Chosen Ones – Session 32

Players Present:

  • Nick
  • Conor
  • Calvin
  • Mike
  • Bekah
  • Matt Y.

Food: Panda Express Chinese (Yum)

Finished the Battle with Lytaros Fel, but wait, his Rat Familiar is still alive… and then transforms into the real Lytaros Fel. More battling before Lashiel Delivers 5 deadly Slices of Death. [Took a total of Five Rounds, and intense tactics – The group realized they had to use AID ANOTHER to strike the villain; The Bond Saved a few lives during the fight; Wall Of Fire SUCKS if you walk through it; Grand of Haste is nasty to trap bad guys; REACH Users should know their powers :). Awesome Job to Nick and Conor for handling the Extra Two Characters]

Barrett convinces Enchelious to forgo the Miracle of Gaen in cleansing the Demons, which seals them in the Fane and instead asks to banish the Demons to their home plane.

They teleport to Hilsfar, loot Lytaros Fel’s body and then proceed to the City. Whereupon, a cloaked figure leaves a cryptic message via the message spell. He disappears, into the ground as shadow, but in it’s place a black cat runs off. Malcolm believes that cat to be the same from his personal past and gives chase along with Barrett. They lose sight of it in an alley, but Malcolm sees a Demonic Leering Aku Face Glyph at the end and stops. Barrett heedless of the danger takes a look around from the roof top. Umbral Whip comes from the shadows, it weakens and grapples Malcolm. Malcolm is able to break free and then Dimension Hops away. Barrett goes and attacks the Aku Demon. It tells Barrett it has no quarrel with him, cocks it’s head and then retreats into the wall. At that moment, Ghostly Sentinels appear and follow the Aku through the wall.

Meanwhile, Vincent and Tod hear Malcolm cry out for help and head into the city, Tod get’s “shot down” by a beam of fire, which oddly enough leaves an outline of a Candle Stick in a Holder. It hurts, and Tod recognizes the calling card of the “Candlemage” and sends his Cat Familiar Luna to check on the boy he had previously rescued (Group is calling the boy Dan). Vincent sees that  a candlestick is what fired at Tod.Luna sees the Boy is being escorted into a wagon by four guards and sees another weird Candlestick which fired a beam at Tod before. Tod ignores the warning and proceeds onward, only to be struck down again and enter a personal hell of torment and pain. Vincent catches him as they both collide int o a wall. Tod gets a message that to enter the carriage will result in the boys’ death by fire. Tod throws up a wall of bubbles. The rest of the group converges and agree that someone should summon Simon. Laelia gets to Tod and heals him with a powerful 6th level healing before the infliction is removed from Tod. Barrett goes to get Simon who seems surprised that the group is back in town, after all, he’d given them a week vacation.

The carriage heads into the forest, as Tod tells the others that interference would result in the boys death.

Bonus Materials — Time Lines Divergences — What happens:

EVIL Wins:

Lytaros is successful, The demons win, they begin to surge across the world – a group of kids are finishing the ritual into manhood. Fey are beckoning to them to hurry, for the evil has won. Isham, Aaron and Zach look at the village elder wondering if they’ll even see him again. As they rush into the portal the demons enter the village and ravage everything breaking even the gateway. Inside the gateway, Isham and his friends fall into the void — Later these three would be found traveling the stars part of the Royal Exploration Society of the Dragonstar Empire [See Rugged Ones Campaign for further Details]; Though Reece makes an appearance, the Drow Secret Police take an interest in Isham, and makes an enemy of Reece Kilza. Unfortunately, the village elder that was left behind is forced to suffer torment, at least he knows the kids will live. The entire City of Hilsfar is teleported to another dimension, Merrick’s final gift of sacrifice to keep his beloved city safe .

Current Time Line [Party Won]:

“FIRE”, the massive beams of Light rip into the planet, Turk feels the death of thousands of Drow Elves, even though he is safely aboard the Dreadnought Ship, the surge of massive deaths pierces through him. Lloth cries out in frustration that her people were not only destroyed, but those souls aren’t even coming to her. Eilistraee gathers the souls, and plans on reincarnating them into new bodies so they may atone for their numerous crimes before becoming one in her realm. The remaining drow loyal to her are free to live as they have. Lu, Turk, Fox and Belle get on their small shuttle and head home to Oaktop Keep where they work on establishing the Dragon Empire Base on Toril.

The Temple of the Demon God suddenly crumbles to the ground, it’s ghosts of previous sacrificial victims continue to haunt the area, and wildlife avoid the Vale of Fears, but the Trapping Community does well enough. History tells of the Angelic Beings that aided the Righteous Cleric of Gaen in driving the evil Demons from the Valley before they could conquer the land.

Thirteen Hooded Robed figures standing in circle – “We’ve lost a great Ally. The chosen ones (Timelord Minions is the real group name given to them by the Organization of Thirteen Shadows) have meddled in Time and disrupted the alliance.”, another speaks up, points of fire seen briefly from under the hood “Let me deal with them, I’ve been BURNING with Desire to teach them a lesson, especially my good friend Tod.”, “It is agreed, you shall torment them into making foolish mistakes”.

Arkansas Jones tills his farm, happy to take up his parents trade. Looking upon his budding Farm Trade Empire. His new apprentice psychic transporters are making him rich beyond belief, and his druids making for faster crop growth. Though news of his trade secrets have escaped, and he’s got competition. He knew Rosa was nothing but trouble…

The Green Knight enjoys his Honeymoon with his new wife on their estate. Though he is a little upset about the new shipping fees imposed by ‘Jones Farming and Transport Co.’ Though he had to admit the freshness of the produce was fantastic. He considers for a moment if ‘Smith’s Fresh Goods’ is worth the lower cost.


Mike’s Submission:


We’re still in the battle with the three figures, one of which is demon looking.
A shimmering wall of blackness emerges around barrett and Tod. It seems to be sucking their life.
The demon runs from where it was very quickly.
Malcolm pyroblasts the demon and it goes down but a familiar stands where it fell.

15 damage to both equinals as one hits the familiar for 10 damage. (it has insanely high AC)
Andreas shoots a beam at it, but nothing happens. Vincent creates a sword to hit the creature and flank.
The cleric moves then heals the group twice.
Barrett and Tod move up to the familiar and whiff.
The familiar turns into a half demon which looks like the portrait we’ve seen!

We all try to surround the new half-demon and pummel it.
Andreas is aided by Malcolm’s newest bralani summons, and the party is faster with haste from lance.
+2 to saving throws, +2 to AC, and +2 to attacks against the half-demon from Tod’s bubble.
+1 to AC and +1 attack rolls from Vincent’s haste.
+2 to attack for flanking

The half-demon casts a circle of death, then a lightening bolt…
The guardinal dies, and the bralanis are at 40hp
Malcolm casts dimension step.
The party tries surrounding the badguy.
The bralani aid another, twice each, to andreas and to barrett.
We all continue to attack, and it falls after a barrage topped by Lelia’s cat’s fireball.
The bralani pull the corpse from the fire.

The demon skull talisman, the scroll of teleport without error, and the cure serious potion, and the viewing glass are items on the half-demon. The skull is a luck reroll talisman 1/day
The viewing glass is the only way to see a specific object which is otherwise invisible.
We teleport back to Hilsofar.

As we’re walking to Simon, we notice the white object that was there is gone.
There is a hooded person.
We hear a whisper as we’re a distance away that our meddling is becoming troublesome.
The man disappears into a shadow, and a cat emerges and runs into the city.
Barrett and Malcom chase it. Malcolm brain-mails everybody “Get the cat!” angrily.
We chase it into town, and there’s a dead-end aku smiling symbol.
Malcolm tells the others (namely barrett since tod and vincent both don’t know and don’t care why Malcolm is flying after a cat) to hold up.
Malcolm is grappled and brain-mails for help.
A shadowy aku-demon in the wall has a whip around Malcolm.
It says “I love screwing with your past.”
Malcolm breaks the grapple and dimension hops to 60 feet away.
Barrett punches it, it tells him it has no quarrel with him, and fades into the wall.
Sentinel ghosts from the undead apocalypse before go through the wall too.
Tod has his own run-in with the candle-mage.
The link tells everybody of Tod’s childhood trauma and emotional pain. Tod is unresponsive.
He rushes towards the inn, where the previously burned child is being taken away. Tod is struck again, vincent rushes to help, but cannot lift him from falling.
Malcolm and Barrett rush onto the scene as Vincent tells Malcolm and Barrett to find Simon.
Tod then tells the group not to stop the carriage with the boy. It headed for the forest. There’s a black cat on top of the carriage looking back.
Malcolm and Barret go to tell Simon, and Simon is curious as he just told us to go on a vacation.
We go back to Tod, and Lelia healed him.

Nothing to Fear – Session 6

Players Present:

  • Bryce
  • Elizabeth
  • Andrew
  • Nick
  • Sean
  • Calvin

Recap by GM – the Two NPCs were introduced, though beyond assistance there exact roles weren’t mentioned. They were surprised when Calamar pulled out a map with the known patrol layouts, though it was assumed further security or other patrols may be possible. With aid of witchcraft, the group headed out, with Cain scouting ahead looking for patrols, and helping the main group bypass them. There were a few close calls, but Cain teleported away before any alarm could be raised. The main group also had a couple close calls. Eventually everyone made it to the temple. Rain had a vision of the future in which the Temple Stables exploding and were on fire, whether this will come to pass she isn’t even certain. Cain scouted inside, located a deserted room, and then got the rest of the group to the room. Cain scouted the floor, while Calamar located the meeting room, and discovered their plans  could be overheard. It was decided that Calamar would eavesdrop and gain the information. Calamar gained the information, the main group had a scare when Tarryn walked into the room they were hiding in. A few people noted that the Members were leaving by the front, instead of the back. Urgency to leave became clear that something was amiss – Cain teleported the group to HQ, but not before they felt the explosion at the back of the temple. It can only be surmised the Organization didn’t want to have the extra hired hands revealing this meeting.

Back at HQ, the plans were revealed, and the group is given a month to do as they wish – do other missions, or relax. The guild believes they will have further things to act upon in a month.

Each person given 4,000gp as compensation for the mission.

End recap.