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‘Team Ballista Tales’ a substory of ‘Fairy Tales Gone Wrong’ Session 1

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From Andrew Maitland:

The Bard is on the Loose — That’s the message from Mayor of Smalltownsville – Claude.

Stargate the City… Magic Levels – Technology lower, but metro. That’s where the Bard has been reportedly seen. We need to go over there and gather as much information on the Bard as we can. We take the Hummer over to the Stargate City. We split up and meet with our contacts – checking out the Police Station, the local strip bar, the underground network, and a back alley dealer, we are able to learn that the children have been acting strange – drawing disturbing pictures and seem a bit dazed. We also learn that Bard has been sighted on the North part of town – in the underground, as well as parts of the forest at night.

We get a note to keep an eye on 8 year old – Sally (Daughter) Johnson – we discover she was killed in the sewers. Fauxkarde goes in disguised as a CSI agent and learns the girl was stabbed 5 times and strangled to death. We keep an eye on the Morgue, and Brid wakes the next morning with a note we should do a better job on Alice then Salley. We hack in the system and narrow our search to an Alice – We located the house, Brid calls and speaks to the father, she hears a crash as the conversation is finishing. We rush in the Ballista Mobile (Hummer) and find the backdoor is broken in. Fauxkarde opens the lock from the front door and rushes upstairs. A wolf attacks Fauxkarde, he spears it with his rapier, Wolfram leaps acrobatically over and attacks it. Meanwhile zombies crash in from the sides keeping Brid and Defferio busy. We find the family and the dog have all been transformed and get a call that Alice is in detention at school.

Disguising the Ballista Mobile, we arrive at the School. Fauxkarde disguises himself as the father and takes custody of Alice. Obtaining as much information as possible from Alice before we break the news that her family has been murdered by the Bard, and we keep her with us as we learn all her friends that have been visited by the Bard are dead or missing.

We discover a tail, and get caught by the Magic Abusers Patrol. Fauxkarde gives a truthful account of what’s going on, and then we get a new inn, after setting up a false inn. Hoping to throw off this mysterious Bard and his agents.

From Mike Mason,  another player perspective:

We found the three head members of team Ballista, involved with weird natured trees…
Wolfram’s head was in the tree, Fauxkarde’s hands were stuck in the tree, Rabbiticus was dangling from it.
Since finding (an item) Wolfram and Fauxkarde recruit three new members to their team.

The main governor, mr claude, had to get a whole new staff in accounting since the last practical game.

Everything’s kind of in a mess but is getting started back up again. Sadly, the bard is on the loose.
Someone in Mr Claude’s old staff was a traitor. (a wolf)
We have a new base, and we’re on a new mission now.
The city is called smalltownville.
Rabiticus comes in looking for Fauxkarde, handing him a letter. He reads it, and it is addressed to the main three of Renegade. They need the team to come look up the case, and there has been a sighting in the city Stargate of the Bard. Fauxkarde stole Wolfram’s dagger, and still has a necklace he stole last time.
Their mission parameters are to obtain information on the spoony bard, but not to apprehend.
We all pile in the hum-v. Brid is the only one who knows how to fire the ballista on the hum-v.
We get there, and something’s off – it seems a bit more bright, and people are more active. More radiant with energy.
We gather information.
We go to blah, the latest hip hop bar in the land.
Our information leads us into the underground or the forest.
We go down the tunnel… Fauxkarde keeps stealing from Wolfram, eventually getting his axe.
Defferiot scouts ahead… Wolfram tracks, and tracks Defferiot. lol.
Defferiot avoids a trap, and hears footsteps ahead of him.
We lose the culprit and head back up the passage. We learn of a person to find named Sally.
We go to a “lady of the evening” establishment, finding out who Sally is – an 8 year old.
We hear police sirens… Brid scouts and finds out how many cars and where, Defferiot hacks the network for clues.
Apparently there’s a body in the underground, and we get to it actually before the police do.
The place where the trap went off has tape and police near it.
We discover that Sally the 8 year old has been stabbed 5 times and strangled.
So we go to a hotel to rent rooms for the night, Defferiot hacking the morgue to try and see about the body, and in the morning Fauxkarde hides Wolfram’s pants (with a baking soda stain on them.)
Brid finds a note in her room, and goes to Fauxkarde’s room and saying something but being interrupted by Wolfram with no pants on scrubbing the pants. She screams and goes to Defferiot, and shows he and Fauxkarde who was in his room. The note states that “I hope you are quicker finding Alice than you were finding Sally.”
We hack and figure out Alices from 5-10 age, and with trouble at school, locating just one. We go to the house and there is trouble, in the form of a dead man on the ground floor. Going upstairs, Fauxkarde discovers a wolf who rushes him, and we all run to him, combat ensuing. While fighting the wolf, undead people come from the doors upstairs. Fauxkarde is hit, Brid heals him, and we down all the foes.
Brid figures out the exact process from her rune casting, they were zombified first, then organs were stitched inside of the zombies. She surmises they were for testing purposes. The wolf was not part of the zombification.

We find Alice’s room, and look for the same kind of drawings that Sally had (because the bar woman showed us her woman’s drawings) and there are some phallic type drawings.
Pictures in the house resemble the people in the house – the father was the dead one downstairs, the two zombies are the mother and brother, and the wolf is the family dog (modified somehow)
We get a call from the school, and Alice is in detention. TO THE SCHOOL!
We get Alice out of school, and in the car she asks about Suzi, Sally, and Demi.
Defferiot looks up the other two girls online, and discovers that Suzi disappeared 3 days ago, and Demi 6 days ago. Demi also draws pictures.
The Bard appears to Alice in her dreams, and told her he would play at ScareFest with her.
Alice ends up crying herself to sleep.
We decide to register at a motel under our names, then go to a different motel and register under different names. We are also being followed by a car.
We turn a corner, redisguising the car and parking, the other car parks too, and a police officer gets out.
The officer comes up to our disguised parked car and disenchants or does a true sight, and knocks on the door anyway. Fauxkarde asks him for ID, and inspects it.
He talks to the police officer, and explains the situation… the officer apparently takes the story well, and uses magic to relay this to others. We drive away unscathed.

-the end-
…for now…