Innocent or Guilty – Session 13

Lots of Good Stuff… I’d have to say this session was very intense in terms of raw role-playing. The majority of the focus was on Liam Archon, but there was lots of action on the sidelines to involve the rest of the group. There are still rough portions, but this is post worthy at this point.

Bullet Points:

  • Recap after Shadowman vs. Peacock Man Encounter.
  • The Raven Encounter
  • The Tournament Action
  • After the Tournament Action
  • The Duel For Duchess Chi’s Hand In marriage
  • The Draw – Bequeathing 10 Acres of Land to GK
  • The Bachelor Party
  • The Dark Deeds
  • The Wedding & Wedding Feast
  • The Absolution of Crime from Burgmor
  • The War Footing

We began our game approx 15 minutes late. Matt K provided a recap paraphrasing the log on the site. The GM clarified a few points that the players were confused about and after getting off the ground we picked up the game.

Our weary heroes headed back to Harold and Gaby’s hangout. They opted to take watches, Felix curled up in a corner and woke after a nightmare. On second watch Harold noticed a Raven watching them from a rooftop across the way. He managed to catch it unawares till – ‘crack!’ a roof tile had cracked beneath Harold’s feet and the bird took flight. Harold’s fast reflexes allowed him to catch the bird. With the bird in hand, he returned to the hangout and woke Burgmor and Yon. Burgmor detected the presence of Enchantment / Charm magics fading from the animal, and You determined the bird was not evil. Harold placed the raven into a crate and the rest of the evening passed.

Duchess Chi insisted Liam attend the Tournament as she had to attend as it was a royal court function. It was learned the Tournament was being held in Honor of the Kings’ Fosterlings whom brought back the youngest princess unharmed.As a celebration most of the courtiers and nobles were expected to attend the function.

The rest of the group either attended as audience [Harold and Felix], or participated in the events – Yon, a Knight of the Kings’ Court; Burgmor; Liam. The 16 year old crew did excellent and outmatched all in their “age bracket”. They noticed a good Joust between a Green Knight upon a Wolf and another Knight which ended in a Draw being declared.

Those in attendance enjoyed the bounteous meal and awoke to the Green Knight a several apprentices sprinkling dust that was waking up the revelers. Burgmor insistently inquired about what had happened realizing several hours had passed that he could not recall. The Green Knight found that a great sacrifice had been given and felt lesser for it.

The Green Knight found the Duchess Chi to be a great beauty and Liam tried to introduce her. Duchess Chi was gracious and mentioned how her betrothed had been valorous on the field of battle, for she only had eyes for him. Liam seemed to have a fit and the Green Knight escorted him away. Whereupon the Green Knight learned that Liam was conflicted but seemed to not to be interested in Marriage. The Green Knight proposed a method to avoid the marriage and Liam agreed. Loudly proclaiming a Challenge by Combat of Arms for the Right to Marry the Duchess he Gauntlet Slapped Liam [The Challenge was in front of the King and Royal Court]. Liam proclaimed his TRUE LOVE for Chi and accepted the challenge. The Duchess insisted her brave Champion wear her favor for the Battle. Another Lady, ‘Lady Summers’ asks to have the Green Knight wear her favor, but the Green Knight declines as his heart is for Chi alone. Unknown to everyone else, Liam and Green Knight had conspired together to have Liam throw the match; however they both knew that Liam had to put on a good show or else the audience would know it was a deceit.

Liam attacked and the force of the non-lethal blow was more than the Green Knight had expected. The Green Knight tried to land a blow but found his Axe deflected. Liam countered and knocked the wind out of the Green Knight. [A critical hit]. The Green Knight healed himself and then after realizing that Liam must have held back and had powerful magics, Dispelled Magic on Liam – the effort succeeds in dispelling all effects bestowed upon Liam. Both went back and forth, Green Knight tried to grapple but was countered. Finally Liam was offered the chance to Yield, but in that same moment saw his fathers face imposed upon the Green Knight’s face, becoming incensed beyond reason goes to deal lethal damage and unleashes another assault upon the unsuspecting Green Knight. In a fit of desperation and defense, the Green knight finally struck him down.

With Liam down, the Green Knight asks the King’s permission for the Hand of Duchess Chi, upon which he agrees, but Duchess Chi Contests the Duel upon the grounds that had magical healing not been used by the Green Knight, he would have succumbed to his injuries first which would have made Liam the victor instead. Burgmor seconds the contest of Arms. The King calls upon Brother Thadeus, whom through analysis of both combatants declares the outcome as challenged by Chi to be true. Duchess Chi then insists that she would not marry the Green Knight, for Liam, her True Champion, had proven his undying love and was the victor. The Green Knight conceded and the King being generous did offer him 10 acres of land as compensation for his valorous display and well-fought duel, the end result was the Duel was considered and Declared a Legal Draw, with the defender [Liam] keeping his original claim to Chi. The Green Knight in return, offered to pay for the Wedding as a gesture of goodwill and felt it should happen that very evening. Duchess Chi agreed and left to prepare with her bodyguard in tow.

The Green Knight then gathers Liam and the other “men” of the group and takes them around to the taverns, where they drank heavily and enjoyed each others company. Some discussions for the wedding plans do come up. Burgmor notices Liam’s Father exiting the Tavern but finds that he’s nowhere to be found. Burgmor then mentions this to Liam, who had already gone stony faced and was walking out of the building; upon hearing about his father, he instantly does an about face; but Felix persuades him to leave it, for it could be a trap. Felix then has an odd happening – he detects his ‘necklace‘ is walking away from him; enraged he becomes severely obsessed and transforms into a Wolf, a moment later the group sees that he’s become a fearsome Dire Wolf and pursing an ‘as-of-the-moment’ maiden who is ‘oblivious-to-the-beast-about-to-pounce-upon-her’. Green Knight calls his wolf, whom appears just a second later from around a corner and gives chase.  Seeing that the Dire Wolf is going to pounce, in an act of desperation, he casts forth a Wall Of Fire in hopes of slowing the beast before foul deeds happen in front of him. The Wall of Fire causes Felix to hesitate a moment, allowing the Green Knight to close the remaining distance and actually put himself between Felix and the now fleeing Maiden. Meanwhile Burgmor transforms the Wall of Fire into an immense dark billowing smoke cloud which blinds Felix the Dire Wolf. When Felix exits the cloud, he’s snarling a warning, [Wolf Translation “Bone Mine give now!”] After a negotiation period, the Green Knight is able to retrieve the ‘necklace‘ and return it to Felix. Yon catches up and asks what he missed as he’s breathing heavily from the exertion.

They decide getting to the Temple is the best course of action, for a marriage is happening soon. While at the Temple, the Green Knight sees the maiden Summers whom he’d declined her favor during the Match of True Love earlier. He goes to one knee and proposes to her with eloquent speech, and then taking out a platinum coin, he transforms it into two identical rings. She accepts. Afterward he, and the other men are taken by Lucius and his band of Merry Men to get properly dressed for this momentous occasion. This includes a bath and proper grooming. Their new clothes are envious, and cost the Green Knight a pretty penny. Each has an outfit that is stunning and spectacular.

[Outfit Descriptions will be filled out in completeness at a later time] Liam’s outfit is Pearls with a small coronet with a Jade as the Center Piece above the Pearls; Burgmor has a Emblazoned Flames upon the Tuxedo Collar on either side; Felix Placeholder; Green Knight Placeholder; Yon Placeholder.

The Wedding ceremony is elaborate – Merrick stands in as Liam’s Father, The King ‘Kelharn’ stands in as Chi’s Father, Yon is the Best Man. It’s a Dual Wedding, with Liam and Chi, and Green Knight and Baroness Summers. All told fourteen (14) assassins are thwarted in their attempts to disrupt the wedding. Liam and Chi exchange elaborate and ritualistic vows including a very sacred Soul Binding Ritual that forges an unbreakable bond. In comparison the ceremony of marriage between the Green Knight and Lady Summers was simplistic but lovely. They exchanged their vows, but Lady Summers added a most peculiar phrase to hers “My soul forever bonded to you” at the end of her vow. At the end we had Duke Liam Lee Archon and Duchess Chi-Archon <First Name withheld for Player GM consultation>; and Baron Bercilak Bredbeddle – ‘The Green Knight’ – ‘Knight of the Kings’ Court’ and Baroness Summers.

After the marriage, the marriage feast had the ritualistic dancing with the newly weds. Simon was drinking from a fountain that appeared to be water, but ended up being a Pure Fey Wine. The Green Knight took a draft and promptly passed out from it’s Fey Goodness. <We think it’s due to his giddiness at being married and being told war would be upon them soon>. Afterward the newlyweds consummated their marriage – For Liam, the Soul-bond apparently heightens the sensation and is akin to an empathic ‘knowing-what-the-other-feels-and-enjoys’, both were pure and unsoiled and enjoyed each other in a tender loving manner (Fade to Black) – For The Green Knight, being this is his Fifth Wife in 437 years of his life, he and his new wife were both tender and wild together, however lacking any Soul-Bond, they were left with the mundane joy of figuring things out on their own (Also Fade to Black).

Burgmor had gotten a promise that he’d be forgiven his debt for his crimes, and quickly left for the Magistrates Office to find out if this was true, as well as getting his Crime Anklet removed. Although elated he quickly noticed a palpable wariness, and tension in the air. Noting fortifications, and engines of war being mounted upon the city walls. When he asked what was going on, he was told that War was coming…

And So Ends The Session.

Player Log Submission – Mike:

So the gang meets up at the hideout after the big fun evil man was matched to the feathered cap man in the graveyard.
The reason we do not go to the mansion is that Chi cannot get inside without a fun special secret decoder ring.
We set up watch… Yon’s is uneventful but second is Harold and he spots a raven which watches the building we are in when it should not be awake, and he acrobatically grabs the bird. He yells at it to calm down. It surprisingly does. He wakes up Yon, who detects no evil from it and suggests the mage detects anything. The mage detects fading enchantment(charm) and it’s acting like a normal bird so he goes back to sleep.

In the morning, we hear the town crier, and there is a tournament that yon must attend (being a member of the town guard and nobility in the king’s court) as well as Dutchess Chi.. So we attend, and sitting in the stands is Luscious.. ERR, Lucius.

So, the others in our bracket are showing off. There’s a large wolf jousting with a greenish warrior ontop of it. They end in a draw in the jousting session.
There are also 14 year old kids at an archery range (one accused of cheating with a truestrike spell.)

Yon notices that a girl he is assigned to sometimes is in the court and present.
Liam and Yon win their matches, and the others who won the same competition matches are who Liam wishes to talk to.
We feast afterwards and during the feast we collapse. When we awake people are sprinkling powder on us as we wake to cold food and a later time of day.
Felix doesn’t seem to notice and still eats. Liam points the green armored man to Yon and Yon senses no evil from the knight.
Bergmore asks the Green Knight why we’ve lost time, and what happened. The GK either plays dumb or he’s not playing.
Bergmore persists and notices the Green Knight is not feeling the best, and the GK says it’s heartburn.
He mentions he protected us from something, and we’re lucky we lost only time.
Dutchess chi speaks with the Green Knight and Liam blushes, making cherries look white. GK says perhaps he can save Liam’s heart.
GK challenges Liam to a duel, to settle this like MEN for the dutchess chi’s heart. *snickersnicker*
There is a small crowd, including apprentices and the king overheard it.
They re-set up the field, this time for the duel. The terms are the one who submits loses the claim to Dutchess Chi.
The Green Knight seems to lose the battle at first… and keeps seeming to lose… (Nick got a crit)… GK tries to grapple to dispel the enchantments on Liam, and whispers for Liam to pretend to fight because he’ll kill the GK if he doesn’t. They apparently don’t want to kill eachother.
Bergmore notices the chatter and yell to stop talking and fight. Yon does too.
Green Knight asks Liam to yield, if Liam doesn’t, Liam will likely kill GK. Liam can’t publicly yield, so GK knocks him out.
GK heals Liam, bowing, and claims Chi to the king.
Chi sees that GK healed himself during the battle… and refuses!
Thadeus proclaims the GK would have fallen first, but the King proclaims since the GK was so Valorous and cunning in battle, he is awarded 10 acres of land.
A draw is declared.
The GK declares he will pay for and throwing the wedding.
We go to a bar and try to find Simon, prompting the I or G team to ask questions about Simon, which are answered over drinks.
We discover that Liam has ‘daddy issues,’ and that GK is trying to figure out how to make Liam fulfill his obligations.
Felix stops and reaches to his neck (where a necklace would be) and realizes there isn’t one. He shifts into a wolf and leaves, and goes into Dire form.
Yon isn’t fazed, but the others want to leave so they do leave to follow him.
The GK casts a wall of fire in front of Felix, stopping him for a moment.
Bergmore smokescreens and makes Felix even more slowed.
GK gets the girl which has Felix’ necklace so Felix won’t kill her for it. (his eyes are red)
Felix says “Mine.” through mental link.
GK throws the necklace to Felix.
GK offers the woman 5 gold and the woman runs away crying.
His wolf says there’s a third scent on that necklace, not the girls nor Felix’.
They all head back, and meet Yon huffing and puffing while running slowly to catch up.

Back at the castle, the wedding is soon, and the groomsman are dressed by Lucius, while the Green Knight funds the whole shebang.
He even shapes platinum in his hand to two rings, giving them to the Dutchess, and the Green Knight is now known as the Baron.
the Green Knight is marrying Lady Summers at the same time as Liam marries Dutchess Chi.
There are even assassination attempts on the Green Knight, Felix, and Chi, but they are thwarted.
Someone says “I do” when asked “does anybody object to this wedding” but there is a field in place and the person is arrested before anything can be done about it.
Yon is one of the two best men, and gives the ring to Liam. His ring is electrum and jade, hers is smaller, and also with jade. They’re shaped with yin and yang type symbols.
The “I do’s” of Liam and Chi are swapped, in a soulbinding marriage where they are bound while both souls are in any plane.
They are handfasted, they both glow white and blur, closer together seeming as one light.
Green Knight and Lady Summers swap rings and there is ritualistic swording they do. Her oath to GK is elaborate with a weird phrase she throws in there, oathing to bind her soul to him forevermore.

The reception afterwards is mostly uneventful… Simon tells GK that his time away from the war is short.
Yon dances with the girl who has a crush on him. He is a gentleman.
The couples consummate the marriages overnight.

Felix got a new bone, too… it even regenerates meat and he thinks he’s happier than Liam.
Liam gains prestige, and wealth, a title, and some spiffy new clothes.

All the soldiers are on high alert the next day.
Preparations were being made. The magistrate’s office had men fortifying walls and readying men for a large assault.

— END Mike’s Submission —

The Chosen Ones – Session 29

Nick performed the previous session recap with input from Calvin. Session notes from Mike had to be redone due to a technical difficulty with the laptop.

Dinner was Pizza!

— Adventure Begins —

GM pointed out the reduced cost for Legionnaire (2 CP) and noted that nobody took it. So the Training with Eryk didn’t take hold. The Mysterious Smurf also enabled the Rune Casters to Trickle Flow to each other granting a +2 Caster Level Boost for 2 Mana. The other Casters were taught theories of magic.

After an intense training session, Barrett noted that Green Knight was absent and inquired from Simon his whereabouts, to which Simon informed him that the Eagle had taken him aside and sent him off. Simon then addressed the group and told them to get rest, for they would need it. Barrett asked why, and Simon answered “We’re going to war”.

The group rested – All had nightmares, each had a unique experience involving a loved one or hated enemy. Upon waking they saw Simon at a large round table with City guards making plans. They were instructed Malcolm would be teleporting them to the drop site. Khotalas would stay behind, and the Green Knight was on other business. Tod checked up on the little boy he’d freed from the torment imposed by the Candle Mage.

Malcolm teleported the group to a high rise, accessible only by flight which overlooked the Valley with the lake. They noted the three legions being herded by Balors and the writhing mass of demons encircling the lake, they saw the top of the temple statue in the middle of the lake and determined Teleporting their direct would be the best course of action.

A hatch was discovered, but Barrett was unable to budge it till Vincent recalled the information they had learned at the Library. Upon uttering the correct phrase, the hatch was easily open by Barrett whom entered in. Inside they solved the riddle of the Smiling Demon and successfully placed the key in the hidden lock. Barrett also solved the patterns on the floor, opening a door. However, the rest of the group was sealed off in the upper room while Barrett faced a Chimera Construct. Tod and Vincent repeated the step and were able to open the portal in the floor, Todd seemed to increase his speed and somersaulted into the room below; the rest carefully climbed down or flew in the case of Malcolm and Vincent. The Chimera knocked out Laelia with it’s foul breath, and a fierce combatant. However it collapsed from the combined assault from the group.

After exploring the rest of the level and not finding much of import, they descended down some stairs and fought what Malcolm would later identify as Demon Vrocks. The beasts were nasty, pulling forth Fireballs that seemed to inflict more damage upon the humans and using their foul powers. Tod let loose a torrent of spells in the span of one round, but most seemed to not have much effect. Eventually with the Aid of Andreas, Bralani and a force sphere, the Vrock were slain.

Game Ended at 9:45pm.

[Notes: At the request of the players this was a dungeon crawl game complete with figurines and a battlemat. Why? Cause they wanted to play with figurines and were jealous of  the kids group]


The party was in training with eryk, sans green knight.
Barrett was taken aside to focus his weapon imbuement of flame on his fist.
Tod and Vincent learn they might be able to share their mana if they put more effort into it.
Malcolm studies theories of how to make summons stronger without increasing the magical drain.
We are afterward tired and go to bed. Our dreams include that the lake we were at a week ago had it’s village burned and the temple is revealed due to the water disappearing. There is a hint that “all Gehenna is going to break loose” tomorrow there.

We go to the tavern… and talk to others about it. They had the same type of dreams. We imagine that a loved one or someone we care about is being tortured or sacrificed. There’s a large round table in the tavern, enough for 10 people or so to fit. There’s a map of the city and area, and the conversation snippets include reinforcing the walls and putting people in strategic locations for speedier response. Barrett finds out we’re being sent to the heart of the evil 100 miles away. (the temple.) Barrett explains his dream to Simon, who hands each of us an amulet. Barrett’s has a fist, Malcolm’s has a staff. On Tod’s it’s an orb, Vincent it’s three wavy lines behind a V, For Lelia it’s an oak Tree, For Khatolus it’s a sapling, Andreus it’s a sword, and the Green Knight doesn’t get one. Tod doesn’t detect any magic, and the magic gets sucked into the amulet. He tells Malcolm, and Malcolm detects no magic, but doesn’t know what Tod’s talking about. Vincent detects magic and Vincent discovered it’s an inversion field, masking it’s own properties.

So, we are off to the former lake, now tower. Simon gives me a live picture of the place we need to go.
Malcolm, Barrett, Vincent, Tod are all assigned to this task.

We teleport over to the area next to the temple, and there are flaming balors in the temple.
Malcolm sees a ledge we can teleport to. Tod becomes invisible, and Malcolm teleports us there.
Demons either climb up and down, or teleport in.
Tod points the keyblade at the hatch to the door we teleport to.
We go in, and a mosaic is below us, we go down, seeing a life sized statue of a man. A small iron box lies at his feet.
Detect magic! Abjuration & Illusion are in the room. Tod disbelieves.
Three dozen thin metal needles six inches long. Vincent sticks them in the statue, and the statue grimaces in happiness.
The statue sticks a forked tongue out with a key.
Barrett hits his head on something, Tod sees invisibility and notices a sphere flying around the room with a keyhole.
Vincent puts the key in the sphere with mage hand and the sphere disappears. A hole appears right next to the fountain in the room…
Barrett jumps down, and the hole vanishes as a creature emerges on the floor below toward Barrett. The hole seals and the sphere reappears.
We quickly replace the key in the sphere and go down after him, fighting the thing.
We kill it, but not without some damage and Lelia falling asleep, and send the pets downstairs. We see a table of seemingly nonmagical but weapons nonetheless used in evil purposes.
We go down to the crisscrossy room with feathers and a grate above us.
A fireball engulfs the party… hitting us hard.
We fight the creatures which are in the air… while lelia sleeps…
We kill the flying creatures, and fanfare ensues. *da da da daaaa da da daaa da daaa*

Children’s Crusade – Session 2

Food – Snacks, Garlic Bread w/ Jalapeno Sauce; Apples w/ Peanut Butter; Craisins; Trail Mix; Cuties; Oranges; Carrots and Crackers.

Present – All Players plus George as a guest playing the Green Knight and Baby Jack was the Goose.

Christopher was gracious enough to do a session recap and had almost perfect recall of the entire session. After getting a new character sheet for Horace we started the game.


The King Proclaimed a feast and tournament in celebration of the safe return of his daughter by his loyal vassals and fosterlings [See the previous session for a recap].

Our heroes got to engage in Melee Combat, Archery, Jousting and Magic. They caught a couple of cheaters trying to rig the Archery contest; cutting strings and casting true strike to cheat. Only at the end did the group reveal the cheater. Horace was uncomfortable when a young maiden bade him to carry her favor and be her champion. She introduced herself as the Lady Summers. Horace felt an icy grip of fear and avoided her for she made him quite uncomfortable in ways that could only be described as predator and prey. [Sam played the NPC Lady Summers]. Horace was most impressive dropping his opponents in one blow for two of the combats. The Green Knight observed and liked what he saw. The Green Knight was in the Jousting and met a worthy opponent, for they had two passes without success and then both crashed together de-horsing each other. Getting up they engaged in a fierce hand-to-hand combat before finally agreeing to a draw to quit the field with honor. Five of the Six characters were successful in de-horsing their opponent, Julia was unlucky and found herself instead de-horsed. The rest of the age group conceded figuring the king’s foster children were more than a match for any of them.

In the Magic Competition, Julia shined greatly. She and Nickolai outclassed their age groups. Horace had fun shooting a couple of “Rays of Fire”. The wizard apprentices couldn’t match the sheer strength, and were again soundly defeated.

After triumphing mightily in the tourney, the group ended up cleaning up along with the rest of the squires. When they returned to enjoy the feast, they found the entire group of celebrants out cold, drugged by a fey berry with magic. With the Aid of the Green Knight, the group went to the Forest to find a way to the Realm of the Fey. At the Forest they found the Fey Circle, the traditional Circle of Mushrooms. But finding no trace of fey, Julia, versed in many languages, called out. And was challenged back by a Tiny Squirrel. Offering coin, they entreated the Fey Creature to guide them to where a cure could be found, the Moth Crystal, held by the goblins.

With a stern warning NOT TO STRAY FROM THE TRAIL HE BLAZED, he opened the portal and led them. The group spotted a few unattended jewels a few feet from the path, but ignored it heeding the warning they had gotten. Next, they found a small bridge, traversing a brook, perhaps a foot wide, easily bypassed. Upon the stone bridge a creature leapt to the middle and challenged the group to answer three questions. Alas, Horace had not heeded the Squirrel’s warning and had tried to bypass the bridge and found himself lost in the forest. He heard singing and came across a glen where Satyrs where dancing around a fire. They offered him, food, drink and merriment, but he refused all. Instead asking to find his friends. In return he pain the satyrs by giving them the Large Mystic 50lbs tome of lore. They gave him a good hope berry and bade him to eat it when he desired to find his friends.

Meanwhile, back at the bride – the Green Knight answered his “How Old Are You?” “437” the reply came, to Talios “What Color is Water?”, to which he answered, “Blue”, “Wrong, water is clear” the little creature replied, and to the final person, “What can hold Ink?” to which Georgina replied “A glass vial!” With that, he allowed the group to pass.

The squirrel then left the path, to which the Green Knight challenged, what are you doing, I thought we weren’t supposed to leave the path. The squirrel replied, “I told you not to leave the trail I blazed”. Not far they found a cave. Huntley entered and cleared the entrance of the trap, and located Horace standing in the dark. Horace refused to return with him believing him to be a figment of his imagination. Huntley returned and informed the group, after an exchange they left Horace behind (Whom trailed after them as stealthy as a Bull in a China Shop).

They found an odd room, a contraption atop a pedestal with blades circling against the floor, and a flawless Diamond atop. Horace rushed in and grabbed the Diamond, being blinded and shocked for near half his life. There were three doors – Behind door #1 was a Stalactite dripping mystical water in to a pool; Behind Door #3 was an illusion of a sleeping fearsome beast; Behind door #3 was an endless hallway, which if you made your save was actually short and ended with a room where three goblins sat at a table. The group parleyed and bargained for Moth Crystal, in return the group had to each give something valuable –

Julia gave a precious Pen to the Goblins; Georgina gave her Staff; Huntley his Cloak; Talios his Sword; Nickolai his Bow; Horace his Greatsword; and the Green Knight Sacrificed a portion of his heart. In return they were given the antitidote and left.

Returning and spreading the dust, they awoke the participants. The Green Knight Knighted all but Julia, proclaiming them ‘Knights of the Shadow’ under his authority as a knight of the Eagle; for Julia, he proclaimed her a Mage of great power, and giving her a note with instructions to seek out a man in a fancy hat in a tavern in Hilsfar.

NPCs of Note:

  • King Belharn – Father of the Princess and Ruler of Hilsfar
  • Lady Bella Summers – Maiden looking for a worthy husband

Player Requests:

  • Horace is desiring a Pseudodragon egg to raise
    • GM pointed out that instead of trying to purchase such a thing, that instead questing to find and befriend one might be more rewarding.
  • Talios wants a pet: Cat or Dog
    • GM pointed out that at 2nd level the option to take ‘Companion’ would be available allowing such things to be Dogs, Cats or even Pseudodragons to be gotten. Eclipse: The Codex Persona allows such things with the GM permission to be obtained, making the character direction a lot more in player control.

Guest Game – Mystics, Mountains and Carebear Creatures?


Another World, Another Time


An Old Evil has raised it’s head once again, in a strange land. This land has no heroes, no great figures, nothing to stem this rise of evil. Once long ago, but not anymore do the peoples have a hero.


Calling upon rituals most ancient, reading texts best forgotten, the high priests of the people Called upon the Gods for heroes capable of defeating this mighty evil and banishing it from the land.


Unfortunately, either the rituals got botched, or the ancient gods have a sick sense of humor. Enter the Player Characters *smirk*.


Adventure Summary 4/25/10

A cobbled adventure for a Random Game when two groups collided… I’m writing this upon from the notes I left myself back in April of 2010, on the 25th. I decided to leave the [GM Notation Summary Reminders] in place and put in a Narrative Text to ease the reading. Please do enjoy.


The characters came from all over…

Summoned from different dimensions, to defeat an ancient evil…

The High Priestess look at the inscribed runes, she had spent the past week learning the texts of the ancients, she had the assembled assistants tutored in the proper counter chants. She had a silent prayer to the Great One that this would work as it had done in the past for her great-great-great-great grandmother. She intoned the words, alien syllables, she hoped she had the chanting rhythm correct. The ritual lasted an hour before a blinding flash of light brought strangers into the circle. The elation of success, she had called upon the Ancient Champions. Though, the number were off, the champions had been three for as long as she could recall from the Stories. The Bearer of Flaming Justice, Ancient Knight and Warden of the People; The Protector with his mighty Shield, also called the Peoples’ Defender; and the Mighty Archmagus with the Magisters’ Staff of Knowledge. These people did not seem to carry the correct items, nor even resemble the ancient champions. But, they were called, and so they must be.

Startling revelation when these called Heroes couldn’t even speak the language, how could she let them know of the ancient evil, or equip them with knowledge. Some even left, perhaps they had the knowledge from being heroes. One lit fire from his Fingers, a truly powerful Magus. As a last resort, she pulled out the ancient scroll with the pictures of the Ancient evil and how the Heroes had vanquished. After showing the scroll the heroes had left.

The party had appeared in the summoning circle. They did not understand the lady, but the mission seemed simple enough, fight evil, make the oppressed people happy.

The Party of Misfits:


  • Malcolm the summoner (wizard) ~ From the Chosen One’s Campaign
  • Grendel the warrior (fighter) ~ From the Realm of Fantasies Game (Matt K’s Game)
  • Alyss the nature lover (druid) ~ From the Realm of Fantasies Game (Matt K’s Game)
  • Burgmor the pyro (wizard) ~ From the Realm of Fantasies Game (Matt K’s Game)
  • Elam the mercenary (fighter) ~ From the Realm of Fantasies Game (Matt K’s Game)


An alien city, a mountain in the distance, forboding smoke bellowing forth like the smoke of a blacksmithy. That must be the evil of which it can be presumed our heroes must go. It becomes apparent menfolk are not in any great numbers, perhaps the armies have gone to do battle and lost?


[First Encounter ~ “F-U, the Uncaring Bear”]

Upon the road, was a strange creature that appeared to be a Bear Walking upright’. It was an evil looking bear, with malice and evil in it’s heart for it was shooting forth a sickly green ray, obvious it’s poisonous ray was unmistakable, for it withered what it had touched. It was unknown if the being was living or an abominable construct, none could tell. It put up a fight and disappeared in a blackish smoke leaving very little behind.

[Second Encounter ~ Voltron, the uncaring Bears]

Upon the road the group did spot a group of three “bears”, and when confronted with flame they combined into one colossal bear, still flaming. Apparently fire didn’t bother it, and the group decided fleeing was the best option, rather than face such a creature.

[The Main Entrance]

The next thing was the main entrance [or known to the group as “Conor’s lucky escapades”],  Grendel? had the misfortune of setting off the traps and not being – speared through the heart, speared through the head, ‘Decapitated’ or maimed in grotesque ways – After the third trap had been triggered,and discovering with a thrown rock, that every square inch of the entrance was trapped, the group quickly realized it was a death trap and the entrance must be hidden elsewhere. And they gained entry through the cleverly disguised door. They were confronted with three paths to take, choosing the right hand rule they came to an interesting room.

[Then the Champions’ Shades and bequeathing of the Items of power]

The room was large, shadows appeared reaching forth to the heroes, after they had entered. Fear had caught them, but then they realized the shades were no threat but seemed to be entreating them. With their mere touch and acceptance, the heroes were given the items of Power – The Magisters’ Staff of Knowledge; The Shield of the ProtectorBecame a buckler to a frisbee; Flaming Justice – a Sword whose light pierced the darkness with ease.

[The finding of the Three Statues – Champions of Diamond]

And lo did the group find in a maze like area, Statues three, made of diamond in heroic pose. Each unique in what it seemed to hold, although oddly enough each seemed to hold something that was eerily missing. Perhaps a Sword, a Shield and maybe a Stave.

[The Puzzling Hall with Rubik’s Cube]

The heroes did trod through a hall, and disappeared they did whilst walking. Those behind puzzled this strange turn of events, pondering whether to follow along or to perhaps take yet another path. Those that tarried heard terrible footsteps, whilst those who’d disappeared found themselves in a large box room with no windows, or doors. Noting however, that there were upon the floor, ceiling and walls, nine equally semetrical squares of different colors. Also of import they found was when pressed upon or walked upon, the squares would change color. Upon this discovery, the heroes puzzled out to make the same color upon a wall, and lo didst create a door way five feet off the floor to exit this strange room.

[The Illusionary Dragon and Pandora’s box]

Regrouping with the fellows who tarried on the other end of the hallway, the heroes didst retreat from the approaching legion of the dreaded ‘uncaring bears’. Upon entry into the HALL, they found at the other end a massive box. Inscribed upon the inside, after daring to open the chest, was the name ‘Pandora’. Too late the massive form of a shadowy dragon appeared and attacked the heroes. Their spells and weapons useless, only using the tools given to them by the Shades did they deal any damage to the Dragon Demon of Shadow and drive it back from this dimension.

[Ended Game with the group being mystically transported back from whence they came, wondering if it had perhaps been a dream…]

As the demon dragon disappears, motes of light surrounded the heroes, the uncaring bears glistened and vaporize before their eyes. The heroes awake, returned to their place, unbeknowst to anyone else they had even been gone, for the entirety of the adventure took place in the blink of an eye, perhaps it was a lucid dream of fancy, but were it not for some items that remained upon some of the heroes possession…

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‘Team Ballista Tales’ a substory of ‘Fairy Tales Gone Wrong’ Session 1

Actress Jorja Fox

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From Andrew Maitland:

The Bard is on the Loose — That’s the message from Mayor of Smalltownsville – Claude.

Stargate the City… Magic Levels – Technology lower, but metro. That’s where the Bard has been reportedly seen. We need to go over there and gather as much information on the Bard as we can. We take the Hummer over to the Stargate City. We split up and meet with our contacts – checking out the Police Station, the local strip bar, the underground network, and a back alley dealer, we are able to learn that the children have been acting strange – drawing disturbing pictures and seem a bit dazed. We also learn that Bard has been sighted on the North part of town – in the underground, as well as parts of the forest at night.

We get a note to keep an eye on 8 year old – Sally (Daughter) Johnson – we discover she was killed in the sewers. Fauxkarde goes in disguised as a CSI agent and learns the girl was stabbed 5 times and strangled to death. We keep an eye on the Morgue, and Brid wakes the next morning with a note we should do a better job on Alice then Salley. We hack in the system and narrow our search to an Alice – We located the house, Brid calls and speaks to the father, she hears a crash as the conversation is finishing. We rush in the Ballista Mobile (Hummer) and find the backdoor is broken in. Fauxkarde opens the lock from the front door and rushes upstairs. A wolf attacks Fauxkarde, he spears it with his rapier, Wolfram leaps acrobatically over and attacks it. Meanwhile zombies crash in from the sides keeping Brid and Defferio busy. We find the family and the dog have all been transformed and get a call that Alice is in detention at school.

Disguising the Ballista Mobile, we arrive at the School. Fauxkarde disguises himself as the father and takes custody of Alice. Obtaining as much information as possible from Alice before we break the news that her family has been murdered by the Bard, and we keep her with us as we learn all her friends that have been visited by the Bard are dead or missing.

We discover a tail, and get caught by the Magic Abusers Patrol. Fauxkarde gives a truthful account of what’s going on, and then we get a new inn, after setting up a false inn. Hoping to throw off this mysterious Bard and his agents.

From Mike Mason,  another player perspective:

We found the three head members of team Ballista, involved with weird natured trees…
Wolfram’s head was in the tree, Fauxkarde’s hands were stuck in the tree, Rabbiticus was dangling from it.
Since finding (an item) Wolfram and Fauxkarde recruit three new members to their team.

The main governor, mr claude, had to get a whole new staff in accounting since the last practical game.

Everything’s kind of in a mess but is getting started back up again. Sadly, the bard is on the loose.
Someone in Mr Claude’s old staff was a traitor. (a wolf)
We have a new base, and we’re on a new mission now.
The city is called smalltownville.
Rabiticus comes in looking for Fauxkarde, handing him a letter. He reads it, and it is addressed to the main three of Renegade. They need the team to come look up the case, and there has been a sighting in the city Stargate of the Bard. Fauxkarde stole Wolfram’s dagger, and still has a necklace he stole last time.
Their mission parameters are to obtain information on the spoony bard, but not to apprehend.
We all pile in the hum-v. Brid is the only one who knows how to fire the ballista on the hum-v.
We get there, and something’s off – it seems a bit more bright, and people are more active. More radiant with energy.
We gather information.
We go to blah, the latest hip hop bar in the land.
Our information leads us into the underground or the forest.
We go down the tunnel… Fauxkarde keeps stealing from Wolfram, eventually getting his axe.
Defferiot scouts ahead… Wolfram tracks, and tracks Defferiot. lol.
Defferiot avoids a trap, and hears footsteps ahead of him.
We lose the culprit and head back up the passage. We learn of a person to find named Sally.
We go to a “lady of the evening” establishment, finding out who Sally is – an 8 year old.
We hear police sirens… Brid scouts and finds out how many cars and where, Defferiot hacks the network for clues.
Apparently there’s a body in the underground, and we get to it actually before the police do.
The place where the trap went off has tape and police near it.
We discover that Sally the 8 year old has been stabbed 5 times and strangled.
So we go to a hotel to rent rooms for the night, Defferiot hacking the morgue to try and see about the body, and in the morning Fauxkarde hides Wolfram’s pants (with a baking soda stain on them.)
Brid finds a note in her room, and goes to Fauxkarde’s room and saying something but being interrupted by Wolfram with no pants on scrubbing the pants. She screams and goes to Defferiot, and shows he and Fauxkarde who was in his room. The note states that “I hope you are quicker finding Alice than you were finding Sally.”
We hack and figure out Alices from 5-10 age, and with trouble at school, locating just one. We go to the house and there is trouble, in the form of a dead man on the ground floor. Going upstairs, Fauxkarde discovers a wolf who rushes him, and we all run to him, combat ensuing. While fighting the wolf, undead people come from the doors upstairs. Fauxkarde is hit, Brid heals him, and we down all the foes.
Brid figures out the exact process from her rune casting, they were zombified first, then organs were stitched inside of the zombies. She surmises they were for testing purposes. The wolf was not part of the zombification.

We find Alice’s room, and look for the same kind of drawings that Sally had (because the bar woman showed us her woman’s drawings) and there are some phallic type drawings.
Pictures in the house resemble the people in the house – the father was the dead one downstairs, the two zombies are the mother and brother, and the wolf is the family dog (modified somehow)
We get a call from the school, and Alice is in detention. TO THE SCHOOL!
We get Alice out of school, and in the car she asks about Suzi, Sally, and Demi.
Defferiot looks up the other two girls online, and discovers that Suzi disappeared 3 days ago, and Demi 6 days ago. Demi also draws pictures.
The Bard appears to Alice in her dreams, and told her he would play at ScareFest with her.
Alice ends up crying herself to sleep.
We decide to register at a motel under our names, then go to a different motel and register under different names. We are also being followed by a car.
We turn a corner, redisguising the car and parking, the other car parks too, and a police officer gets out.
The officer comes up to our disguised parked car and disenchants or does a true sight, and knocks on the door anyway. Fauxkarde asks him for ID, and inspects it.
He talks to the police officer, and explains the situation… the officer apparently takes the story well, and uses magic to relay this to others. We drive away unscathed.

-the end-
…for now…

The Supreme’s – Session 3

Game log for Friday Game Session 3 – 1/7/2011


Halafor was summoned by the Golden Pope. Entrusted with a retrieval mission, he’s told to gather his team and find the “Telescope of Copernicus” which is somewhere upon the Isle of Sicily, located in the ruins. The journey will only be a few days by boat, but the journey to the docks will have to be by raft down the river, or by horse through bandit held areas.

The team is also summoned to an audience with Cardinal Napolitano, whom informs ‘Father Halafor’ that he’s getting two new members on the team. “Lazy Eye” Pete – a Klepto pickpocket whom has something for the ladies of the evening; and Coren whom has something of a taste for the recent dead… Halafor also meets Cardinal Campaigio, whom Halafor suspects to be working for the Red or Blue factions of the church. Resigned to his fate, he has everyone meet him at the Ferry at 10 marks.

Halafor has also commissioned a spyglass, two sniper scopes, and for later retrieval, improved bullets. He mounts the sniper scopes to the Musket Rifles and returns them to Garion and Brother Franco.

During the raft trip, things go smoothly till midnight watch realized a large Aerial creature is alarmingly pursuing or about to attack the raft. With the aid of the Sniper Scopes, the two riflemen [Garion and Franco] strike the creature. Halafor attempts to aid in seeing the beast but realizes his magic is repelled. Being sneaky, he instead casts a safe fall spell which forces the creature to land uninjured upon the vessel – it sneers and utters that ‘Father’ shall be the first to die for his creativity, some blows are traded before finally the beast is felled.

The next morn the group meets with the dockmaster and secure passage with Talen Carde, captain of the Windsblade. Halafor immediately makes some suggestions to the Captain to improve the loading mechanism on board the vessel. This proves to be a major boon, along with the spyglass, for a Frigate flying the Flour De Le of Florence Venice proves to be manned by scallywags and fierce pirates. With ample early warning the smaller sloop is able to outmaneuver the less maneuverable Frigate, and with their single cannon unleash volley after volley upon the vessel. The pirates are disadvantaged since our snipers keep killing the Helmsman. The ruffians try to force a parley/surrender but Halafor is in no mood to deal with the underhanded ruffians, he offers them terms which they refuse and unleashes a MIGHTY blast which kills several of the pirates, they eventually surrender and Halafor sends a recovery crew to salvage the 16 gun frigate, and collect the bounty for the capture of a ruthless pirate band.

Halafor makes Talen Carde an offer he can’t refuse and agrees to be the Captain of the captured Frigate. Along with several improvements to the badly damaged Frigate, Halafor is quite happy about these turn of events. Lazy Eye during the battle helped himself to the Captains prized treasures. [Why we have ruthless brigands in our own group astounds me, but oh well].

We learn the location of the ruins, and take the straight path. Lazy Eye earns his keep by scouting the area. We find the Library, and the only thing of import [Besides ancient Roman/Greek stories – Iliad and Odyssey] is the magical bust of Gaia the Earth Mother. Uttering the Latin phrase actually summons the essence of the Goddess. Halafor obtains information on where the Telescope is located, and then Brother Franco promises to revive her church, [but was deceitful in his mind]. The goddess became enraged and struck the man down – Struck Blind, Deaf, Dumb and stunned. The party apologized and left.

In the “Temple” Parthenon, we passed the Test of Might, and located the secret underground complex. The goddess’s voice came to us that we had passed the Test of Might, but must overcome two more tests .

We ended the game at 1am.
Name of the Frigate – Since Halafor is entering into a new venture, the Name of the Frigate should be ‘Enterprise”. 😉