Genesis – Session 1

“Of race cars and Robots!”

GM: Bryce B.


  • Andrew
  • Conor
  • Calvin
  • Nick
  • Elizabeth

Session Notes: [These are pretty much stub notes]

Daily Life – Summoned by magic to the Hall of the Gods.

Meet Tanath [God]

Meet Asian God – Must save Genesis

Find Artifact Expert [Elizabeth’s Character]

Conor and Nick go to the Bar; Andrew and Elizabeth google and make contacts; Calvin get’s nowhere with Hold Music.

Discover Artifact and Goddess are both in Rand City

Meet Dwarf informant in Rand City

Plot course through sewers; Calvin stays above ground. Find Robotic Sentry, destroy robotic sentry.

Three Man Team enters sewers; two blow up by Conor, third annihilated by Calvin. All teams converge to sewers. We escape out back, sniper tries to take out conor, and Andrew takes out sniper. RUN for the warehouse. Mechanized Warrior shoots rocket and misses. Find Obilesk in warehouse. Elizabeth and Nick epically destroy first Mechwarrior, and Calvin destroys second mech warrior. Elizatbeth destroys Magic Sucking Artifact. Helicopter heard, take race car. Helicopter pursues, Andrew destroys rotors, helicopter go boom. We escape and stop at safe house.

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