Children’s Crusade – Session 7 (Guest GM)

GM: Christopher R.

These are stub notes, as this was primarily a dungeon crawl, there isn’t much to the roleplaying side of it. This was the first time for Chris to run a game.

Started with the group waking up to a page summoning to the king. How they had returned to Hilsfar is a mystery.

King requested they go check out the Catacombs

  • Discovered secret door
  • Find minotaur locked in a cage
  • free minotaur, minotaur wants revenge!
  • traps!
  • skeletons – defeated easily
  • Fight large skeleton
  • Fight tiny skeleton
  • Fight Trogs and Otyugh – eww.
  • Rescue Squire
  • Princess Kidnapped
  • Chase to Catacombs
  • Defeat the three remaining Trogs, get princess back!

End Game

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