transforms into a dire Wolf, while Yon charges the beast again – this time he wills the sword to assist him and deals a massive 126 points of damage, sadly 106 is the only thing that hits the creature, and none of that is actual sword damage, just a maximized and enlarged stored spells in the sword. For his valiant effort he is crushed like a tin can by the creature. The Cthulu-bear engages Felix, and grapples him. Saelion, in desperation (Does the smartest thing I could have thought up in the same circumstances) calls upon Merrick for help. The very next round, things are looking very grim for the group as Felix is crushed by the bear, and Yon is barely alive. Burgmor unleashes another Lightning bolt with the lack of damage seen again. Jeeves appears and teleport circles the group safely to the mansion.

Inside this expansive room that is a weightless room shaped like a large globe, the group sees Merrick on a platform looking tired. They start to float to the platform, and Merrick chains the Werewolf. The group is horrified to see transposed upon Felix is a Huge Pitfiend. Saelion realizes that a Pitfiend of that size is more powerful than it’s typical brethren. Merrick consults with Brother Thadeus and discover the past events leading to the demonic possession. Felix is eventually cured.

End game

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