Chosen Ones – Session 31

Of Demons and Balors…


  • Mike
  • Calvin
  • Nick
  • Bekah
  • Matt

Not Present:

  • Bryce
  • Elizabeth
  • George
  • Conor

Had a late start waiting for some players. Started at 5:11pm with GM recap.

The group headed into the Secret door into a spherical room, “Breathe” pentagram was found. Again Barrett and Andreas refused. Finding a secret passage Tod heads down. He ends up in an elaborate trap, antimagic and facing Flesh Golems.

They encounter the Ghost of the paladin Ghelord, who gives them vital information. Deciding that they need to have one sacrifice himself, Barrett goes and Eats and Breathes the sacraments.

The next rooms are explored before moving onward… They find another Pentagram, “Burn”.  Barrett sacrifices 8 hp to the cause, discovering that it won’t heal back.

They confront two “hags” and overcome them, they discover a journal — “If we hadn’t been trapped here we would have left”.

They confront the insane vampire.

Finding the secret switch they descend to the main temple. Half the group is injured when they try to pass the forbiddance effect.

Barrett discovers something in the pit, but the moment he reaches into the smoke a doorway appears. Tod mage hands out the sword, [+1 Holy Fiendbane Longsword]. With that, Barrett reaches into the doorway and disappears, the rest of the group follows suit.

They appear in a strange place. The Leader of the Fane is there, he looks back at them and monologues. He has his shadows intercept the group while he turns to kill the cleric of Gaen. Barrett leaps over the Shadows and confronts him directly.

Lytaros unleashes a devastating attack, as flames burst upon the field of battle, inflicting serious injuries, however, Aiden is able to “sweep” away the flame blasts protecting Lash, himself and Malcolm.

We end with Lytaros and the group in an epic struggle. Round 2.

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