Nothing to Fear – Session 5

El día en el que se murió Warrick Brown

Image by monoimitamonos via Flickr

“Hunter and Hunted… Which are we again?”

Absent – George

Session started at 7:30pm – GM recapped the end of the last game, and that four months had passed:

  • Calamar had spent time training and working with his sister, Yasmin, in the mystic arts.
  • Warrick had been demoted, sent on menial missions, and given flak.
  • The rest of the Original band had resigned.

The entire group received a summons in two days time. After the allotted time, the entire company assembled in the guild main meeting hall. In attendance were: Calamar, Warrick, Boran [A persuasive Half-Orc], Cain [A Canine Huskey], Rigel [Blue Half-Dragon/Human], Rahne “Rain” [Healer]. The mission was simple – The “Blades of Destruction” were holding a meeting soon, they wanted us to recon and discover the meeting location.

Calamar sent an encoded message to “Draconis” [A mole in the Blades of Destruction]. Then the group went to the town, half a days’ travel away. They recon’d the area – Boran learned everything from looking at the area [Survival total of 27!]; Cain tried to scent out anything, but was unable to ascertain anything; Rain divined that Hedon had just entered the mansion grounds about the time we had breakfast; Calamar went and tried to gather any information he could via his persuasiveness. He learned that Hedon was leaving to the EAST, approximately four days travel (GGV – Greengroves Village). We decided to head the half-way point and stage there. It wasn’t long before the Blades came through, four guards and Hedon. We planted a tracking ring on a guard, and a tracking coin in the wagon. Calamar and Warrick hid outside to avoid discovery by Hedon, the rest hung out in the Inn. Boran made friends with the guards. Warrick went and stole the Scythe of Hedon. Boran noted that Hedon was looking out at the wagon where Warrick was running. Calamar contacted Boran with a mental contact, whom contacted Cain. Cain teleported out and apported the Scythe back to the Wagon. While Calamar warned Warrick that Hedon was coming out. Barely diving to the ground to avoid notice in time.

We tailed the guards on the way to GGV. During the night, we were attacked by the mutated wolves. We relocated and continued to tail the group. Boran was able to discover the guards were heading five days to the Southeast, probably near one of the abandoned druid temples. Calamar sent a message to the Guild of the information they had (Talnor the Falcon was near and delivered it) They tailed the group for a day, when Calamar got a message pigeon from Draconis, with the sentries and the exact location they decided to head back to GGV Inn and wait further instructions. (Mission accomplished). The return message was we’d be point on the infiltration with four reinforcements – Teryn, the druid; Valid, and stealth specialist; two other unnamed as of yet. We ended as Teryn and Valis entered the Inn.

Children’s Crusade – Session 3

Late Start for the Game – 2:45pm till 6pm.

Absent: Zachery. Allison filled in the missing spot.

Recap by Christopher and Spencer.

Bringing the kids up to speed on the events after the Tournament [See ‘Innocent or Guilty – Session 13?’ for full details] – Including a Duel between the Green Knight, and the scheduled Wedding later that evening. The Wedding was paid for by the Green Knight, who, though he won the duel, did not win the heart of the Girl.

Huntley gets a note saying his Contact – Sandarian, wished to meet with him in the Alley behind the “Prancing Pony” [GM was disappointed to learn that none of the kids have read the LORD OF THE RINGS]. Huntley meets with his reliable contact, who informs Huntley that TWELVE contracts have been taken out for the wedding tonight, and that the princess was one of those hits. He even knew that one of the assassins was a Half-Orc.

Huntley returned and informed the rest of the group. They scrambled to inform the Commander of the Guards, they went to the Library, but were unsuccessful in obtaining anything useful there; Huntley met with his Sage contact and was able to learn about orcs. They ever learned about assassin tricks, disguises and other sundry dirty items, such as poisons.

Fearing all the above, they took steps to plan how best to protect the exposed princess, whom is called ‘Willow’.

At the Temple they coordinated with the Master-At-Arms, whom informed them of the magical protections – Wall of Force to protect the Officiant, the Groom and Bride and of course the groomsmen and bridesmaids. They inspected the rings, and learned about the wedding being a double wedding – Duchess Chi and Liam Archon, the Green Knight and Lady Summers.

Talios and Horace set the princess between themselves; the rest were dispersed throughout the church. During the service, an old lady sitting next to Talios asked him to pass her offering. Suspecting poison when he took it and intending to pass it beyond the princess, he barely noticed the dagger aimed straight for Willow’s heart. Taking the certainly fatal blow in place of the princess, he purged the poison, but took the damage. The entire group converged and  in a mere 20 seconds, had the little lady laid out on the floor. Talios inspected the body, and upon removing the bonnet, the lady turned into a hideous half-orc man. Horace noticed a shadow pop out of the ground and intercepted it. Georgina brandished her Deity’s power and bade the creature to flee from her. It fled, and was struck down when the three characters near it – Talios, Horace and Julia, delivered fatal blows.

They waited till the end of the ceremony, discovered another ten would-be assassins had been captured or killed. They escorted the princess to the wedding reception, and the last attack of the evening came as an old man tried to stab Horace in the back. Horace’s counter was equally ineffective. The rest stayed with Willow. The Assassin fled, and the group stayed behind.

XP Given: 166.6667 [Total to date: 500xp]

GP: 200 gp