Children’s Crusade – Session 1

Here’s the GM summary, if the kids want to do a log from their character’s point of view that’s cool.

Session started 2:30pm – Yes, it was bit later, but for a first game that’s not horrible.

Outlined how the characters were tied together by being fostered by the royal family, their common duty of watching the 11 year old princess.

We started the actual play with a page summoning the characters to the king. The king was distraught about his youngest daughters kidnapping. He mentioned the other foster kids guarding the princess chamber must have fallen to foul magics since they were all sleeping. The king ordered them to engage in joining the hunt for the princess as they’re the day guards of the princess, and had no other duties.

The group opted to search the princess’s room, discovering the spells of sleep and tracelessness had been cast, however, Horace discovered the scales of a reptilian creature.

Huntley… Roland Huntley met with his contact for information and discovered that Kobolds had been seen leaving by the westward gate. At the gate, the guards answered the young nobles that yes a small group of kobolds had left with a covered wagon a few hours earlier. The road happens to lead past the graveyard. The guard recalled the cart was loud since one of the wheel had a notch. This made it easy for the group to follow the trail which led to the graveyard.

The trail ends with the covered wagon parked next to a mausoleum. They entered the dark structure, through perceptiveness, they discovered the catch that revealed the below ground entrance.

Somehow, the followed the righthand rule of dungeon exploring, and encountered an ambush with skeletal horrors. The heroes held them at bay, while Georgina saved the day by Turning them away with her faith. This allowed the undead to be picked off easily without threat of reprisal. In the next room, the group found a scorpion creature inside a summoning or retaining circle. They wisely chose to leave it alone. Horace claimed the heavy Tome of Arcane lore.

Continuing to the left side, they found a couple of kobolds gambling. Huntley entered and knocked both out with nary a sweat.  They interogated the kobold, Szsiss, and learned of the layout of the complex, and released both kobolds in return for this information.

They fond the “throne” room, and discovered the displacer beast, and kobold king [Goobie]. In the corner, under the eye of the displacer beast, was the young princess. The party devised a plan – send Huntley in to rescue the princess, and when signaled distract the others with combat. Huntley was able to free the princess, and make it to freedom. Unfortunately, he was pursued by the beast and dropped. The rest of the group engaged the Kobold King, but couldn’t land a blow. Georgina sent the princess running, and healed Huntley, and then they fled, leaving the Kobold King and the beast alive…

Ended session at 6:05pm – Rewarded 100gp, and Medals of Honor.

Andrew Maitland

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