Children’s Crusade – Session 6

Game start 2:30pm


Plans hatched for the escort of the princess to Phelan – [This consumed easily an hour and a half of debate, logistics of the soldiers, and which route would be best. Group decided to go with “Land” since their swim ability was rather low.]

No true deception measures used – only a false bottom safe box in the carriage. In case they decide to have the princess hide. And with that note, the 30 soldiers are assigned, 10 in front, 20 in rear. The group decides to have Nikolai on top of the carriage, Georgina and Julia end up inside the carriage, Talios is on the right of the carriage, Roland and Horace are of the left side, with Roland being further up.

First day – Roland is taken down by an enraged boar; within a few rounds, the group kills it and feasts. Georgina heals Roland.

First night – Second watch the horses are discovered untied, third watch the princess is discovered poisoned; Roland and Nikolai find tracks and follow them, but a growling bear scares Nikolai away [He only hears the growling and doesn’t even see what is causing the noise], Huntley is left behind and sees a bear, he stays still and gets inspected by the bear. He feeds it some boar steak and then starts to head back to camp, but the bear follows. The bear starts growling when torch light can be seen coming. The bear grabs Roland and takes him off the path, while Georgina, Julia and Nikolai go past. Nikolai finds the bear tracks, and they see Roland is unharmed and the bear is growling at Nikolai, always watching Nikolai and growling. Nikolai decides to head back. The others also head back, and Roland rejoins them, scouting from away from the horses.

Third day – a barricade by form of a fallen tree is found, a voice calls for the surrender of all valuables; while the others comply, Horace charges up the hill and confronts 5 Archers. A battle ensues. Roland rides his Bear Friend into battle and together they take down a bandit.

The rest of the travel is uneventful – The group successfully gets the Princess to the City of Phelan and she meets with her betrothed.

Party achieves Level 2 (WOOT!)

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