Innocent or Guilty – Session 14

Players Present:

  • Bekah
  • Mike
  • Calvin
  • Conor
  • Nick
  • Matt K.
  • Christopher [Cameo from Kids group]

We started with Yon being summoned to attend to the King. After being assigned to mingle in the high court, Talios made an entrance. Yon, recognizes Talios, a high ranking noble, and loyal bodyguard of the royal family. Talios makes his way over to Yon and they start discussing various topics. Meanwhile, Oliver is trying to hide out of view near one of the servant entrances, when he’s tackled with a girlish squeal of “DOGGIE!”. Being a rather tall 4′ 6″ and 90lbs Anthromorph Fox, he’s surprised to be taken down by an 8 year old girl. Extricating himself and rushing to hide behind Yon, he avoids the girl, whom is taken in hand. Oliver is introduced to Talios. Yon is surprised to see his friend from eight years ago is now a mute.

Yon takes Talios and Oliver back to the mansion – Yon gets two Bracers from the Mansion Butler, and is told by Merrick about the Skeletal structure outside of town. After a bunch of introductions – Oliver and Talios are introduced to the ragtag group of misfits.

Yon, leads the group out of the town. The guards at the gate bow respectfully to Talios. They see the structure and see a group of skeletons heading into the forest. Felix bolts to the forest, Oliver tries to stop him, but does slow him down. Felix then becomes Huge. Oliver goes to tackle him before whimpering and going into a small ball. The rest of the group sees the skeletons are being fought by wolves, and none other than the Big Bad Wolf. Yon engages a skeleton, but misses, instead he goes after Big Bad Wolf. Big Bad Wolf leads his ‘pack’ to engage more skeletons. Yon finally lands a blow on the Big Bad Wolf, one of the other wolves takes Yon to the ground [3 Hp left]. Oliver intercepts, the Big Bad Wolf, takes off and howls, the rest of the pack takes off after. As the Big Bad Wolf passes Harold and Gaby, he tosses a pouch to them.

The group gathers, Burgmor identifies the contents and weapon crystals, two of them will deal additional damage to undead, the third does the same, but will also allow critical strikes.

Continuing onward, they return to the skeletal structure, and a field of death surrounding it. After overcoming the Umbral magic, the group enters the massive structure. Inside, a skeleton is slowly forming between Four Columns, with shadowy weaves. A chalice of Undeath sits atop a lattice above the four columns. Felix blasts it down, Oliver tumbles and grabs it, but not before the blood spills upon the ground and a Large Skeleton appears fully formed. They destroy the skeleton, Yon unleashes a powerful Lightning Bolt Blast; Gaby sneak attacks and takes it down. A set of Bracers are found, and Burgmor discovers they create gauntlets of force. He grabs the chalice and sticks it in his Band of holding. After that, the structure begins to collapse, Yon reacts fast and escapes before the structure collapses on him. The entire group is coated in white bone dust.

We ended on time at 9pm.


Mike’s Submission:


Yon is summoned by the court the next morning, and he converses with the nobles.
Talios (a 14 year old noble) walks up to Yon. Talios outranks Yon by being a fosterling and is a personal guard to the royal family as well. He even attended the wedding and battled someone trying to assassinate the princess. A half orc and a shadow.
They speak about the wedding yesterday. Oliver is there as well, but stays in the background, intimidated.
An 8 year old rushes at Oliver yelling “puppy!” and glomps him. Oliver the fox creature is on the ground. (technically a grapple)
He runs to Yon. Yon tries to calm Oliver down. Yon doesn’t remember Oliver being speechless. Mentally, Oliver contacts Yon which also surprises him. Talios asks what’s going on. Oliver was told to accompany Yon by his master. Yon and Talios are both still equipped, but Oliver is not. Talios joins, and Yon goes to introduces them to his comrades.
Yon opens the door to the mansion which the others cannot. He goes through, much to Oliver’s confusion.
Yon asks Merrick for more rings. Yon vouches for the two, and gets two bracelets, one for each of them.

…ever since we unleashed the undead apocalypse there is a growing skeletal structure that the guard cannot get close to it. They grow weak when they approach. Oliver taste the bracelet. It smells like cinamon nutmeg, peppermint. Symbols glow for earth fire wind water and it has a crystal in the center. They can now see the door and go through it. Yon leads the two to the kitchen where Harold and Gabby are in, Harold eating hot pockets. From another door a wolf Felix pounces Harold. Gabby joins in and they both antagonize the wolf. Oliver smells Felix’ new bone. Bergmore comes in to investigate. Oliver snags the bone from the keep away session Gabby had then flees. Harold chases him. Gabby says hello to Talios. Bergmore introduces himself to Talios, and the rest realize and do the same, following with Oliver once he stops running.

-OOC we go over our characters-

Oliver gets a sword from the butler, and mimes to Bergmore about magic.
Felix and Oliver then mind-link. Harold asks what happened to the vocal chords. Yon explains.
Oliver smells that Felix smells like a predator and backs away. Felix looks hurt.
Talios is confused as well.

Oliver goes to a room (after direction from Yon to walk through a door)
The group decide to go to the outskirts of the town to investigate the disturbance. With Oliver.
The town guard nod to Yon, but bow to Talios.

The skeletal structure is about 30′ high and 100′ across, in a bowl shape.
There are also skeletons marching into the forest. Felix snarls and bolts toward them in a slight frenzy.
Gabby and Oliver try to stop him unsuccessfully, and when they make it, Gabby transpositions with Yon to get Yon up front.

Felix goes into a huge form, and Oliver attempts to grapple, and fails, cowering.
The battle ahead is the Big Bad Wolf and smaller wolves versus skeletons.

We all rush up, and fight… Bergmore casts a fireball, which kills the small skeleton but damages the big bad wolf and upsets Felix. Yon whiffs a smite, Felix chomps the big skeleton, the small wolves hit the big skeleton, it dies, and the big bad wolf howls. Yon calls him a coward. Oliver cowers. Talios attacks a small wolf and misses, Harold chases after the BBW, but Gabby asks why he’s not going toward the skeleton generator. Yon follows.

Felix goes another direction, and a wolf follows him but doesn’t attack him. Yon runs past Gabby and Harold talking to themselves, shouting for them to fight, and smites. Bergmore lightening bolts the large skeleton near the big bad wolf. Felix 5-foot-steps and doesn’t hit.
Yon is hit twice (24 damage) and grappled (for 11 more.) A skeleton mightily slashes Talios, but his magical shield (earthward) soaks the damage. The big bad wolf runs away and muzzle-throws a bag to Gabby. Oliver charges the wolf on Yon and angrily claws it doing lots of damage. Talios attacks the skeleton on him. Harold holds, Gabby inspects the bag. Yon breaks the grapple. Bergmore scorching rays the skeleton near Yon. Felix moves over to the section with us. The wolf moves away from Yon (who swings at it) and runs for Big Bad Wolf. Many other wolves are too. It seems the wolves are heading off for a specific place. Oliver pulls out a potion.

Felix chomps the skeleton. Gabby yells that they’re going to the skeleton maker thing.

(14 damage to yon recovered from potion of cure moderate wounds, puts him up to 17hp)
(12 points of healing from Lay on Hands, puts him up to 29hp)

Lelia found weapon crystals inside of the bag. All give +1d6 damage to undead, and one of the three gives sneak attack to undead.
Bergmore attaches the sneak attack crystal to Lelia’s weapon, and one of the other two to Harold’s weapon.
The third crystal won’t attach to Yon’s fey weapon. Bergmore does notice the “metal” of the hilt seems to be wooden in texture.
All the while, Felix goes up to the structure but doesn’t go in until we catch up with him.

Felix explains in mental link not to fight the Big Bad Wolf.
Oliver explains the wolf on Yon which damaged him was a feline. Huh?
Then Bergmore asks why Felix goes angry dire wolf, and Felix replies “my pack.”
Everybody argues with Yon, who fought the big bad wolf before the skeletons were extinguished.

We walk to the blackened grass circle containing the bone structure.
Oliver gets skiddish at the demarkation of the grass. Harold throws a branch in, and it seems not to have an effect on the branch.
Bergmore walks in, nothing wrong. Talios walks in, his hand seems to shrivel, and he leaves the circle but his hand doesn’t seem to get better. Bergmore walks out, asks what’s wrong, looking at his hand. Talios explains his hand is shriveled, Bergmore doesn’t see it and tries to detect magic. There is magic. He determines it is a illusion. Talios figures out it’s not happening to Bergmore. He turns to Oliver mentioning he’s affected by illusion magic as well. Bergmore goes back in with Talios. Yon then enters, shaking off the evil presence. Harold walks in, fearful of his precious legs being horribly altered. Gabby as well. Oliver enters at Yon’s bequest. Yon notices that Felix has not needed to have a will save. He detects evil in Felix’ direction all around us. He decides to remember that he should detect evil from Felix’ direction once this is over.

We head toward the bone structure. Inside is a room with four columns in the center with black plasma energy balls of energy and skeletons forming. Talios wants to slash one. A chalice is at the apex of the connection between the columns.
Bergmore’s mage hand fizzles as soon as it gets near the chalice.
Felix blasts the cup, and a large skeleton rises. Oliver darts for the chalice, and Yon figures out how to release his sword’s energy. Gabby sneak attacks the skeleton with her shiny new skeleton. It crumbles.
The hankie is starting to smoulder so he sets the chalice down and throws a hankie.
The dust of the skeleton has bracers which make force gauntlets. Harold puts them on, and grabs the chalice with the gauntlets.     We all run, and we are coated in white bone dust. We return to the city (Yon has an extra long holy water shower tonight)

Chosen Ones – Session 31

Of Demons and Balors…


  • Mike
  • Calvin
  • Nick
  • Bekah
  • Matt

Not Present:

  • Bryce
  • Elizabeth
  • George
  • Conor

Had a late start waiting for some players. Started at 5:11pm with GM recap.

The group headed into the Secret door into a spherical room, “Breathe” pentagram was found. Again Barrett and Andreas refused. Finding a secret passage Tod heads down. He ends up in an elaborate trap, antimagic and facing Flesh Golems.

They encounter the Ghost of the paladin Ghelord, who gives them vital information. Deciding that they need to have one sacrifice himself, Barrett goes and Eats and Breathes the sacraments.

The next rooms are explored before moving onward… They find another Pentagram, “Burn”.  Barrett sacrifices 8 hp to the cause, discovering that it won’t heal back.

They confront two “hags” and overcome them, they discover a journal — “If we hadn’t been trapped here we would have left”.

They confront the insane vampire.

Finding the secret switch they descend to the main temple. Half the group is injured when they try to pass the forbiddance effect.

Barrett discovers something in the pit, but the moment he reaches into the smoke a doorway appears. Tod mage hands out the sword, [+1 Holy Fiendbane Longsword]. With that, Barrett reaches into the doorway and disappears, the rest of the group follows suit.

They appear in a strange place. The Leader of the Fane is there, he looks back at them and monologues. He has his shadows intercept the group while he turns to kill the cleric of Gaen. Barrett leaps over the Shadows and confronts him directly.

Lytaros unleashes a devastating attack, as flames burst upon the field of battle, inflicting serious injuries, however, Aiden is able to “sweep” away the flame blasts protecting Lash, himself and Malcolm.

We end with Lytaros and the group in an epic struggle. Round 2.

The Chosen Ones – Session 30

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Image via Wikipedia

“Demons come and Demons go, but Green Demons stay with you”

Started at 4:40pm went till 9:30pm.


  • Lashiel played by Liz [Cameo]
  • Aiden played by Bryce [Cameo]
  • Laelia played by Bekah
  • Malcolm played by GM
  • Tod played by Nick
  • Vincent played by Conor
  • Barrett played by Calvin
  • Andreas played by Matt

Session Recap by group effort, with the GM giving a more detailed version to sum things up. We picked up with the identification of the loot. While they were looting, Lashiel and Aiden came upon the interesting scene of dead vrocks and a group in there. Andreas felt a sensation not felt in a long time. He called out “Hello” mentally. [Role-playing the meeting of the chosen ones with original chosen].

The group met “Lashiel” aka ‘Lash’, a talented scout and treasure hunter; They met Aiden, a pretty cleric of Sune. Re-united with their old comrade ‘Andreas’, they were both happy. Though, mention of the ‘Green Demon, erm, Green Knight‘ turned the happy reunion sour.

After a little divination “The cocoon room leads to wealth and experience, but your path lie within the ‘runes'”, they decided to check out the pentagram “EAT”. Andreas and Barrett went through and were sent to another plane. They were in a volcanic room, in which a quasit appeared and offered them wafers. They both refused the wafers and were transported back.

Pressing onward the group found a Huge Demon sitting in a Throne Room, deciding to “buff” they confronted the Demon. Using their established tactics, they jumped in and slew the great demon in one round. [A good thing, for Lashiel was held in it’s grip. The planning took a couple of hours in real life].

After defeating the Demon, Barrett tried out the Throne and was prompting lashed with razorwires and thorny vines. Malcolm saved him by teleporting. Vincent noted the magic frequency had altered when Barrett sat on the Throne. After saying the KEY phrase, the frequency changed again, he sat on the throne and knew he could lower the barriers on the hallways – He also imbued himself with +4 luck bonus to Armor Class, attack rolls,
saving throws, and all ability scores. [Mantle of Egregious Might]

Checking both doors in the room, they found one  room with painting, the other had “Fire Giants” per Lashiel. They decided to check out the paintings.  The next room had “Zombies” per Lashiel. The Second room contained a surprise, as Lash went to inspect it, her hand got stabbed by a dagger. Barrett asked her who she was to which she replied “I’m a sacrifice to the demon lord, please help me!”, her plea made sense to Barrett and a few others, But Aiden and Lashiel weren’t fooled. Andreas detected the presence of moderate evil. Aiden inflicted a HARM spell upon the lady, with a panicked look, she attempted to flee by magic and was struck down by concerted effort, but it was Tod who’d claim his was the killing blow. The comely young woman turned into a demonic succubus.

Lashiel inspected the room, discovered a secret door, a key to a chest and the secret door, and the “Arky” loot. Aiden claimed the perfumes and cosmetics. They discovered a Cloak of Etherealness. We ended with the discovery of the treasure.

[GM NOTE: I do plan to have the dungeon crawl wrapped up by next session].

Nothing to Fear – Session 5

El día en el que se murió Warrick Brown

Image by monoimitamonos via Flickr

“Hunter and Hunted… Which are we again?”

Absent – George

Session started at 7:30pm – GM recapped the end of the last game, and that four months had passed:

  • Calamar had spent time training and working with his sister, Yasmin, in the mystic arts.
  • Warrick had been demoted, sent on menial missions, and given flak.
  • The rest of the Original band had resigned.

The entire group received a summons in two days time. After the allotted time, the entire company assembled in the guild main meeting hall. In attendance were: Calamar, Warrick, Boran [A persuasive Half-Orc], Cain [A Canine Huskey], Rigel [Blue Half-Dragon/Human], Rahne “Rain” [Healer]. The mission was simple – The “Blades of Destruction” were holding a meeting soon, they wanted us to recon and discover the meeting location.

Calamar sent an encoded message to “Draconis” [A mole in the Blades of Destruction]. Then the group went to the town, half a days’ travel away. They recon’d the area – Boran learned everything from looking at the area [Survival total of 27!]; Cain tried to scent out anything, but was unable to ascertain anything; Rain divined that Hedon had just entered the mansion grounds about the time we had breakfast; Calamar went and tried to gather any information he could via his persuasiveness. He learned that Hedon was leaving to the EAST, approximately four days travel (GGV – Greengroves Village). We decided to head the half-way point and stage there. It wasn’t long before the Blades came through, four guards and Hedon. We planted a tracking ring on a guard, and a tracking coin in the wagon. Calamar and Warrick hid outside to avoid discovery by Hedon, the rest hung out in the Inn. Boran made friends with the guards. Warrick went and stole the Scythe of Hedon. Boran noted that Hedon was looking out at the wagon where Warrick was running. Calamar contacted Boran with a mental contact, whom contacted Cain. Cain teleported out and apported the Scythe back to the Wagon. While Calamar warned Warrick that Hedon was coming out. Barely diving to the ground to avoid notice in time.

We tailed the guards on the way to GGV. During the night, we were attacked by the mutated wolves. We relocated and continued to tail the group. Boran was able to discover the guards were heading five days to the Southeast, probably near one of the abandoned druid temples. Calamar sent a message to the Guild of the information they had (Talnor the Falcon was near and delivered it) They tailed the group for a day, when Calamar got a message pigeon from Draconis, with the sentries and the exact location they decided to head back to GGV Inn and wait further instructions. (Mission accomplished). The return message was we’d be point on the infiltration with four reinforcements – Teryn, the druid; Valid, and stealth specialist; two other unnamed as of yet. We ended as Teryn and Valis entered the Inn.

Children’s Crusade – Session 3

Late Start for the Game – 2:45pm till 6pm.

Absent: Zachery. Allison filled in the missing spot.

Recap by Christopher and Spencer.

Bringing the kids up to speed on the events after the Tournament [See ‘Innocent or Guilty – Session 13?’ for full details] – Including a Duel between the Green Knight, and the scheduled Wedding later that evening. The Wedding was paid for by the Green Knight, who, though he won the duel, did not win the heart of the Girl.

Huntley gets a note saying his Contact – Sandarian, wished to meet with him in the Alley behind the “Prancing Pony” [GM was disappointed to learn that none of the kids have read the LORD OF THE RINGS]. Huntley meets with his reliable contact, who informs Huntley that TWELVE contracts have been taken out for the wedding tonight, and that the princess was one of those hits. He even knew that one of the assassins was a Half-Orc.

Huntley returned and informed the rest of the group. They scrambled to inform the Commander of the Guards, they went to the Library, but were unsuccessful in obtaining anything useful there; Huntley met with his Sage contact and was able to learn about orcs. They ever learned about assassin tricks, disguises and other sundry dirty items, such as poisons.

Fearing all the above, they took steps to plan how best to protect the exposed princess, whom is called ‘Willow’.

At the Temple they coordinated with the Master-At-Arms, whom informed them of the magical protections – Wall of Force to protect the Officiant, the Groom and Bride and of course the groomsmen and bridesmaids. They inspected the rings, and learned about the wedding being a double wedding – Duchess Chi and Liam Archon, the Green Knight and Lady Summers.

Talios and Horace set the princess between themselves; the rest were dispersed throughout the church. During the service, an old lady sitting next to Talios asked him to pass her offering. Suspecting poison when he took it and intending to pass it beyond the princess, he barely noticed the dagger aimed straight for Willow’s heart. Taking the certainly fatal blow in place of the princess, he purged the poison, but took the damage. The entire group converged and  in a mere 20 seconds, had the little lady laid out on the floor. Talios inspected the body, and upon removing the bonnet, the lady turned into a hideous half-orc man. Horace noticed a shadow pop out of the ground and intercepted it. Georgina brandished her Deity’s power and bade the creature to flee from her. It fled, and was struck down when the three characters near it – Talios, Horace and Julia, delivered fatal blows.

They waited till the end of the ceremony, discovered another ten would-be assassins had been captured or killed. They escorted the princess to the wedding reception, and the last attack of the evening came as an old man tried to stab Horace in the back. Horace’s counter was equally ineffective. The rest stayed with Willow. The Assassin fled, and the group stayed behind.

XP Given: 166.6667 [Total to date: 500xp]

GP: 200 gp