Innocent or Guilty – Session 15

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Sherlock Holmes and the Cthulubear, or, Wolfish Pitfiends?

Players Present: Lloyd (Previously known as Nick), Mike, Calvin, Bekah, Robert, Matt

Summary notes for now:

We rejoin the group as they return to the mansion after the Large Skeletal object had been destroyed. Yon takes a bath, the others grab food, and the Evil Chalice is presented to Merrick who places it in safe keeping. The group meets Saelion, a shy indian youth. They play in the mansion, mess with a mystic bunny and then decide to retrieve a magic power source for the flying craft outside the city.

Once outside, the group is hit with a surge of un-natural magic, so powerful is this wave that entire segments of solid material warp and shift off. This largely is un-noticed by the non-magic and nature oriented types.

Party heads to the forest to investigate an unnatural occurrence.

Following the trail, Yon discovers evil and follows it (Not realizing the evil is Felix). They find triggered glyphs that had fire magic; Oliver glows, burns and otherwise seems Flamed by the glyphs. (No explanation is given).

They find a wagon that’s been destroyed (Details on the destruction and the glyphs can be read about in the Chosen Ones Session logs).

They discover a ritual sacrifice area, and powerful magic. Then they find a hidden groto behind a waterfall. Inside they find a mystic portal, a dead boy in front of the portal, and a freshly decapitated head (Chosen Ones – Belonged to Tod). Saelion investigates the portal without problems and confirms the boy is indeed dead. Oliver approaches and his head litterally splits in two. Felix sees insubstantial creatures attacking Oliver, while Saelion pulls Oliver away from the portal, at which point his head becomes normal.

Felix notices strange nightmarish creatures leaking from the portal and feels unsafe and uncomfortable. They leave and see an alien Bear creature with tentacles. Yon, foolishly assuming it’s evil, charges the creature. With a Mighty Blow (Critical Hit If I recall correctly), the sword harmlessly bounces off the creature. The Cthulu-bear ignores the foolish knight and heads directly for the group. Felix withdraws, and Oliver charges in, and likewise deals no damage. The Bear thing tries to crush Oliver, but in an explosive display of excrement and literally flaming gas from his rear end, is propelled away from the lethal blow [GM uses plot point, and backstory element] unfortunately, as awesome as the timely escape, Oliver is knocked unconscious on impact with a tree. Burgmor tries to blast the creature with a lightning bolt, and it harmlessly passes through it. Saelion calls upon his insight and learns the creature is weak against psionics. Felix transforms into a dire Wolf, while Yon charges the beast again – this time he wills the sword to assist him and deals a massive 126 points of damage, sadly 106 is the only thing that hits the creature, and none of that is actual sword damage, just a maximized and enlarged stored spells in the sword. For his valiant effort he is crushed like a tin can by the creature. The Cthulu-bear engages Felix, and grapples him. Saelion, in desperation (Does the smartest thing I could have thought up in the same circumstances) calls upon Merrick for help. The very next round, things are looking very grim for the group as Felix is crushed by the bear, and Yon is barely alive. Burgmor unleashes another Lightning bolt with the lack of damage seen again. Jeeves appears and teleport circles the group safely to the mansion.

Inside this expansive room that is a weightless room shaped like a large globe, the group sees Merrick on a platform looking tired. They start to float to the platform, and Merrick chains the Werewolf. The group is horrified to see transposed upon Felix is a Huge Pitfiend. Saelion realizes that a Pitfiend of that size is more powerful than it’s typical brethren. Merrick consults with Brother Thadeus and discover the past events leading to the demonic possession. Felix is eventually cured.

End game

Tribal Conquest – Session 1

Demon Sword to send lite

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Of Tribes and Demon Swords;

GM: Calvin (Guest GM)

Players: Andrew and Mike

Level 2 Characters.

Mike played an oriental “kenshen” style character build. To Hit was +13 with his weapon, and his AC was 23. Definitely a fighter type. HP 24

Andrew played Dratha, a jack of all trades – Fighter, Rogue, Wizard and Cleric (Hey, it’s only two players, and we didn’t know what type of game to expect). To Hit was +8/+8, AC 19, HP 20.

The mission setup was simple – there are several tribes, and a war is brewing from the big main one against the smaller tribes. My character is in the guard of the tribe, while the Kenshen character is a mercenary from a neighboring tribe.

We’re sent by the Clan-chief/King, to find a mystic weapon of power called the “Demon Sword“; along for the ride was the King’s son, Richard the Prince. [We called him Prince the entire time, but he did live up to being a DICK!]

First night out, Dratha notices that the prince’s sword is glowing. Seeing as it’s the prince’s sword, Dratha ignores it. Next day on the road we meet our enemies, Six to Three. Odds are in their favor, but we’re confident in our ability. However, as soon as they approach to attack, “prince” sits down, leaving it Six to Two. The first round we hold our own, even dropping one, then the second round we drop another two, but Kenshen is slightly hurt and I’m badly injured. On the third round a critical upon the Kenshen drops him. I sacrifice my action to revive my comrade instead of myself, but I’m taken down. Kenshin is struck once again critically and “killed”. We both find ourselves on the ground and “Dick” admonishing us about being pathetic and lame. We both mutter under our breath about how a little help during the battle would have made things go much differently. Prince leads the way, deciding to head straight through another band of the enemy. We stealthily avoid them and wonder at why they ignore Prince. At the town, Prince waits for us to find the contact, and has us do all the talking. We learn from “Age” that the sword is in a cave several miles away in a certain direction.

We travel in the direction and discover we’re being tailed. We try to outrun the enemy, but “Dick” decides to pull his lame trick of sitting down while we face four more enemy. (Did I mention the prince is a true DICK?). We finish them off, heal our wounds and press onward. We find the valley. Dratha doesn’t believe what he is seeing, after all we’re supposed to see a cave, not a valley. He sees through the illusion and enters the cave. A voice of age floats around us and basically says we’re cool and bad, but must prove ourselves in passing several trials. The first is of riddles, we blaze through them, with only a few issues. Next we solve a puzzle. After that, we fight our “shadow” selves, unfortunately, we end up fighting the other’s shadow. With teamwork, we take down Kenshen’s shadow, and then kill mine. We see the Demon Sword, but no talking. Asking out loud if we’d passed and the sword was ours, the voices declaims it’s disappointment in us not just trying to take the sword, and says the final challenge is facing him. In this contest “Dick” actually participates. It’s clear to us, that sitting this one out will only result in a stalemate. We assist in the fight and eventually overcome him. Dratha grabs the sword and they head back to their tribe. Dratha respectfully presents the sword to the king, and they are both rewarded. The king is pleased that we were able to tolerate the prince.

End game.

Chosen Ones – Session 34

Nio, a temple guardian.

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[Boom, Badda Boom]

Present: Conor, Nick, Mike, Calvin, Matt, Bekah

The Guardian of the Portal arrives and admonishes the party before he attacks, before he can attack though, the Gate explodes. The group takes an even  50 Pressure Damage [no save]. The keeper goes down (Obvious battle damage has worn him down). A massive Bear with tentacles emerges from the Portal. It’s apparent this creature is alien and not natural in any form. In the ensuing battle the group realizes this creature is very powerful, and ends up killing Tod. The group flees via teleport and seek counsel. They also try to revive their departed comrade, but find that he’s beyond revival. They discover his soul is indebted to his Deity the “Red Knight” and they must appeal to her. Seeking a traveling Red Knight priest, they have a communion and discover a task they might complete. They must go and protect Phelan from an invasion force. This is a tactical maneuver and will require critical thinking.

They travel quickly to Phelan and assess the situation, they speak to the Mayor and devise a few plans. Tod is “lent” to them to aid in planning.

End Game

Genesis – Session 1

“Of race cars and Robots!”

GM: Bryce B.


  • Andrew
  • Conor
  • Calvin
  • Nick
  • Elizabeth

Session Notes: [These are pretty much stub notes]

Daily Life – Summoned by magic to the Hall of the Gods.

Meet Tanath [God]

Meet Asian God – Must save Genesis

Find Artifact Expert [Elizabeth’s Character]

Conor and Nick go to the Bar; Andrew and Elizabeth google and make contacts; Calvin get’s nowhere with Hold Music.

Discover Artifact and Goddess are both in Rand City

Meet Dwarf informant in Rand City

Plot course through sewers; Calvin stays above ground. Find Robotic Sentry, destroy robotic sentry.

Three Man Team enters sewers; two blow up by Conor, third annihilated by Calvin. All teams converge to sewers. We escape out back, sniper tries to take out conor, and Andrew takes out sniper. RUN for the warehouse. Mechanized Warrior shoots rocket and misses. Find Obilesk in warehouse. Elizabeth and Nick epically destroy first Mechwarrior, and Calvin destroys second mech warrior. Elizatbeth destroys Magic Sucking Artifact. Helicopter heard, take race car. Helicopter pursues, Andrew destroys rotors, helicopter go boom. We escape and stop at safe house.

Children’s Crusade – Session 7 (Guest GM)

GM: Christopher R.

These are stub notes, as this was primarily a dungeon crawl, there isn’t much to the roleplaying side of it. This was the first time for Chris to run a game.

Started with the group waking up to a page summoning to the king. How they had returned to Hilsfar is a mystery.

King requested they go check out the Catacombs

  • Discovered secret door
  • Find minotaur locked in a cage
  • free minotaur, minotaur wants revenge!
  • traps!
  • skeletons – defeated easily
  • Fight large skeleton
  • Fight tiny skeleton
  • Fight Trogs and Otyugh – eww.
  • Rescue Squire
  • Princess Kidnapped
  • Chase to Catacombs
  • Defeat the three remaining Trogs, get princess back!

End Game

Children’s Crusade – Session 6

Game start 2:30pm


Plans hatched for the escort of the princess to Phelan – [This consumed easily an hour and a half of debate, logistics of the soldiers, and which route would be best. Group decided to go with “Land” since their swim ability was rather low.]

No true deception measures used – only a false bottom safe box in the carriage. In case they decide to have the princess hide. And with that note, the 30 soldiers are assigned, 10 in front, 20 in rear. The group decides to have Nikolai on top of the carriage, Georgina and Julia end up inside the carriage, Talios is on the right of the carriage, Roland and Horace are of the left side, with Roland being further up.

First day – Roland is taken down by an enraged boar; within a few rounds, the group kills it and feasts. Georgina heals Roland.

First night – Second watch the horses are discovered untied, third watch the princess is discovered poisoned; Roland and Nikolai find tracks and follow them, but a growling bear scares Nikolai away [He only hears the growling and doesn’t even see what is causing the noise], Huntley is left behind and sees a bear, he stays still and gets inspected by the bear. He feeds it some boar steak and then starts to head back to camp, but the bear follows. The bear starts growling when torch light can be seen coming. The bear grabs Roland and takes him off the path, while Georgina, Julia and Nikolai go past. Nikolai finds the bear tracks, and they see Roland is unharmed and the bear is growling at Nikolai, always watching Nikolai and growling. Nikolai decides to head back. The others also head back, and Roland rejoins them, scouting from away from the horses.

Third day – a barricade by form of a fallen tree is found, a voice calls for the surrender of all valuables; while the others comply, Horace charges up the hill and confronts 5 Archers. A battle ensues. Roland rides his Bear Friend into battle and together they take down a bandit.

The rest of the travel is uneventful – The group successfully gets the Princess to the City of Phelan and she meets with her betrothed.

Party achieves Level 2 (WOOT!)