Chosen Ones – Session 33

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Players Present:

  • Mike
  • Calvin
  • Nick
  • Bekah

Meal: Pizza

Recap by Mike

We find the group still out on the street, Simon is still taken aback by the story of a different timestream. He has the group return to the inn. Once there, Everyone is evaluated by some sort of knight wearing a burnished full plate with a Starburst with a  Six Pointed Star inside. Barrett is found to be tainted – He’s taken to be atoned, and healed in a Temple – The Dragon that captured Arky is at the Altar, he asks Barrett if he repents for giving himself to Ocremesch, Barrett does and is healed and atoned. Andreas, Vincent and Laelia participate in training; Tod goes to the forest and finds obvious signs to aid in pursing the carriage, though the traps are a bit imposing.

Once Barrett has been restored to his usual self, he joins Tod and Malcolm who are heading out to find Simon to request items to assist vs. fire.

While walking down the street, the groups spots a trio of woman in robes with a half-crescent moon, like a smile, with lines going out and a circle above the crescent moon. They seem to be looking at the crowd intently. Tod approaches them.

[Conversation particulars are not fully remembered by the GM, looking for player assist]

Tod: “Excuse me, I couldn’t help but notice your scanning the crowd. Who are you?”

Lady Talwin after eyeing Tod up and down for a moment “You use an… interesting form of magic. We are the Sisters of Perpetual Magical Enlightenment, and we are looking for a wizard of some repute“.

Tod, thinking back to the recent Candlemage incident thinks they seek him, “Does this wizard have a name?”

Lady Talwin, “We seek one called… Malcolm. Do you know of him“.

Tod Converses with Malcolm Telepathically {These Ladies are searching for you Malcolm}

Tod ” Why yes, I think that is him right over there“.

Lady Talwin “Thank You“.

The Sisters head towards Malcolm, who has been researching and gathering information on them from around the street. Apparently they’re a legit group based in the City of Phelan.

Lady Talwin to Malcolm “Excuse me, are you known as Malcolm?”

Malcolm “I am.”

Lady Talwin “We are the Sisters of Perpetual Magical Enlightenment and we’ve heard some of your exploits and are here to invite you to teach at our Collegium in Phelan“.

Malcolm “I’d be honored, but am currently engaged in a quest, perhaps afterwards I can take you up on your offer?”

Lady Talwin “Of course, here is a token, present it when you do come to our Collegium“.  She hands him a  token and then they depart.

Demetrius alerts his master that a boy is in the backpack. Malcolm startles the boy who withdraws his hand rapidly.

Malcolm “What are you doing?”

Boy “You had a piece of dust on your backpack, it’s all fixed, okay, bye!” The boy runs off. The others say Malcolm cannot be like Arky and keeping random creatures inside his backpack. Malcolm discovers his money pouch is missing.

There is a chase, they cut the boy off in an alley, he scampers up a wall, which astounds Barrett, Malcolm fires off a suggestion “Return to me”, and the boy complies. Malcolm takes hold of the boy. Barrett grabs the coin purse that Malcolm identifies as his own. Questioning the boy they don’t learn anything – other than the fact he didn’t want to tell them the truth. He disappears under a spell of invisibility and rushes off easily eluding Malcolm’s grasp. They’re intercepted by burning Wax Golems that are summoned from yet another candle stick holder. After the confrontation Tod dejectedly admits chasing the boy is fruitless as he’s out of his See Invisibility range.

Tod decides to do an incantation ritual to find all the Candle Mage’s traps in town [There are six remaining traps in the town]. While Barrett and Malcolm go and find Simon. They locate Simon and after Barrett tries to explains what they need, he acquires a few scrolls of Fire Resistance 10, and a Ring of Fire Resistance 30. The Ring is on loan.

The group heads into the forest, following the very obvious trail, eventually they locate the carriage. When Barrett examines the carriage, it explodes. They follow the trail to find “Dan” in a grove, which is heavily trapped. A black Shadow Cat saunters out into the grove mocking the group it seems, it ignores all of Tods verbal requests. It then heads away after the group dispels a few of the magics in the area.

Barrett follows the ‘black cat’  to a ravine, he sees it go towards a pond with a small waterfall, and it ducks inside. He sends the Ferret to check out the inside and sees a mystical archway.

Meanwhile, Tod bravely enters the grove and gets trapped inside a prismatic sphere, he sends the rest of the group away. Malcolm is blinded [6 round duration]m, Laelia gives him the gift of Blindsight to compensate as she cannot cure blindness.

Tod sets off the next trap, gets reduced and healed almost instantly. He questions the boy, who is also named Dan, but isn’t the same Dan; this Dan was traveling with his family when he awoke in this strange place. The Prismatic Sphere drops, and Tod catches up. He requests Malcolm to take Dan to Simon. Upon Malcolm returning, they enter the cave behind the waterfall, which has a tied up boy near the Mystic portal. As soon as Malcolm enters, his backpack explodes [116 damage to the party], the mystical arch is damaged directly by the blast and a beam of light.

We ended right after the explosion happened…


Mike’s Submission:

The characters go to see Simon, and realize we do not know how to summon the Eagle.
Simon summons a man in armor who has a symbol. Malcolm touches it. It turns white. Barrett touches it. It turns black.
The man stares at Barrett, and without changing his gaze at Barrett, he holds it toward Todd.
Todd touches it and it turns white. The man asks Barrett if he repents. Barrett says yes, the man says “Follow me.”
Malcolm follows Barrett. The symbol is touched to the wall, a portal with runes shows up, and the man goes through.
Barrett follows, as does Malcolm.
Barrett feels ickly squigglies of his body “falling asleep.” (like your leg would) Malcolm does not. Then we’re in a Grand Cathedral.
The draconic creature that retrieved Arky is there.
He asks for attonement, and the creature invokes an attonement spell.
Barrett asks if the dragon’s timeline was changed too. The creature responds “The timeline is the timeline.”
Tod is enticed by the carriage… he figures out that the tracks in the ground are magically enhanced to leave a trail for Tod to know to follow. Luna and blink got off… Artemis (the black cat of the candle mage) got bigger at the edge of the forest.

Tod walks back in as Malcolm and Barrett arrive. He explains where everybody is, and that he was following the tracks of the carriage which stole Dan.
We bicker over how to proceed sans the rest of the crew (absences)
We go find Simon. As we’re walking we see three ladies with symbols on their clothes walking through the crowd.
Tod detects magic and the three women *are* magic. They scan the crowd. He and Malcolm talk about the possibility of the ladies being monarchy.
Tod approaches them, Malcolm gathers information about them from the crowd.
Tod notices they have glowing eyes through his magical sight. He asks them who they are and they are the sisters of perpetual magical enlightenment… Tod can’t figure it out either way. He links and broadcasts that, Malcolm has heard of them and knows they’re legit. Malcolm stops searching. Tod talks to them more and figures out they’re searching for Malcolm! They think he’s a mage of ill repute.
Malcolm is in an impressive conversation with the owner of a magical regent vendor.
Tod tells Malcolm they’re on their way to him.
They talk, and ask Malcolm to teach at the collegeium of Faelen. He declines for the moment, but says another time he would. She gave him a coin with the same symbol as her shirt. Demetrius brain-mails Malcolm. A boy is messing with his backpack. The boy runs away and malcolm tries to grab the boy. Malcolm fails, the boy runs, and climbs up a wall.
Malcolm “suggestions” the boy down to him. As he comes down, he spontaneous searches and knows his money pouch is on the boy. Barrett takes the money pouch and gives it back to malcolm, and Malcolm grabbing the boys arm, asks why he took it.
The boy is fearful, and says “they’ll kill me.”
Malcolm senses he cannot get a good grip on the boy, and the boy isn’t really trying to get away yet.
The boy feels that he’d rather be taken by police than us.
Tod figures out this kid *is* magic and asks if someone sent him. The kid looks really nervous and bluffs “no.”
Tod tells us he has a racoon spirit aronud him, a tinaku. Which is like a dire racoon.
The kid goes invisible and runs away, Tod switches witch-sight, and flies after him, Barrett and Malcolm follow Tod.
Barrett and Tod are attacked by waxy figures. We attack them and win. There are rubies inside that are up to level 3 metamagic enhancement on summoned creatures. Malcolm will need to attune them to him (XP Loss) but he claims them.
Tod wants Malcolm to contact the sisters of perpetual magical enlightenment to help rid the town of traps using divination.
Malcolm goes to the pub with Barrett.
Simon gives Barrett a fire resistance ring and fire resistance scrolls (which he gives malcolm the scrolls)
We head for the magical tracks, this time with Lelia.
Barrett touches the carriage and as soon as Barrett touches it, the carriage flies in an explosion (Barrett evades) and flames engulf the area (Tod and Malcolm are a safe distance away)
We come to a grove. In the grove is a slab, and on the slab is Dan. There is magic all around and we suspect a trap.
Also here is the cat form of Aku. Malcolm and Tod talk to it and it ignores them.
Malcolm tries using Telekinesis and fails.
Lelia and Tod try and dispel. Malcolm watches intently (trying to figure it out.)
The boy doesn’t look like Dan anymore. The cat walks away. Barrett goes around and follows the cat.
Malcolm flies above the magic, Tod walks into the field. A trap goes off, and he is locked in. Malcolm is blinded.
Lelia casts blindsight on Malcolm. Tod tells us to go after the candlemage.
Barrett is already ahead and sends Dyne into the grotto.
Tod walks closer to the boy, and takes some damage (reduced) but instantly heals.
Tod talks to the boy, and the boy doesn’t know anything about Tod. A “message” is then whispered to Tod saying ‘wrong danny boy.’ then laughter. He heals the boy and the shield goes off.
Dyne finds a hogtied 8 year old boy inside, and brain-mails the group.
Malcolm teleports the fake dan to Hilsofar, and teleports back. Tod goes in the waterfall, followed by Barret.
As soon as Malcolm steps into the grotto his backpack explodes, a burst of light hits the portal at the other end.
(apparently the kid who stole my coin pouch trapped my Backpack)

2 Responses

  1. Dear me, that’s a large explosion – unless the 116 was a total, rather than the base damage of the explosion.

  2. 116 was what the group had to deal with, I had the player wearing the backpack roll the random damage factor. We ended with just that explosion, there is actually more to come.

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