The Supreme’s – Session 2

Player Session Notes:

Franca Marco Dan
Garion Calvin
Halafor Drew



Cardinal Napaleano Summons us to handle a matter of import. Leonardo is under house arrest, but knows the location of the ‘Compass of Souls’ – Swiss Guards [Warforged Paladins] have Leonardo of Davinci at his home.


During the meeting we learn that Garion is a mercenary and Franca is a monk with narcolepsy. Halafor notes that Garion is less then enthusied about the mission, and Franca is disrespectful of the Monk.


We must acquire a Minor Compass (With some minor abilities) called the Compass of Souls
Halafor is up and ready at the crack of dawn, while he waits for Garion to arrive, and finally Franca is “escorted” by Swiss Guards. Halafor gives finer lessons of riding to Franca before they set a ground eating pace to reach the next town before night fall.

We arrived in a small town. The Inn lacks entertainment – Halafor barters for a free meal [For himself and his two traveling companions] by performing at the tavern/inn. The Barkeep is Senor Gomez. [Free Meal, Free Alcohol Drink, and free room and board along with free breakfast].
We breakfast and depart setting another ground eating pace to reach the next town.


In the Town of Davinci at the Bar of Susan’s we learn of Leo’s residence.

We gain access with Leo and obtain the info that Bella, a chambermaid, has the Compass of Souls. A Gem with gold and compass symbols. Leonardo paints a lovely Picture of Bella.


Back at Bar of Susan, we gain access to the Catacombs via the cellar [Bard’s Tale Cliché’], the rogues’ gallery. Halafor discerns a trail and is determined to follow it to Bella. Bypassing many traps, they find two thugs discussing the gem over a card game; we challenge and overcome them quickly [Combat is finished before the thugs even raised a hand].


Retracing our steps we find Bella, a pagan witch [heretic!] in another secret chamber with skeleton servants; Halafor knocks her out after making a stealthy entry. Franca destroys the four skeletons before they attack Halafor. We take Bella and get a reward for her [50gp bounty], then drag the thug corpses to the local abbot whom is able to determine that Leonardo was able to communicate/coordinate their movements.


We find Two Rifles and Two Pistols – Black powder 50 charges and a Magical Ring – Protection +1 found.


The group returns to let the Swiss Guard know that Leo has a means of communicating from his house arrest and advise them to post a guard near him at all times. Though the guard raise the alarm when Davinci is found to have already fled; Halafor spots him on a flying contraction well beyond the boundary of the city.


The group reports back to the cardinal for a reward.


[Battles lasted less than a round – not a hack/slash game]