Children’s Crusade – Session 4

We begin with the others seeing Talios Asrain returning, covered in white dust or powder. When asked he mutters something about skeletons and chalices.

The characters are given two objectives [Princess Willow asks them to recover her brush, which she thinks she lost during a recent picnic; Master-At-Arms Duncan, requests they check out a local village, reports of robberies and such.]

Simple enough missions for the young fosterlings. They set out, the group determines to find the Brush first, with only Nickolai objecting. They reach the picnic site, and discover some clawed feet of a creature. They followed the tracks to a cave. Inside the dark barrow cave, they discovered an undead creature with the Brush, a mirror and a rabbits foot around it’s neck. [The Wights and Skeletons attacked the group. Luckily Georgina was able to “turn” the some of the undead away while the rest were destroyed]. Horace grabs magic bracers, but seems to become obsessed with them. A potion of cure light, and 50 gp for each party member is also found.

During their travel to the city of “Sandoval” the groups spots a small draconic creature. The group rushes forward towards it and it takes to wing. Nickolai shoots it in the wing, and it dives into the trees. Their search is fruitless and they eventually resume their journey to Sandoval.

At the village, the group notices that Nickolai has Pink hair and a Donkey Tail. They learn from ‘Bram’, an elderly gentlemen at the inn,  that a wondrous bard came through about a month ago, along with a strange ragtag band. They also learn that one in that group also had had pink hair. They learn that the mayor keeps insisting he’s been robbed, but nobody believes him. They also discover that the “robberies” started about a week ago when the nearby forest grove was cut down, despite objections from the Herbal lady.

The group heads out to the grove. Nickolai discovers the remnants of a fey ring and felled trees. The group notices a goat-legged humanoid peeking out from a brush. Nickolai shoots a “slow” arrow at him, and he retaliates by playing a lullaby that put four of the party down. Then the “satyr” takes off. Nickolai chases after on his horse, ignoring the small arrows flying around his head and ignoring their poisons. Eventually his horse falls into a pit, while he leaps to safety. He takes aim at the nearest fey creature, when a lizard shoots out a tongue and effectively grapples him. A squirrel cleric then starts speaking to him, but when he fails to be reasonable and a little psuedodragon appears, the small cleric places a Mark of Justice upon him, and then the fey knock Nickolai out. The rest of the group is awakened by Georgina, and they proceed after Nickolai, and find him tied up and unconscious on the ground.

The group goes to set a trap for the “bandits” and ask what has been stolen. The mayor is very polite and willing to let them set things up in his treasury. Nickolai notices an amulet with old fey markings on it and recognizes it as heart wood, something the fey would want back. Without warning he does a flying tackle on the mayor who cries out for help. A guard enters and asks what is going on as he sees the mayor being tackled and the rest looking dumbfounded. Eventually Nickolai is grappled by his comrades and he explains what happened.

EPILOGUE: The mayor requests that Nickolai be removed from his town, and willingly gives up the amulet that seems to be the source of his troubles. He understands the fey are upset and will seek to enter into negotiations to restore the peace. Nickolai has been marked as an enemy by the fey.

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