Children’s Crusade – Session 2

Food – Snacks, Garlic Bread w/ Jalapeno Sauce; Apples w/ Peanut Butter; Craisins; Trail Mix; Cuties; Oranges; Carrots and Crackers.

Present – All Players plus George as a guest playing the Green Knight and Baby Jack was the Goose.

Christopher was gracious enough to do a session recap and had almost perfect recall of the entire session. After getting a new character sheet for Horace we started the game.


The King Proclaimed a feast and tournament in celebration of the safe return of his daughter by his loyal vassals and fosterlings [See the previous session for a recap].

Our heroes got to engage in Melee Combat, Archery, Jousting and Magic. They caught a couple of cheaters trying to rig the Archery contest; cutting strings and casting true strike to cheat. Only at the end did the group reveal the cheater. Horace was uncomfortable when a young maiden bade him to carry her favor and be her champion. She introduced herself as the Lady Summers. Horace felt an icy grip of fear and avoided her for she made him quite uncomfortable in ways that could only be described as predator and prey. [Sam played the NPC Lady Summers]. Horace was most impressive dropping his opponents in one blow for two of the combats. The Green Knight observed and liked what he saw. The Green Knight was in the Jousting and met a worthy opponent, for they had two passes without success and then both crashed together de-horsing each other. Getting up they engaged in a fierce hand-to-hand combat before finally agreeing to a draw to quit the field with honor. Five of the Six characters were successful in de-horsing their opponent, Julia was unlucky and found herself instead de-horsed. The rest of the age group conceded figuring the king’s foster children were more than a match for any of them.

In the Magic Competition, Julia shined greatly. She and Nickolai outclassed their age groups. Horace had fun shooting a couple of “Rays of Fire”. The wizard apprentices couldn’t match the sheer strength, and were again soundly defeated.

After triumphing mightily in the tourney, the group ended up cleaning up along with the rest of the squires. When they returned to enjoy the feast, they found the entire group of celebrants out cold, drugged by a fey berry with magic. With the Aid of the Green Knight, the group went to the Forest to find a way to the Realm of the Fey. At the Forest they found the Fey Circle, the traditional Circle of Mushrooms. But finding no trace of fey, Julia, versed in many languages, called out. And was challenged back by a Tiny Squirrel. Offering coin, they entreated the Fey Creature to guide them to where a cure could be found, the Moth Crystal, held by the goblins.

With a stern warning NOT TO STRAY FROM THE TRAIL HE BLAZED, he opened the portal and led them. The group spotted a few unattended jewels a few feet from the path, but ignored it heeding the warning they had gotten. Next, they found a small bridge, traversing a brook, perhaps a foot wide, easily bypassed. Upon the stone bridge a creature leapt to the middle and challenged the group to answer three questions. Alas, Horace had not heeded the Squirrel’s warning and had tried to bypass the bridge and found himself lost in the forest. He heard singing and came across a glen where Satyrs where dancing around a fire. They offered him, food, drink and merriment, but he refused all. Instead asking to find his friends. In return he pain the satyrs by giving them the Large Mystic 50lbs tome of lore. They gave him a good hope berry and bade him to eat it when he desired to find his friends.

Meanwhile, back at the bride – the Green Knight answered his “How Old Are You?” “437” the reply came, to Talios “What Color is Water?”, to which he answered, “Blue”, “Wrong, water is clear” the little creature replied, and to the final person, “What can hold Ink?” to which Georgina replied “A glass vial!” With that, he allowed the group to pass.

The squirrel then left the path, to which the Green Knight challenged, what are you doing, I thought we weren’t supposed to leave the path. The squirrel replied, “I told you not to leave the trail I blazed”. Not far they found a cave. Huntley entered and cleared the entrance of the trap, and located Horace standing in the dark. Horace refused to return with him believing him to be a figment of his imagination. Huntley returned and informed the group, after an exchange they left Horace behind (Whom trailed after them as stealthy as a Bull in a China Shop).

They found an odd room, a contraption atop a pedestal with blades circling against the floor, and a flawless Diamond atop. Horace rushed in and grabbed the Diamond, being blinded and shocked for near half his life. There were three doors – Behind door #1 was a Stalactite dripping mystical water in to a pool; Behind Door #3 was an illusion of a sleeping fearsome beast; Behind door #3 was an endless hallway, which if you made your save was actually short and ended with a room where three goblins sat at a table. The group parleyed and bargained for Moth Crystal, in return the group had to each give something valuable –

Julia gave a precious Pen to the Goblins; Georgina gave her Staff; Huntley his Cloak; Talios his Sword; Nickolai his Bow; Horace his Greatsword; and the Green Knight Sacrificed a portion of his heart. In return they were given the antitidote and left.

Returning and spreading the dust, they awoke the participants. The Green Knight Knighted all but Julia, proclaiming them ‘Knights of the Shadow’ under his authority as a knight of the Eagle; for Julia, he proclaimed her a Mage of great power, and giving her a note with instructions to seek out a man in a fancy hat in a tavern in Hilsfar.

NPCs of Note:

  • King Belharn – Father of the Princess and Ruler of Hilsfar
  • Lady Bella Summers – Maiden looking for a worthy husband

Player Requests:

  • Horace is desiring a Pseudodragon egg to raise
    • GM pointed out that instead of trying to purchase such a thing, that instead questing to find and befriend one might be more rewarding.
  • Talios wants a pet: Cat or Dog
    • GM pointed out that at 2nd level the option to take ‘Companion’ would be available allowing such things to be Dogs, Cats or even Pseudodragons to be gotten. Eclipse: The Codex Persona allows such things with the GM permission to be obtained, making the character direction a lot more in player control.

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