Chosen Ones – Session 34

Nio, a temple guardian.

Image via Wikipedia

[Boom, Badda Boom]

Present: Conor, Nick, Mike, Calvin, Matt, Bekah

The Guardian of the Portal arrives and admonishes the party before he attacks, before he can attack though, the Gate explodes. The group takes an even  50 Pressure Damage [no save]. The keeper goes down (Obvious battle damage has worn him down). A massive Bear with tentacles emerges from the Portal. It’s apparent this creature is alien and not natural in any form. In the ensuing battle the group realizes this creature is very powerful, and ends up killing Tod. The group flees via teleport and seek counsel. They also try to revive their departed comrade, but find that he’s beyond revival. They discover his soul is indebted to his Deity the “Red Knight” and they must appeal to her. Seeking a traveling Red Knight priest, they have a communion and discover a task they might complete. They must go and protect Phelan from an invasion force. This is a tactical maneuver and will require critical thinking.

They travel quickly to Phelan and assess the situation, they speak to the Mayor and devise a few plans. Tod is “lent” to them to aid in planning.

End Game

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