The Chosen Ones – Session 29

Nick performed the previous session recap with input from Calvin. Session notes from Mike had to be redone due to a technical difficulty with the laptop.

Dinner was Pizza!

— Adventure Begins —

GM pointed out the reduced cost for Legionnaire (2 CP) and noted that nobody took it. So the Training with Eryk didn’t take hold. The Mysterious Smurf also enabled the Rune Casters to Trickle Flow to each other granting a +2 Caster Level Boost for 2 Mana. The other Casters were taught theories of magic.

After an intense training session, Barrett noted that Green Knight was absent and inquired from Simon his whereabouts, to which Simon informed him that the Eagle had taken him aside and sent him off. Simon then addressed the group and told them to get rest, for they would need it. Barrett asked why, and Simon answered “We’re going to war”.

The group rested – All had nightmares, each had a unique experience involving a loved one or hated enemy. Upon waking they saw Simon at a large round table with City guards making plans. They were instructed Malcolm would be teleporting them to the drop site. Khotalas would stay behind, and the Green Knight was on other business. Tod checked up on the little boy he’d freed from the torment imposed by the Candle Mage.

Malcolm teleported the group to a high rise, accessible only by flight which overlooked the Valley with the lake. They noted the three legions being herded by Balors and the writhing mass of demons encircling the lake, they saw the top of the temple statue in the middle of the lake and determined Teleporting their direct would be the best course of action.

A hatch was discovered, but Barrett was unable to budge it till Vincent recalled the information they had learned at the Library. Upon uttering the correct phrase, the hatch was easily open by Barrett whom entered in. Inside they solved the riddle of the Smiling Demon and successfully placed the key in the hidden lock. Barrett also solved the patterns on the floor, opening a door. However, the rest of the group was sealed off in the upper room while Barrett faced a Chimera Construct. Tod and Vincent repeated the step and were able to open the portal in the floor, Todd seemed to increase his speed and somersaulted into the room below; the rest carefully climbed down or flew in the case of Malcolm and Vincent. The Chimera knocked out Laelia with it’s foul breath, and a fierce combatant. However it collapsed from the combined assault from the group.

After exploring the rest of the level and not finding much of import, they descended down some stairs and fought what Malcolm would later identify as Demon Vrocks. The beasts were nasty, pulling forth Fireballs that seemed to inflict more damage upon the humans and using their foul powers. Tod let loose a torrent of spells in the span of one round, but most seemed to not have much effect. Eventually with the Aid of Andreas, Bralani and a force sphere, the Vrock were slain.

Game Ended at 9:45pm.

[Notes: At the request of the players this was a dungeon crawl game complete with figurines and a battlemat. Why? Cause they wanted to play with figurines and were jealous of  the kids group]


The party was in training with eryk, sans green knight.
Barrett was taken aside to focus his weapon imbuement of flame on his fist.
Tod and Vincent learn they might be able to share their mana if they put more effort into it.
Malcolm studies theories of how to make summons stronger without increasing the magical drain.
We are afterward tired and go to bed. Our dreams include that the lake we were at a week ago had it’s village burned and the temple is revealed due to the water disappearing. There is a hint that “all Gehenna is going to break loose” tomorrow there.

We go to the tavern… and talk to others about it. They had the same type of dreams. We imagine that a loved one or someone we care about is being tortured or sacrificed. There’s a large round table in the tavern, enough for 10 people or so to fit. There’s a map of the city and area, and the conversation snippets include reinforcing the walls and putting people in strategic locations for speedier response. Barrett finds out we’re being sent to the heart of the evil 100 miles away. (the temple.) Barrett explains his dream to Simon, who hands each of us an amulet. Barrett’s has a fist, Malcolm’s has a staff. On Tod’s it’s an orb, Vincent it’s three wavy lines behind a V, For Lelia it’s an oak Tree, For Khatolus it’s a sapling, Andreus it’s a sword, and the Green Knight doesn’t get one. Tod doesn’t detect any magic, and the magic gets sucked into the amulet. He tells Malcolm, and Malcolm detects no magic, but doesn’t know what Tod’s talking about. Vincent detects magic and Vincent discovered it’s an inversion field, masking it’s own properties.

So, we are off to the former lake, now tower. Simon gives me a live picture of the place we need to go.
Malcolm, Barrett, Vincent, Tod are all assigned to this task.

We teleport over to the area next to the temple, and there are flaming balors in the temple.
Malcolm sees a ledge we can teleport to. Tod becomes invisible, and Malcolm teleports us there.
Demons either climb up and down, or teleport in.
Tod points the keyblade at the hatch to the door we teleport to.
We go in, and a mosaic is below us, we go down, seeing a life sized statue of a man. A small iron box lies at his feet.
Detect magic! Abjuration & Illusion are in the room. Tod disbelieves.
Three dozen thin metal needles six inches long. Vincent sticks them in the statue, and the statue grimaces in happiness.
The statue sticks a forked tongue out with a key.
Barrett hits his head on something, Tod sees invisibility and notices a sphere flying around the room with a keyhole.
Vincent puts the key in the sphere with mage hand and the sphere disappears. A hole appears right next to the fountain in the room…
Barrett jumps down, and the hole vanishes as a creature emerges on the floor below toward Barrett. The hole seals and the sphere reappears.
We quickly replace the key in the sphere and go down after him, fighting the thing.
We kill it, but not without some damage and Lelia falling asleep, and send the pets downstairs. We see a table of seemingly nonmagical but weapons nonetheless used in evil purposes.
We go down to the crisscrossy room with feathers and a grate above us.
A fireball engulfs the party… hitting us hard.
We fight the creatures which are in the air… while lelia sleeps…
We kill the flying creatures, and fanfare ensues. *da da da daaaa da da daaa da daaa*