The Chosen Ones – Session 30

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

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“Demons come and Demons go, but Green Demons stay with you”

Started at 4:40pm went till 9:30pm.


  • Lashiel played by Liz [Cameo]
  • Aiden played by Bryce [Cameo]
  • Laelia played by Bekah
  • Malcolm played by GM
  • Tod played by Nick
  • Vincent played by Conor
  • Barrett played by Calvin
  • Andreas played by Matt

Session Recap by group effort, with the GM giving a more detailed version to sum things up. We picked up with the identification of the loot. While they were looting, Lashiel and Aiden came upon the interesting scene of dead vrocks and a group in there. Andreas felt a sensation not felt in a long time. He called out “Hello” mentally. [Role-playing the meeting of the chosen ones with original chosen].

The group met “Lashiel” aka ‘Lash’, a talented scout and treasure hunter; They met Aiden, a pretty cleric of Sune. Re-united with their old comrade ‘Andreas’, they were both happy. Though, mention of the ‘Green Demon, erm, Green Knight‘ turned the happy reunion sour.

After a little divination “The cocoon room leads to wealth and experience, but your path lie within the ‘runes'”, they decided to check out the pentagram “EAT”. Andreas and Barrett went through and were sent to another plane. They were in a volcanic room, in which a quasit appeared and offered them wafers. They both refused the wafers and were transported back.

Pressing onward the group found a Huge Demon sitting in a Throne Room, deciding to “buff” they confronted the Demon. Using their established tactics, they jumped in and slew the great demon in one round. [A good thing, for Lashiel was held in it’s grip. The planning took a couple of hours in real life].

After defeating the Demon, Barrett tried out the Throne and was prompting lashed with razorwires and thorny vines. Malcolm saved him by teleporting. Vincent noted the magic frequency had altered when Barrett sat on the Throne. After saying the KEY phrase, the frequency changed again, he sat on the throne and knew he could lower the barriers on the hallways – He also imbued himself with +4 luck bonus to Armor Class, attack rolls,
saving throws, and all ability scores. [Mantle of Egregious Might]

Checking both doors in the room, they found one  room with painting, the other had “Fire Giants” per Lashiel. They decided to check out the paintings.  The next room had “Zombies” per Lashiel. The Second room contained a surprise, as Lash went to inspect it, her hand got stabbed by a dagger. Barrett asked her who she was to which she replied “I’m a sacrifice to the demon lord, please help me!”, her plea made sense to Barrett and a few others, But Aiden and Lashiel weren’t fooled. Andreas detected the presence of moderate evil. Aiden inflicted a HARM spell upon the lady, with a panicked look, she attempted to flee by magic and was struck down by concerted effort, but it was Tod who’d claim his was the killing blow. The comely young woman turned into a demonic succubus.

Lashiel inspected the room, discovered a secret door, a key to a chest and the secret door, and the “Arky” loot. Aiden claimed the perfumes and cosmetics. They discovered a Cloak of Etherealness. We ended with the discovery of the treasure.

[GM NOTE: I do plan to have the dungeon crawl wrapped up by next session].

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