Guest Game – Mystics, Mountains and Carebear Creatures?


Another World, Another Time


An Old Evil has raised it’s head once again, in a strange land. This land has no heroes, no great figures, nothing to stem this rise of evil. Once long ago, but not anymore do the peoples have a hero.


Calling upon rituals most ancient, reading texts best forgotten, the high priests of the people Called upon the Gods for heroes capable of defeating this mighty evil and banishing it from the land.


Unfortunately, either the rituals got botched, or the ancient gods have a sick sense of humor. Enter the Player Characters *smirk*.


Adventure Summary 4/25/10

A cobbled adventure for a Random Game when two groups collided… I’m writing this upon from the notes I left myself back in April of 2010, on the 25th. I decided to leave the [GM Notation Summary Reminders] in place and put in a Narrative Text to ease the reading. Please do enjoy.


The characters came from all over…

Summoned from different dimensions, to defeat an ancient evil…

The High Priestess look at the inscribed runes, she had spent the past week learning the texts of the ancients, she had the assembled assistants tutored in the proper counter chants. She had a silent prayer to the Great One that this would work as it had done in the past for her great-great-great-great grandmother. She intoned the words, alien syllables, she hoped she had the chanting rhythm correct. The ritual lasted an hour before a blinding flash of light brought strangers into the circle. The elation of success, she had called upon the Ancient Champions. Though, the number were off, the champions had been three for as long as she could recall from the Stories. The Bearer of Flaming Justice, Ancient Knight and Warden of the People; The Protector with his mighty Shield, also called the Peoples’ Defender; and the Mighty Archmagus with the Magisters’ Staff of Knowledge. These people did not seem to carry the correct items, nor even resemble the ancient champions. But, they were called, and so they must be.

Startling revelation when these called Heroes couldn’t even speak the language, how could she let them know of the ancient evil, or equip them with knowledge. Some even left, perhaps they had the knowledge from being heroes. One lit fire from his Fingers, a truly powerful Magus. As a last resort, she pulled out the ancient scroll with the pictures of the Ancient evil and how the Heroes had vanquished. After showing the scroll the heroes had left.

The party had appeared in the summoning circle. They did not understand the lady, but the mission seemed simple enough, fight evil, make the oppressed people happy.

The Party of Misfits:


  • Malcolm the summoner (wizard) ~ From the Chosen One’s Campaign
  • Grendel the warrior (fighter) ~ From the Realm of Fantasies Game (Matt K’s Game)
  • Alyss the nature lover (druid) ~ From the Realm of Fantasies Game (Matt K’s Game)
  • Burgmor the pyro (wizard) ~ From the Realm of Fantasies Game (Matt K’s Game)
  • Elam the mercenary (fighter) ~ From the Realm of Fantasies Game (Matt K’s Game)


An alien city, a mountain in the distance, forboding smoke bellowing forth like the smoke of a blacksmithy. That must be the evil of which it can be presumed our heroes must go. It becomes apparent menfolk are not in any great numbers, perhaps the armies have gone to do battle and lost?


[First Encounter ~ “F-U, the Uncaring Bear”]

Upon the road, was a strange creature that appeared to be a Bear Walking upright’. It was an evil looking bear, with malice and evil in it’s heart for it was shooting forth a sickly green ray, obvious it’s poisonous ray was unmistakable, for it withered what it had touched. It was unknown if the being was living or an abominable construct, none could tell. It put up a fight and disappeared in a blackish smoke leaving very little behind.

[Second Encounter ~ Voltron, the uncaring Bears]

Upon the road the group did spot a group of three “bears”, and when confronted with flame they combined into one colossal bear, still flaming. Apparently fire didn’t bother it, and the group decided fleeing was the best option, rather than face such a creature.

[The Main Entrance]

The next thing was the main entrance [or known to the group as “Conor’s lucky escapades”],  Grendel? had the misfortune of setting off the traps and not being – speared through the heart, speared through the head, ‘Decapitated’ or maimed in grotesque ways – After the third trap had been triggered,and discovering with a thrown rock, that every square inch of the entrance was trapped, the group quickly realized it was a death trap and the entrance must be hidden elsewhere. And they gained entry through the cleverly disguised door. They were confronted with three paths to take, choosing the right hand rule they came to an interesting room.

[Then the Champions’ Shades and bequeathing of the Items of power]

The room was large, shadows appeared reaching forth to the heroes, after they had entered. Fear had caught them, but then they realized the shades were no threat but seemed to be entreating them. With their mere touch and acceptance, the heroes were given the items of Power – The Magisters’ Staff of Knowledge; The Shield of the ProtectorBecame a buckler to a frisbee; Flaming Justice – a Sword whose light pierced the darkness with ease.

[The finding of the Three Statues – Champions of Diamond]

And lo did the group find in a maze like area, Statues three, made of diamond in heroic pose. Each unique in what it seemed to hold, although oddly enough each seemed to hold something that was eerily missing. Perhaps a Sword, a Shield and maybe a Stave.

[The Puzzling Hall with Rubik’s Cube]

The heroes did trod through a hall, and disappeared they did whilst walking. Those behind puzzled this strange turn of events, pondering whether to follow along or to perhaps take yet another path. Those that tarried heard terrible footsteps, whilst those who’d disappeared found themselves in a large box room with no windows, or doors. Noting however, that there were upon the floor, ceiling and walls, nine equally semetrical squares of different colors. Also of import they found was when pressed upon or walked upon, the squares would change color. Upon this discovery, the heroes puzzled out to make the same color upon a wall, and lo didst create a door way five feet off the floor to exit this strange room.

[The Illusionary Dragon and Pandora’s box]

Regrouping with the fellows who tarried on the other end of the hallway, the heroes didst retreat from the approaching legion of the dreaded ‘uncaring bears’. Upon entry into the HALL, they found at the other end a massive box. Inscribed upon the inside, after daring to open the chest, was the name ‘Pandora’. Too late the massive form of a shadowy dragon appeared and attacked the heroes. Their spells and weapons useless, only using the tools given to them by the Shades did they deal any damage to the Dragon Demon of Shadow and drive it back from this dimension.

[Ended Game with the group being mystically transported back from whence they came, wondering if it had perhaps been a dream…]

As the demon dragon disappears, motes of light surrounded the heroes, the uncaring bears glistened and vaporize before their eyes. The heroes awake, returned to their place, unbeknowst to anyone else they had even been gone, for the entirety of the adventure took place in the blink of an eye, perhaps it was a lucid dream of fancy, but were it not for some items that remained upon some of the heroes possession…

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