Nothing to Fear – Session 6

Players Present:

  • Bryce
  • Elizabeth
  • Andrew
  • Nick
  • Sean
  • Calvin

Recap by GM – the Two NPCs were introduced, though beyond assistance there exact roles weren’t mentioned. They were surprised when Calamar pulled out a map with the known patrol layouts, though it was assumed further security or other patrols may be possible. With aid of witchcraft, the group headed out, with Cain scouting ahead looking for patrols, and helping the main group bypass them. There were a few close calls, but Cain teleported away before any alarm could be raised. The main group also had a couple close calls. Eventually everyone made it to the temple. Rain had a vision of the future in which the Temple Stables exploding and were on fire, whether this will come to pass she isn’t even certain. Cain scouted inside, located a deserted room, and then got the rest of the group to the room. Cain scouted the floor, while Calamar located the meeting room, and discovered their plans  could be overheard. It was decided that Calamar would eavesdrop and gain the information. Calamar gained the information, the main group had a scare when Tarryn walked into the room they were hiding in. A few people noted that the Members were leaving by the front, instead of the back. Urgency to leave became clear that something was amiss – Cain teleported the group to HQ, but not before they felt the explosion at the back of the temple. It can only be surmised the Organization didn’t want to have the extra hired hands revealing this meeting.

Back at HQ, the plans were revealed, and the group is given a month to do as they wish – do other missions, or relax. The guild believes they will have further things to act upon in a month.

Each person given 4,000gp as compensation for the mission.

End recap.

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