Children’s Crusade – Session 5

Money Bag In White

The Patrol Mission

The Man-at-Arms requested the group to his chamber. He seemed rather upset by the last mission results. One of the boys representing the king still has the Pink hair and the Tail of a Donkey. He’s received word that the Fey in the nearby locale are not happy and are causing trouble.

He decides a life lesson on the streets would be well worth it. He calls in one of his tougher and experienced patrol leaders – Lt. Dan. “Lt. Dan, I have some younglings I need to saddle with you. You’ll have them patrol the seediest parts of the town and let them see life outside of luxury. Give them the assignment and stay out of sight. Don’t interfere unless they are about to be killed.”, Lt. Dan looks rather perturbed about the assignment, but salutes smartly “If I may sir?” Duncan nods, “What have I done to deserve the baby sitting assignment?”, “Well, you’re the toughest and meanest soldier I’ve got, and you’ve never been a brown noser, which I like about you. You won’t kowtow to them or give them any slack. Now get to it. I’ll have the younglings sent to you within the hour. Also, take them on a tour of the countryside, I want them away from the palace for at least six hours.”

[Enter the group]

“I’m rather disappointed with the reports I got about your last mission assignment, seems you need to learn a thing or two about humility and such. You’re to report to Lt. Dan as part of his patrol unit. He has several patrols under him. He handles the slums and low side of the town. You’ll do as he says. Dismissed.”

The group reports dutifully to Lt. Dan.  Horace speaks up “Reporting for duty.” Talios speaks “What do you need us to do.” Lt. Dan holds up a hand “You’ll be your own patrol, I’ve made you this patrol route through the slums and seedy areas. Don’t kill anybody unless you’re in mortal danger. Anything suspicious report back to me. And one other thing, don’t let your money get stolen. Meet at the rendezvous point in two hours. Dismissed.”

The group heads onto the patrol route, they note the disheveled appearance of the area. Further in, they see a street performer juggling fire batons, while another man is working the crowd for donations. The groups devolves into a discussion on not getting robbed. Horace decides to leave 450gp of his 500gp with Huntley, so he can give 50gp to the performer. He does this, and Huntley spots a young girl with pig tails robbing from the hat. The group then takes an alley to avoid the crowd of potential pickpockets. Nikolai spots a stealthy person approaching; as soon as the man is close enough, he deftly slices the money pouch and causes it to fly into his hands with superb skill that is displayed only by a pro; however, Nikolai [rolls a 17 base for the counter] and is able to knock the purse out of the man’s hands. Though they give the man a gold piece and tell him to be on his way.

As they continue onward, Huntley sees the same pig tailed girl skipping along side of him, she starts a conversation, while Talios tries to butt in, she quips a few sly remarks, and gets Huntley to agree to meet her at the park after his shift ends. She skips away, and the group ever mindful of their money pouches, ask Huntley to check his; which both his and Horace’s pouches are missing [Remember, Horace gave Huntley his pouch for safe keeping]. The group gives chase, and are dumbfounded as the girl climbs the side of a two story building unnaturally fast. Nikolai tries to embed an arrow in the ceiling with some rope, while Horace and the others go to the back to force entry. Nikolai succeeds in getting an anchored arrow, but not before something cuts the rope. In frustration, he kicks in the front door, and sees the others coming in the back. They all head to the second story. Nikolai makes roof access by climbing out the window, only to find the roof is deserted.

They meet up with Lt. Dan’s patrol and head out to the outer perimeter. Talios spots the Big Bad Wolf, and a pack of wolves in the other direction. Lt. Dan sends his men to put out a Barn Fire, the group notices a damsel being carried off by green skinned men [Orcs]. Talios gives them several attempts to stop and talk, but three of the Orcs stop and brandish their short swords, while the fourth continues to carry the maiden away. Nikolai pelts the Damsel carrying Orc with Arrows, while the others bravely meet their foes in the field of battle.  The woman is rescued and the Barn Fire is put out.

The Group makes it’s way back, Huntley sneaks off to meet with “Sandy” the pig tailed girl, notices the group is following him despite his efforts to lose them, so he “disappears” and meets up with the girl. She talks with him, and returns his money pouch [500gp only] saying he dropped it when they had met. She gets him to agree to take her to the palace, where she inspects the gold-laced utensils carefully. She makes off with the utensils after giving Huntley a chaste peck on the cheek saying she’d like to visit him again.

We end the game with the group being called for an escort mission of the princess to her future betrothed. The group may choose the overland route by horse for seven days, or three days by ship.

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  1. Ah well. The joys of practical experience on the streets. I don’t think they’re ready to deal with the gang leader though…

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